Mom to Transplant Uterus Into Daughter: Fascinating or Freaky?

Living 2011/06/13 18:28:14
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Sara Ottosson, 25, may be receiving one of the most bizarre gifts a mother has ever bestowed on her daughter...

Her uterus.

According to Fox, Ottosson was born without reproductive organs, and her 56-year-old mother Eva is willing to donate her own to aid Sara in bearing children.

“I’m a biology teacher and it’s just an organ like any other organ,” Sara Ottosson said to the Daily Telegraph. “I’m more worried that my mum is going to have a big operation. It would mean the world to me for this to work and to have children.”

The Ottossons are still waiting on test results for Eva's eligibility. The operation is reportedly more risky than a heart transplant.

Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/06/13/mom-hopes...

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  • S_King 2012/03/01 09:09:55
    under the circumstance. thats a beat gift a mother could gives.!
  • Laurel~BlackSunrise 2012/01/23 02:47:21
    Freaking awesome! You go gynecological surgeons!
  • steffanitto 2011/09/02 08:36:03
    Why would somebody do that?It's just plain freaky and MAD!!!!
  • MichaelDillon 2011/08/31 04:45:42
    Best wishes to both of the ladies.
  • abby 2011/08/17 20:03:46
    All of the above
    That's weird, yet I'm happy for the non fertile daughter
    That she can have kids
  • ~ Niyala ~ 2011/07/25 15:06:33
    All of the above
    ~ Niyala ~
    It's the thought that counts, but I still find it disturbing.
  • disclaimer 2011/06/29 06:54:57
    Sorry, the thought of carrying my children in the same organ that carried me....that's just weird. If it were me, I'd just find another donor, but I wish them luck.
  • Wicked_Memez 2011/06/23 06:03:55
    All of the above
    I thinks its actually kinda nice in a weird dysfunctional way. But still nice cause she wants to have kids.
  • Azcat 2011/06/19 15:29:05
    Freaky, but, probably fits in today's $%#@$% moral compass generation. Have our bodies become the pic-a-part mart?
  • gail 2011/06/18 22:12:44
    Wrong on so many levels.
  • Ole SGT Joe 2011/06/17 12:18:08
    Ole SGT Joe
    Why not, if that what it takes...............
  • Little Lulu 2011/06/16 23:26:48
    All of the above
    Little Lulu
    What's wrong with adoption. There are thousands of children out there waiting for a good home.
  • indiejen 2011/06/16 05:12:52
    Isn't being born without reproductive ability god's way of saying "You should not have children"? They're tampering with nature.
  • Hey_Jude1961 2011/06/16 00:01:50
    I hope it works. This is no more freaky than carrying a baby for someone else.
  • MeganST 2011/06/15 22:54:02
    All of the above
    It's nice though.
  • gouki 2011/06/15 20:39:34
    All of the above
    has it been done before ?
  • Tori 2011/06/15 19:03:09
    All of the above
    I think its sweet and freaky at the same time. If i was born without reproductive organs I would still want a family without adoption.
  • Stuart 2011/06/15 16:51:55
    I think that would be awesome. There are many children out there today that have "two" moms because the daughter had her mother carry her egg inside her and give birth. If the mom can donate the uterus to the daughter, she can carry her own baby. I think that is about as good as a kidney or heart transplant.
  • Jose 2011/06/15 16:13:00
  • Patricia.L.Graf 2011/06/15 16:12:40
    You have to read the entire story before you vote, this mother is giving up an organ to help her daughter. No one would think twice if it was a kidney, bone marrow, part of her liver, but giving up her uterus so that her daughter can have children, you freak out; loving parents are willing to give up many things to help their children.
  • Azcat Patrici... 2011/06/19 15:31:04
    The uterus is not an organ needed to maintain life. Therefore it does not match the standards you reflected above. It is a stupid and shallow request. Adoption is the real option with so many needy children.
  • Wutnagkillabeeontheswarm 2011/06/15 15:28:23
    Its a little bit freaky, but the mom is risking her live for the sake of her daughter, which is a beatiful thing to do. That daughter better be thankful and bring some grandchildren afterwards:p
  • ashgameover 2011/06/15 12:02:51
    Why would they bother doing unnecessary surgery? Why wouldn't the mom just be a surrogate? She probably already went through the change so how is this even plausible? If the daughter wants a kid THAT bad, why doesn't she just adopt or even better be a foster parent to the enormous amount of troubled kids that need real love? I'm tired of people wasting their money on unnecessary surgery and the like when they could actually be doing some good in this world with it.
  • Patrici... ashgame... 2011/06/15 16:22:25
    Really!! Do you have any idea how many couples are trying to adopt a baby? It is very difficult to adopt, and not many 25 year old's are qualified to be foster parents to a troubled kid.
  • ashgame... Patrici... 2011/06/15 16:44:07 (edited)
    Well then perhaps she needs to rethink being a parent, period. If she can't have the patience to wait for the adoption process, or be patient with a troubled child, then she hardly has the patience to be a parent (speaking from personal experience).
  • TPietro 2011/06/15 11:38:55
    What a gift a Mother to give to her daughter !
  • udagawa 2011/06/15 08:39:17
  • martin28 2011/06/15 05:43:56
    Anytime someone gets cut open I find it freaky, but the mother is a brave woman though.
  • Bomb a 2011/06/15 05:00:44
    Bomb a
    and the meat curtians too?
  • Nicklover 2011/06/15 05:00:00
    All of the above
    That is amazing. And sweet.
  • haShe 2011/06/15 04:30:00
    All of the above
    I wish we could just accept that not every female will produce a child and she is no less womanly because of it. The same for males. The daughter can adopt and the risk is not worth the outcome even if successful.
  • Ian 2011/06/15 02:57:47
    All of the above
    Yes, it's both fascinating and freaky, but it is also not that much different from donating your kidney to a loved one.
  • Enchilada McCookie 2011/06/15 02:52:33
    All of the above
    Enchilada McCookie
    sweet thsweet thought... but stillidk.
  • SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPengu... 2011/06/15 01:42:46
    All of the above
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    how is that possible?
  • martin28 SebaThe... 2011/06/15 05:44:19
  • SebaThe... martin28 2011/06/19 04:37:42
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    lol i really wonder,.
  • Dirtclimber 2011/06/15 01:32:40
    this mother truely is an angel willing to give the gift of life all over again for her daughter.
    Nothing is more special than the bond between Mother and Daughter.
  • JawaadAsif 2011/06/15 01:32:01
    what else you want from a MOTHER !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • FreedomFighter 2011/06/15 01:21:17
    Now that is truly loving your child.
  • megan 2011/06/15 00:03:26
    All of the above
    This is wat I would call LOVE! This mom goes to extremes for her daughter, that rocks
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