Mom is Screaming During Sex, Daughter Thinks She's Being Assaulted So She Sends Gang To Beat Up Boyfriend: Do you scream during sex?

La Saria 2009/07/02 21:35:51
Yes. I scream during sex
No. I don't scream during sex
I am still a virgin.
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Here's a funny story. A 16-year-old teen thought her mom was being assaulted by her mom's boyfriend when she heard loud screams coming out of her bedroom. Was her mom being assaulted by her boyfriend? Nope. She was just having some hot, loud sex. The teenage daughter called a bunch of friend to help "rescue" her mom. One of the teens beat the 25-year-old man with a bat and others punched him, police said. He suffered a black eye and several bruises. The daughter and gang told police she thought the mom was being assaulted so they came to rescue her. All the teens, including the daughter, were arrested for assault and conspiracy.

All I want to know is, why have loud screaming sex when you have your kids at home? This is the mom's fault for screaming during sex.
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  • BIJIQ 2011/08/20 19:03:12
    No. I don't scream during sex
    I loves sex..cause i am not hypocrite..
  • caroline 2009/12/15 02:10:30
    No. I don't scream during sex
    sex is more of a pleasure... doesnt really hurt..... if you scream its cuz of the pleasure.... though i moan ...... dont really scream
  • Redleg 2009/07/11 00:52:46
    Yes. I scream during sex
    Sure I scream, but only if my partner is screaming louder than me. scream sex scream partner screaming louder
  • Alexandra 2009/07/08 22:57:51
    Yes. I scream during sex
    How can you not when it feels soooooo good!!!!!!!
  • Hope & Love 2009/07/08 05:17:19 (edited)
    No. I don't scream during sex
    Hope & Love
    simply for THAT fact, mom in this case is a moron. scream sex simply mom moron
  • kaτo gaτo 2009/07/06 06:47:46
    I am still a virgin.
    kaτo gaτo
    uhh... i don't think i will, especially if there are other people (specifically parents) who could hear me... but who knows, maybe i'll be very excited to be caught up in the moment :P
  • Seliee 2009/07/06 04:26:37
    I am still a virgin.
    nd love it!
  • Rim shot 2009/07/05 22:00:58
    Yes. I scream during sex
    Rim shot
    When ever I can
  • Eccentric0n3 2009/07/05 19:51:38
    Yes. I scream during sex
    i can't help myself, i can try, emphasis on the try, to keep quiet, but almost every time i end up forgetting, and my bf will have to remind me repeatedly to quiet down, its actually limited the places we can have sex at, he LOVES it tho lol
  • dr.peppergal097 2009/07/05 17:33:42
    I am still a virgin.
    i dont do that plus im 14 y wod i do tat
  • Bill 2009/07/05 12:40:05
    No. I don't scream during sex
    What is sex? A boy or a girl?
  • helenros 2009/07/04 18:19:45
    No. I don't scream during sex
    What exactly is the point of screaming? It's stupid. And I know good and well a 16 year old knows what sex sounds like. She was just grossed out by the fact mom was having it and saw a possible excuse to get a dig in.
  • Gary 2009/07/04 17:58:31
    I am still a virgin.
    FUN QUESTION.............
  • KC 2009/07/04 15:28:03 (edited)
    No. I don't scream during sex
    I grew up Lutheran in Wisconsin. We don't scream during sex. We don't usually even admit to having sex, or that there is such a thing as sex. Should we, for some unGodly reason, have sex, we do it properly and quietly, missionary position, barely breathing, always anxious of getting caught enjoying ourselves, even by our partner.
    But then I moved west...and everything changed, though I still don't scream. I sometimes now hum with enthusiasm.
  • cat 2009/07/04 15:03:25
    No. I don't scream during sex
    Unless the daughter saw an attack, she should subscribe to MYOB !
  • johnnywoo 2009/07/04 13:42:58
    No. I don't scream during sex
    No,But the lady i use to date does,I loved her for 14 years.
  • artiec1 2009/07/04 13:13:48
    No. I don't scream during sex
    My wife does , but I'm kind of quiet.
  • Jakiee 2009/07/04 10:15:50
    I am still a virgin.
    im still a virgin
  • Walter925 2009/07/04 10:10:38
    No. I don't scream during sex
    i was the fault of the mom to scream even though it was good. The teens now have to explain why they assaulted the man and might even get a jail sentence.
  • Nethound 2009/07/04 03:51:28
    I am still a virgin.
    That's, by far, the funniest new article I've ever read. Hah!
  • La Cherry 2009/07/03 20:03:56
    No. I don't scream during sex
    La Cherry
    i moan
  • Ernie 2009/07/03 11:48:36
    I am still a virgin.
    yeah right 4 kids
    Been known to make noise, but I wouldn't call it screaming
  • The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck No... 2009/07/03 05:22:29
    I am still a virgin.
    The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck Norris]
    I wouldn't know, but I'm pretty sure that's something I wouldn't do. I think it's easily 87.92 times creepier when guys do it...
  • twilightluver56 2009/07/03 02:56:58
    I am still a virgin.
    But thats pretty funny!
  • AMY 2009/07/03 01:29:56
    No. I don't scream during sex
  • claptonluvr 2009/07/03 01:03:36
    Yes. I scream during sex
    If he's doing it right! scream sex
  • Ernie clapton... 2009/07/03 02:20:44
    And if the kids are gone.
  • clapton... Ernie 2009/07/03 11:28:10
    LOL, yeah, that too!
  • Ernie clapton... 2009/07/03 11:49:53
    Been single too long girl.
  • clapton... Ernie 2009/07/03 11:55:04
    you or me?
  • Ernie clapton... 2009/07/03 12:11:26
    you! Me, not long enough.
  • clapton... Ernie 2009/07/03 12:14:05
    I've been a single Mom though. The kid has been here! Not long enough..new development???
  • Ernie clapton... 2009/07/03 12:19:24
    nothing new. same old same old.
  • clapton... Ernie 2009/07/03 12:25:28
  • Summєя♥яєɯɯnS 2009/07/03 00:49:12
    I am still a virgin.
    yup. but that is funny! they shouldnt of been arrested though, bcuz she was just worried about her mom.
  • Bobby 48 2009/07/03 00:48:24
  • ♥Imma M... Bobby 48 2009/07/03 18:33:55
  • Gary Bobby 48 2009/07/04 18:02:39 (edited)
    YOU DATE Minnie Palm and her 5 sisters.....
  • Kathrine 2009/07/03 00:31:55
  • Florida... Kathrine 2009/07/03 03:52:05
    Florida Keys
    Here's my address.....LOL

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