Model Builders

Model Builders

OK Friends. Plastic, wood, metal, it doesn't matter. Let's talk about it.

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We sure would like to hear from all you model builders out there.


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Not knowing how long you have been building, most questions get asked about air brushing..


I check in everyday to see if we have anymore members and such. I know it's kind of foolish with only 2 of us here but I guess we got to start somewhere. Does anyone else check in at any time?

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  • matsulori 2009/08/07 21:18:57
    Hi everyone. I'm Lori. I do 25mm figs as well as models. The last time I did any of this kind of stuff was quite a while ago, though I'm just getting into gaming again, and will of course by association get into figs again.

    When I first started gaming, I did a mock-up of the Prancing Pony of Lord of the Rings' fame out of my head (I'm just a nerd after all, I suppose :) ).
  • Jaguarior ₪ Gott ist hässli... 2009/03/09 06:51:42
    Jaguarior ₪ Gott ist hässlich. ₪
    And now there are six. :^)

    Only trouble is, I don't have any models in the works. I'd love to listen in though if I may.
  • chiglet - Daedric Sigil Mag... 2008/08/24 07:27:10
    chiglet - Daedric Sigil Mage, Smirotiel
    Poke poke poke poke! Just seeing if anyone else is awake here. Or if we've all been breathing in too much toluene(sp) ;)
  • ddpd 2007/08/12 16:03:07
    Always waiting to see if anyone is looking in here to start a topic that we can all comment on.......