Middle school vs High School: Which is better, and why?

Death On Two Legs 2011/02/14 01:26:23
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Posted by 13 year old, 8th grader me: I didn't really hate middle school until just this year (thanks to this stupid bitch in my class). After doing some research (most of it on Yahoo!Answers XD) some people say high school is better, but others say it's even worse than middle school. So, which has been better for you?

Edit on January 19, 2014: Since I am now a junior in high school, I feel I can say. Yeah high school is much better.
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  • gggggghhhh 2015/05/18 08:17:47
    They were both terrible
    I hate them both............................
  • Raylaya Albert 2015/04/01 22:12:24
    High school, and here's why
    Raylaya Albert
    Highschool is waayyyy better I hope I haven't really started highschool but the highschool I'm going to is Mojave highschool #RATTLERNATION its a turnaround school which means it went from being Bad to good it's the most turned up highschool in Las Vegas middle school Suckssssssss so bad like the middle school I go to literally have us ON LOCKDOWN! Can't wait to leave that freaking jail you call a school
  • ashley 2014/01/28 00:06:40
    I haven't gone to high school yet
    does anyone know were to get more yahoo answers on russia ha ha thanks
  • GoDucks5 2014/01/19 18:42:44
    High school, and here's why
    I don't really know how this got over a thousand foots. Since this was posted three years ago, you must be a junior now so I won't bother explaining why.
  • Death O... GoDucks5 2014/01/19 19:11:32
    Death On Two Legs
    *Made an edit*
  • 13579 13579 2014/01/19 06:33:37
    Middle school, and here's why
    13579 13579
    In high school they mixed the grades up so as a senior taking classes with freshmen is an huge insult.
  • John 2013/11/06 06:24:55
    I haven't gone to high school yet
    Middle school is horrible!!!! I'd rather be tied to a cactus and eaten by buzzards then go there every day. I'm in 7th grade and so far, sixth grade was wayyyyyyyy to much work and 7th grade is just so stupid and boring. All of the teachers here are either mean or just annoying (with the exception of a few). Also, pretty much everybody is a douchebag too
  • Kate 2013/09/16 23:03:02
    High school, and here's why
    High school is way better (for me personally). Everyone is so much cooler about things and there isn't a bunch of middle school drama. Also teachers don't teach you boring stuff and treat you like kids. Most of my classes are really interesting and keep me thinking. I find that there is way less homework (especially with my study hall) and all of the grade levels interact. There's also so many after school activities and it's perfect with the extra time on your hands. I love high school.
  • Death O... Kate 2013/09/16 23:09:24
    Death On Two Legs
    It is a lot better *was in 8th grade when this was asked; I'm in 11th now*
  • Tricia Laney 2013/07/16 02:15:51
    I haven't gone to high school yet
    Tricia Laney
    I cried on the last day of middle school. I'm gonna miss everyone, seeing them everyday having only one class together, it was like family. I don't know what highschool is like until upcoming September, but I imagine I'm going to like middle school better IMO.
  • Alan 2013/06/06 07:06:34
    I haven't gone to high school yet
    Today is the last day of middle school for me and I'm just going to say, I'm going to miss middle school a lot
  • manny.eribo 2013/04/19 01:13:27
    I haven't gone to high school yet
    Middle school is ok.Im in 6th grade and u have a LOT more homework then 5th grade but at least I dont have to stess about my grades like in high school
  • alisha 2013/04/11 00:09:19
    I haven't gone to high school yet
    Middle School sucks!!! I'm in the eighth grade and my middle school is fifth through eighth grade.All I can say is fifth grade was okay, sixth was fun, seventh was the bomb, and eighth grade is terrible!! In sixth grade I had tons of friends and we always did stuff and same in seventh...but it seems like in the eighth everything changed there is always some kind of drama every day. It just about kills me!! I hope high school gets better and I hope there some major party's!!! I hope all the drama gets less and less, but I'm not there yet!!!
  • kay kay 2013/03/07 03:27:44
    I haven't gone to high school yet
    kay kay
    Let me just say my middle school SUCKS! (My middle school is grade7-grade9) It's horrible! It's filled with a bunch of rich bitches and douchebags. The younger kids are annoying as hell.

    Now I'm going to a highschool (grades 10-12) and it's HUGE. Lot's of stuff but one of the things I worry about is the kids there. Like it's a fight between what is better: Highschool or Middleschool. I've seen a bunch of middle school is better stuff but a lot of people seem to say highschool is much better. Even my step sister said so.

    I guess I'll give it a try. It's the school too right? Like I could hate my highschool.
  • Aussie 2013/01/30 11:35:03
    Middle school, and here's why
    High school is such an effort. I go to a private school and am in A science and maths and it is so much work. I wish i could go back to middle school where i could get home, do some homework and then swim or play xbox
  • HyruleKing535 2013/01/26 00:29:39
    Middle school, and here's why
    I don't know. I do like being around older people and it's even better at my school because it's secondary so I like being able to say I'm older than so many people in my school. But High School is so stressful. So much homework. Math is a nightmare. Plus, you can't fail a semester or you have to retake the class. I was not aware of this until sometime after I failed the first semester of math last year when I was a freshman. Not to mention, 8th grade was an awesome year for me although I gotta admit, 7th grade was the worst school year I ever had. But 8th grade, I had American Studies, Earth Science, Com Tech Pep, and I got to know lots of cool people. Drama honestly isn't a problem for me. It wasn't in middle school and it's not in high school. The social aspect of high school is better kinda. But I still prefer middle school. Classes are more fun, you're (usually) not thinking about your future yet, only one semester matters. But honestly, I prefer Elementary to both. I know it sounds crazy. But it was so easy. Life in general was so much easier when I was a kid. I was a star student in Elementary. Now I can barely maintain a C-. Sure the social aspect definitely wasn't as good. But we were all kids. It didn't matter too much.
  • billy seguin 2012/12/19 04:16:38
    I haven't gone to high school yet
    billy seguin
    Middle school is the worst everyone acts like there all that. There's so much drama and I don't know about y'all but we have hell loads of homework and constant drama. Can't wait till next year my bud Ted says its gonna be great with hot girls there :)
  • Monica Krantz 2011/09/15 20:45:22
    Middle school, and here's why
    Monica Krantz
    highschool sucks... so much drama, and the teachers are just so rude.. im having a REALLY hard time in highschool and im a freshman this year. middle school was so much better for me because i knew everybody and i barely got any homework. in high school they really dont care as much as they did in middle school. i wish i was still in 8th grade :(
  • coupons... Monica ... 2012/09/24 03:17:07
    the feeling is mutual. in 8th grade though i felt like all i wanted to do was get out of middle skool cause id been there so long, but now high skool is a f***ing nightmare and all i want to do is go back to 8th grade, with all my old friends and good times....yup high skool sucks. im a freshman too and the teachers just keep piling on the homework, and don't care about you like they did in middle skool. life is tough, but be strong and you'll find your place soon enough
  • Corey hamilton 2011/05/14 01:02:20
    Middle school, and here's why
    Corey hamilton
    Middle bc in middle school we was chilin and we had no work and the teachers are so much nicer and they cared about you and middle school was just so easy i wish i could go back im only in the ninth grade right now and and high school is horrible to much drama and to much hw and the teachers are mean and dont care and in middle school we had field trips in high school we aint got nothing
  • melissa 2011/03/29 21:46:37
    I haven't gone to high school yet
    i haven't gone to high school yet but sounds great becuse it is like a new begin
    you get to meet new people and teachers.
    more homework and shorter breaks but becuse we get to hang with friends :P
    we get to go on dates with boyfriends and girlfriends :D
    so i thing high school is going to the be the BEST YEARS OF OUR LIFE!!!!!!! :D
  • coupons... melissa 2012/09/24 03:18:18
    You're in for a surprise.
  • Idc anymore 2011/03/13 12:45:04
    Middle school, and here's why
    Idc anymore
    because they rock
  • Corey h... Idc any... 2011/05/14 01:05:05
    Corey hamilton
    Right in middle school we was chilin and we had feild trips in high school has too much work and we aint got no feild trips im only in the ninth grade and i hate high school to much hw, fights, and drama
  • Idc any... Corey h... 2011/05/14 01:21:06
    Idc anymore
    thats right
  • Corey h... Idc any... 2011/05/14 01:39:04
    Corey hamilton
    Whut grade are u in now
  • Idc any... Corey h... 2011/05/14 01:39:24
    Idc anymore
  • Corey h... Idc any... 2011/05/14 01:44:01
    Corey hamilton
    O really that was my favorit year of middle im currentlly in ninth grade i want to go back to middle school badly. Trust me alot of people say that high school is beter than middle school it not high school has to much work and drama and fights have fun now but wait till the first day of ninth grade it horrible. so whut middle school to u go to
  • Idc any... Corey h... 2011/05/14 01:45:36
    Idc anymore
    west valley yu?
  • Corey h... Idc any... 2011/05/14 01:55:46
    Corey hamilton
    I went to katherine thomas middle school and i go to richard montgomery high school.
  • Idc any... Corey h... 2011/05/14 01:56:18
    Idc anymore
    coolllz.= )
  • Corey h... Idc any... 2011/05/14 01:57:53
    Corey hamilton
    What state are u in
  • Idc any... Corey h... 2011/05/14 16:34:22
    Idc anymore
    washington ,why?
  • Courtney Michelle <3 2011/02/20 22:04:36
    High school, and here's why
    Courtney Michelle <3
    In high school, you don't have to deal with younger kids like 6th graders or in my middle schools case 5th graders, so you don't have to watch what you say or anything. Also, in high school you are treated more like an adult.
  • coupons... Courtne... 2012/09/24 03:22:44
  • Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU 2011/02/20 20:24:46 (edited)
    High school, and here's why
    Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU
    In middle school, I was with the same people for like 8 years, and they were all the same race as me. In high school I'll only be with them for 4 years, and theres more diversity.And also more choices and freedom.
  • GaapSama 2011/02/16 15:02:26
    High school, and here's why
    High schoooool~!!! XD so much more fun and less restrictions :3
  • Elmo~WAWU~Bn-2~ 2011/02/14 13:38:48
    High school, and here's why
    Secondary school*
    I'm smarter in secondary school than I was in primary. We have more choice and freedom, also.
  • ApplePa... Elmo~WA... 2014/01/13 00:55:22
    Primary school stops at the equivalent to the fifth grade, and then from there it's secondary school. So perhaps secondary school is not the best term to use here, because secondary includes both high school and middle school.
  • Elmo~WA... ApplePa... 2014/03/17 05:40:59
    I think I'd still say High School (Or Post-14 as we call it here)

    It was difficult work, and gave me something to focus on rather than constantly causing trouble, because I took so many Science subjects I went on field trips at least once a month and did practical sessions every week which I loved and never got to do in Middle school, the teacher's treat you less like children and give you a bit more respect and freedom. I could go on and on and on.

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