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Special Interest Racial Incitement at Its Peak

If you thought the class warfare tactic was being used successfully by the Progressive Left to instigate strife between the upper and lower classes in the United States you need to re-examine what you think you are seeing. With declarations by three Congressional Black Caucus Progressives that target the TEA Party, we witness a pathetic attempt by special interest Progressive Leftists to re-package the contrived charge of racism against what is essentially Middle Class America.

Now, why would Progressives not want to be part of the TEA Party? The answer is simple: Progressives find the United States of America and its Capitalist system flawed; they find the Constitution flawed; they find religion abhorrent and stupid; and they believe that government has the right to touch every aspect of your private life...without restriction. Progressives believe they are more intelligent and better than you; than the middle class; than the overwhelming majority of Americans. In the Progressive mind, the elite should rule and the ruled should not only conform to the edict decried by their intellectual superiors, they should thank them for the opportunity to be ruled.

So, if we accurately examine just who the “players” are in this political battle we have a group of elitist Progressives, who dream of a transformative oligarchy come socialist democracy, ginning-up discontent among the lower class (read: governmentally dependent class or “government trough feeders”) to manufacture a politically motivated and seething hatred for middle class Americans – the demographic that constitutes the overwhelming majority of taxpayers.

In a nutshell, it is this:

Elitist Progressives & Their Dependent Voting Block vs. Middle Class America.

Read More: http://www.rightsidenews.com/2011090514435/life-an...

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  • Chukroast 2011/09/06 15:43:46
    The election of 2012 is going to be an eye opener and will split this country wide open.
  • SCOOP--RIP, MY DEAR MAX 2011/09/06 14:55:48
    The Middle Class in America has been under attack by the Dems/libs/progressives for a very long time. We had been lulled to sleep, but Obama sped up the agenda so much that Americans have awakened and they don't like what is going on. This class warfare thing is going to backfire on the progressives, I believe.
  • Stone.Cold.Krazy 2011/09/06 14:52:22
    Elitist Progressives & Their Dependent Voting Block vs. Middle Class America. that about sums it all up... elitist progressives dependent voting block middle class america sums Middle Class America

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