Men wearing nail polish

Bobby 48 2009/10/10 22:16:43
I've been checking on line and found that men are starting to wear nail polish on there toes I find my self doing this to. Is this a new fad that's starting. ?
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  • T 2012/11/22 03:28:03
    Phoenix AZ here! I have been wearing nail polish on my toes for a long time. I wear it in public too. I have not had the pleasure to see someone else here though. It would be cool to hear from other like minded people in the area.

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  • Ray Louis 2012/12/21 20:55:20
    Ray Louis
    Why Not?
  • T 2012/11/22 03:28:03
    Phoenix AZ here! I have been wearing nail polish on my toes for a long time. I wear it in public too. I have not had the pleasure to see someone else here though. It would be cool to hear from other like minded people in the area.
  • JakeK 2012/10/23 22:27:52
    Why not? It's fun, creative, adds some color, looks good and is completely harmless. Women have been borrowing guys' styles for years, if guys can't do this there is a double standard that I don't think it helpful.
    And no, it will not turn a guy gay!
  • jesse 2012/06/16 12:58:02
    Nail polish is simply a way to express yourself, i paint mine all the time and girls love it, even when its not black. I usually get compliments about how cool my nails look.
  • Bobby 48 jesse 2012/06/25 03:52:04
  • SteveWinfield 2011/10/06 20:26:49
    Not a fad, a trend. It's just starting, but it'll be here to stay soon! Keep wearing your colors proudly... I do!
  • Bobby 48 SteveWi... 2011/10/06 20:37:28
  • vinu sharma 2011/06/02 17:52:51
    vinu sharma
    hey i like to wear bra panty thongs lipstick nailpolish , but i am not a guy , i do sex only wiith girls ,
  • vinu sharma 2011/05/28 18:58:02
    vinu sharma
    i am boy but not a guy , i love only girls but i like to wear bra panty thongs, nailpolish and lipsticks , but i like girls only and do sex with them
  • Bobby 48 vinu sh... 2011/05/28 19:22:02
  • SteveWi... vinu sh... 2011/10/06 20:30:53
    vinu, I think you mean "I am a boy but not gay"

    A "guy" is a male, older than a boy but younger than a man. A "gay" is a person who loves another person of the same gender.
  • Steve Mauresco 2011/04/22 22:32:42
    Steve Mauresco
    Black is the color for guys
  • Girr 2010/05/15 19:07:28
    .......... I have no comment to that matter
  • Bobby 48 Girr 2011/05/28 19:23:22
  • GoEmily 2009/12/19 22:09:47
    It is a reemergence of a glam-rock revival trend of the mid-'90s. Guys would wear really dark nail polish and it'd get all chipped and was considered cool. The Marilyn Manson fans were the dark glammers, the David Bowie/electro-beater people would all wear red nail polish, and then you had the Stone Temple Pilots fans, who were all wearing dark blue. Saw it (the nail varnish) for sale the other day at Urban Outfitters for $5. Go big or go home, as they say. Have at it.
  • JakeK 2009/11/11 23:19:13
    I agree that it is becoming more common for men to wear nail polish, especially on their toes. On feet, it can be worn with discretion and it tends to last for weeks, not just days like it does on fingernails.
    It seems like lately it has become the new "earring"-like style for men - not quite mainstream, but certainly gaining in popularity.
    There are even companies offering nail polish designed for men now, in colors that look more masculine (search on BB Couture and Man Glaze for two examples).
    Many nail salons are confirming that their business from male clients is increasing and pedicures are one of the fastest growing areas of their male business. More men are opting for polish because it greatly improves the neatness and look of their feet, an area that many women will attest that most men don't have a clue about caring for.
    It seems that since OPI's style director suggested on her website last summer that men try colored polish on their toes, there has been a healthy interest in this by many men. It almost seems as if men were just waiting for 'permission' to do this, and now it is okay since the beauty industry has endorsed it openly.
  • Bobby 48 JakeK 2009/11/12 00:13:30
  • Laura In Dandyland 2009/10/21 18:17:38
    Laura In Dandyland
    Hasn't that been around? Rocker guys wear black nail polish all the time...
    well it looks good if they know how to work it.... rocker guys wear black nail polish work
  • HORNHEAD 2009/10/18 03:32:21
    It isn't something that I plan on doing at all. To each their own but it simply isn't for me.
  • Andrea 2009/10/11 20:29:09 (edited)
    Its only okay if emo guys wear it. Anyone else who wears it is gay.
  • Cesare B. 2009/10/11 17:59:09
    Cesare B.
    Nail polish is very bad on either sex.
  • Bobby 48 Cesare B. 2009/10/11 18:44:02
  • Attila 2009/10/11 15:59:14
    no Bobby that just aint right. and damn it no thongs either.
  • Bobby 48 Attila 2009/10/11 16:14:54
  • Attila Bobby 48 2009/10/11 17:42:21
    you ever have an accedent someone else will know. That will be some hard stuff to live down. why don't you just tatoo your eye lids to look like eyes iffen you want to be different. That would be different with out looking gay.
  • Bobby 48 Attila 2009/10/11 18:06:09
  • Attila Bobby 48 2009/10/11 18:16:10
    well like you I have tattoo's.

    I also ride a motorcycle and have from the time I was about 7. Just much larger bikes now. lol Had sex with one of my SMG daughters in his office once during a company picknic. Been to motorcycle ralley's. Been to combat. Used to pit fight. Sure I have done some wild stuff. I don't think painting your nails is wild but just weird. lol sorry bro I don't see any difference in a man painting his nails over him wearing girls cloths and wearing make up.
  • Bobby 48 Attila 2009/10/11 18:48:05
  • Attila Bobby 48 2009/10/11 18:51:38
    Good. hate to have to flog you. lol
  • Bobby 48 Attila 2009/10/11 18:55:20
  • Attila Bobby 48 2009/10/11 19:34:08
  • SteveWi... Attila 2012/12/02 01:25:04
    Would you say that a woman with a tattoo is a lesbo? Because, until about 1985, most everybody felt that way. But, very few people still hold onto that old prejudice, because it turns out that tattoo ink is just ink, and customs like "women shouldn't have tattoos" are sexist.

    It's funny to me that so many men have an idea that "manhood" is granted by their peer groups, earned by SUBMITTING to the preferences of the group, and threatened if they defy the group or stand apart. Manhood is not "blending in to the herd", it's "leading the pack" - it's bold, confident, independent and defiant - manhood says "You don't own me, who TF are you to tell me what's OK for me?" Manhood is not afraid of a drop of paint.
  • elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard 2009/10/11 09:13:42
    elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard
    Maybe they are reverting back to the tribal days. lol
  • TLnikkiP 2009/10/11 06:33:34
    i think nail polish should b left 2 the girls. sorry guys
  • anash 2009/10/11 05:38:53 (edited)
    depends on who it is.... depends depends

    he looks pretty damn hot with nailpolish!
  • ChazyChazRox!!~ I ♥ Linkin ... 2009/10/11 05:13:29
    ChazyChazRox!!~ I ♥ Linkin Park
    i think wearing nail polish on ur toes is girly!!!
    its ok to wear nail polish on ur finger nails but only if ur a rockstar!! toes girly wear nail polish ur finger nails ur rockstar
  • Shonny 2009/10/11 05:01:25 (edited)
    I think the black chipped or dark purple colors is a fashion statement on guys, it's kinda edgy. But red, and pink? My brother wears those colors but he's a transsexual, if that's what you going for? then you reached your goal.
  • Aharan Shonny 2015/01/07 16:03:59
    Say what you will, but pink and reds used to be considered colors of power and masculine so to speak prior to World War 2. Sorry to hear about your brother.
  • MetalocalypseGirl 2009/10/11 04:21:28
    Omigosh! Yes! Nathan Explosion wears nailpolish on his fingers!(I know I'm sooo crazy...) but he loooks awesome in it! ^////^ By the way, hes the only guy I saw wearing it....and the only guy who looks good in it too......
  • dancevolleyballdisneyfreak 2009/10/11 03:45:10

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