Men Are More Evolved Than Women!

I knew it all along! Now there's scientific proof!!

Is it a surprise? Why are there more male geniuses in the world? Who has the larger brain? The bigger skeleton? The more muscular body? Who can run faster? Lift more? Why are men the alpha and women the beta? Sports, chess, being able to stand at a urinal. We are better in every way. And now there's proof!!! Check this out. :D

Men more evolved? Y chromosome study stirs debate
AP Science Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Women may think of men as primitive, but new research indicates that the Y chromosome - the thing that makes a man male - is evolving far faster than the rest of the human genetic code.

A new study comparing the Y chromosomes from humans and chimpanzees, our nearest living relatives, show that they are about 30 percent different. That is far greater than the 2 percent difference between the rest of the human genetic code and that of the chimp's, according to a study appearing online Wednesday in the journal Nature.

These changes occurred in the last 6 million years or so, relatively recently when it comes to evolution.

"The Y chromosome appears to be the most rapidly evolving of the human chromosomes," said study co-author Dr. David Page, director of the prestigious Whitehead Institute in Cambridge and a professor of biology at MIT. "It's an almost ongoing churning of gene reconstruction. It's like a house that's constantly being rebuilt."

You can read the rest at the link below.

So men are 30% more advanced than chimps while women are only 2%. :lol: :lol:

But one more paragragh further down which is the critical one:

[QUOTE]Researchers took the most detailed examination of the Y chromosome, which females do not have, of both humans and chimps and found entire sections dramatically different. There were even entire genes on the human Y chromosome that weren't on the chimp, said Hughes, also of the Whitehead Institute.[/QUOTE]

Time to celebrate my masculinity!

genes human chromosome chimp hughes whitehead institute quote celebrate masculinity

(Hey, if you can believe in global warming, you can believe in this. Afterall scientists are never wrong. :D)

Read more: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_SCI_EVOL...

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  • gr8punkin 2010/01/15 16:37:07
    I might believe this if only I could find one male, who supposedly possesses all of these attributes, that can actually understand females.
  • Marlow ... gr8punkin 2010/01/15 18:10:40
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    Understanding females??? We may be good, but we're not God. :))
  • gr8punkin Marlow ... 2010/01/15 21:36:34
    my thoughts exactly!
  • Kaylynn 2010/01/15 16:28:24
    ( Rolls eyes ) Really?
  • Amy ...... Kaylynn 2010/01/15 16:53:33
    Amy ...AKA Dudess
    arent they funny to believe this !
  • Kaylynn Amy ...... 2010/01/15 17:30:41
    I was thinking more like delusional thinking delusional
  • Amy ...... Kaylynn 2010/01/15 17:40:14
    Amy ...AKA Dudess
    Come on now Kay we have to stoke thier egos!
  • Kaylynn Amy ...... 2010/01/16 12:44:56
    I'm tired of boosting their egos ... it gets old after a while ... Men are almosst as insecure as women and they don't do a damn thing to boost our egos so screw them ... Yes honey that superman outfits makes you look like the real thing, Go Gettem Tiger ;) lmfao
  • Marlow ... Kaylynn 2010/01/15 18:11:14
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    LOL, yes! (wink)
  • Jessie M 2010/01/15 14:42:47
    Jessie M
    You are aware that males can in their head see in 3D and females see thing in 2D. Now that sound like the ability to see in 3D is better, but wait. The females ability to see in 2D gives us the better ability to read, comprehend, and transfer that information correctly 9 out of 10 times. Where as the male on average can only transfer written information correct 4 out of 10 times. The male brain is wired to learn via touch, but even there the female mind still reproduces with a better percent then males.

    Now as for males being more evolved than female. The word evolution basically state that as something better and more evolved comes along, the lesser die off. You have to agree with that statement right. So if that is true, female are more evolved than male for that one fact. Every year around the world one male is born to ten females. Evolution in action, the lesser evolved being replaced by the more evolved.

    Definitions :
    Evolved - to come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution
    Evolution - change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift.
  • Marlow ... Jessie M 2010/01/15 14:43:54
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    LOL, you are probably right. :))) Thanks.
  • keeper 2010/01/15 14:40:26
    Laugh Out Loud!!! I would say you had better duck after posting this, Marlow...hehehe
  • Marlow ... keeper 2010/01/15 14:42:43
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    LOL, I have been. :)))) Thanks.
  • keeper Marlow ... 2010/01/15 14:48:38
  • Merna 2010/01/15 12:12:46
    Women are better in handling pain, women's bones structure is more flexible, and more evolved than men, yet men's muscles structure is more evolve of women's.
    Believe it or not being able to pee standing up is not to be considered as a sign of evolution, it's just the difference of the sexual organs!
    Women live longer, because their immune system is more powerful, yet men are more able to survive natural disasters, due to his masculine physical strength.
    Women’s blood contains more water (20 percent fewer red cells). Since these supply oxygen to the body, she tires more easily and is more prone to faint
    Men have bigger brains, but women are more creative and so on........

    Bottom line is, each has some good and some bad qualities, stop bragging about your gender whatever it is, because NO ONE CARES!
  • Marlow ... Merna 2010/01/15 13:37:20
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    Merna, I was mostly having a little fun. In many respects women are superior to men. Thanks for your thoughts. :)))
  • Merna Marlow ... 2010/01/15 13:48:00
    Ok i failed at getting the humor!
    haha it just pissed me off when you were bragging about "peeing standing up"
    I'd like to try that one day :,(
  • Marlow ... Merna 2010/01/15 14:35:10
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
  • keeper Marlow ... 2010/01/15 14:42:18
    (pssst...I have known women who could pee standing up, and they were more accurate than some guys I knew!) hehehe
  • roxxi 2010/01/15 11:56:38
    thats so true man are smarter why didnt i see that before thats why i have to build the knex with cj dans "too smart" to do that i see everything so clear now LOL

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