Men Are More Attracted to Female Friends Than Women Are to Guy Friends: Have You Ever Been Attracted to a Friend?

Living 2012/05/07 19:36:27
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It's the age-old question: Can a man and a woman just be friends? A new study suggests that they can't -- at least as far as the guy is concerned. Men are more sexually interested in their female friends than their female friends are in them, LiveScience reports.

Not only are guys more likely to pine for their platonic female pals, but they're also more likely than gals to think their friends are romantically interested in them, too, even if they aren't. "Men over-infer women's sexual interest in a variety of contexts, and I definitely see that extending into the domain of cross-sex friendships as well," study researcher April Bleske-Rechek, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, told LiveScience.

However, being attracted to your BFF isn't always such pleasant experience (as many of us have learned the hard way). Study participants were much more likely to list attraction as a "cost" rather than a benefit of their opposite-sex friendship (though men were less likely to see it this way than women).

What do you think? Is being attracted to your friend a recipe for disaster? Or could it possibly lead to love?

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  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/31 16:10:43 (edited)
    Brian M
    Yeah. It will be called San Fransisconia.
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/09 00:52:09
    Brian M
    Race is NOT just a "shallow made-up concept." That is the propaganda you've been fed to convince you that self-genocide is ok.

    Race is real. Medical science knows it. Geneticists know it. And forensic pathologists know it. They can identify the race of someone just by looking at the bones.
  • XRenX Brian M 2012/05/09 02:06:33 (edited)
    What is the point of racial division and classification?
  • Waldorf XRenX 2012/05/09 18:27:37
    Lack of conflict.
  • XRenX Waldorf 2012/05/09 19:06:16
    Why couldn't everyone just leave well enough alone?
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/10 01:00:55 (edited)
    Brian M
    Because we are different. Different races produce different civilizations. White build civilizations that aspire to other planets, to smash subatomic particles, and do all sorts of things I consider amazing.

    Black civilizations have no interest in that whatsoever. They have lower IQs, whatever creativity they have is always intensely focused on finding as many mating opportunities as possible and producing as many offspring, which as a mating strategy is what you'd expect from people who evolved in an abundant subtropical climate.

    If we we don't classify, divide, and separate, the delicate, fragile traits that whites managed to evolve over the last 200,000 separate from blacks will be eradicated forever.
  • XRenX Brian M 2012/05/10 02:23:13 (edited)
    Blacks having lower IQs is a biased "scientific finding". As far as finding mating possibilities....that would be the majority of horny America racist bigot. Whites are going to be minorities in America in 2050 regardless of what you and your white nationalist buddies do....DEAL WITH IT. I am so glad most people don't think like you. Your savage ancestors killed off many on a global scale, even many of their own fellow Europeans and yet the white man's burden was to tame the savage as if they weren't themselves.

    Every other nation touched by your white ancestry was doing fine until you showed up, unwelcome of course, seizing land that wasn't yours, raping, killing and spreading European diseases. Yet many of you claim that everyone else is somehow savage.

    It is savage for Nazism to encourage eugenics for "racial hygiene". It is savage to force sterilization on those who are not of a lighter, whiter hue. It is savage to deem someone different than yourself as inferior.

    What is also hypocritical, is the fact that you deem blacks to be lazy, yet what "white American history" tries to hide is the fact that America was built on slave labor, at the hands of blacks, forcefully, because your white ancestors were too lazy to do so for themselves. The cruelty you have displayed racially has far outnumbered that of any other racial groups offenses.

    As far as lower IQs the ignorance you and your friend Bob have displayed tells me a little something
  • Ty ~ PHAET XRenX 2012/05/10 02:34:46
    Ty ~ PHAET
    What's interesting is that African immigrants are more likely to be educated than any other immigrant group.

    They also average the highest educational attainment in the country.
  • XRenX Ty ~ PHAET 2012/05/10 02:39:15 (edited)
    Thank you for displaying this and I hope Brian and Bob not only eat but choke on their words. I am sick of the lies, bias, and hypocrisy often displayed in America. Other nations do not have as big of a racial issue like America does. Then again, America is where slavery originated, producing white against black issues. Odd thing is, other countries also had slavery and I don't hear about much racism from other nations like here in the 'ol U.S.A.

    btw I saw where you raved my last reply to Brian...did you really read all of that? LOL I am not even sure if he will.
  • Ty ~ PHAET XRenX 2012/05/10 02:56:24 (edited)
    Ty ~ PHAET
    Yeah, I read all of it. These people know that their beliefs are rapidly becoming an extremely marginalized ideology, and what you're seeing is the last few waves of it manifesting, kicking and struggling and fighting as it slowly dies. And they know this, too.

    edit: And as you can see below, he has already started the childish name-calling and ridiculous accusations. You should just block him and be on your way -- I did.
  • Brian M Ty ~ PHAET 2012/05/10 05:18:24 (edited)
    Brian M
    I doubt it. You only believe what you do because of the incredible number of lies out there. They teach that IQ tests don't measure anything, or they are biased. That isn't true. They teach that race is only skin-deep. That isn't true. They teach that we are all one race. That, also, isn't true as geneticists are finding.

    At every step, the people like me are being vindicated by science. We aren't being disproven. What *I* am seeing here is YOUR ideology, one build upon heaps and heaps of lies and misinformation taught in public schools, becoming fearful that science will expose it for the nonsense it is. That's why there is so much intensity to try to marginalize people like me before the message gets out.

    But you can't hide facts forever. It took 10 years for the intellectuals on your side to admit that yes, race does exist.
  • Ty ~ PHAET Brian M 2012/05/10 05:36:01 (edited)
    Ty ~ PHAET
    Sure. I've argued with your kind on this site a few times before, and after a while it just gets boring. Though I will admit that it's hilarious how they get their feathers all in a ruffle whenever they see an interracial couple. White nationalists, despite what you've convinced yourself, make up a very small minority, and the majority treat them with the scorn and ridicule that they so rightfully deserve.
  • XRenX Brian M 2012/05/10 14:22:46 (edited)
    "I doubt it. You only believe what you do because of the incredible number of lies out there." Funny you'd say that seeing as how you have just described yourself. did you not see or bother to acknowledge the links he posted about African IQ?
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/25 08:03:01
    Brian M
    What links? I never saw any links. I still don't see any.
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/25 08:34:10
    Brian M
    Ok, I saw the links. They don't impress me. The repeat the same arguments that were made back in 1970, My information is at least from this decade, most of it from the last couple of years.
  • XRenX Ty ~ PHAET 2012/05/10 14:20:38
    I agree, they are fighting in an unwinable battle. It's rather pathetic. And he can call me whatever he wants but I am not the one making myself miserable with something that will not go away, but will steadily increase. LOL I am glad you blocked him.
  • Ty ~ PHAET XRenX 2012/05/10 22:34:08
    Ty ~ PHAET
    I've argued with people like him before on this site, and I've no interest in arguing against the same nonsense again for days on end. I'm more than willing to hold a debate, and I seldom block, but once the debate turns into a ridiculous series of accusations like this one has, I simply refuse to continue.
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/10 05:12:03
  • XRenX Brian M 2012/05/10 14:25:45
    I know slavery has existed in many different nations with different ethnic groups. I MENTIONED IT! I didn't discredit that. Can you read? Slavery has been aroung since biblical times, yes I am aware. But I pointed out that it was also in America and we seem to be one of the most racist nations compared to other countries that have also had slavery. I also know that slavery still exists in other parts of the world so don't call ME stupid...check with yourself! Oh and way to be a 36 year old adult, calling me childish names.....GROW UP!
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/25 08:04:43
    Brian M
    "Then again, America is where slavery originated"

    Did you or did you not say that? That should be easy to answer. Just scroll up a little.
  • XRenX Brian M 2012/05/29 01:01:55
    The notorious anglo vs african enslavement did. Not slavery as a whole, I should have mentioned.
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/31 16:13:27
    Brian M
    Again, do you even know what an Anglo-saxon is? Clearly you don't.

    And there is nothing more notorious about that enslavement than the enslavement of Africans by the Egyptians, or by the Arabs, or any of the other thousands of years in the past when Africans were slaves of someone.

    The only constant throughout time is that Africans have been slaves, either to other civilization or other tribes of their own.
  • XRenX Brian M 2012/05/10 14:28:33
    I also never said it BEGAN in America...you sound so foolish and stupid making things up claiming I said them. Oh and way to doge all the other points I have made. You mentioned that those who are for multiculturalism are trying to "hide" the "scientific facts", but you are trying to hide and doge everything else. You are a coward and you're making yourself look stupid and cruel.
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/25 08:06:44
    Brian M
    "Then again, America is where slavery originated"

    Well then I apologize for thinking that it was English you were speaking. Because, you see, in English "originated" and "began" are synonyms.
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/10 05:14:24 (edited)
    Brian M
    Read what I wrote above. The earliest writings dating back THOUSANDS of years mention slavery.

    Oh no, it hasn't always been the poor pitiful blacks that we must always feel sorry for. But the f*cking blacks aren't the most important people in the universe. Slavery is slavery.
  • XRenX Brian M 2012/05/29 01:05:30
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/10 05:54:18
    Brian M
    I'm somewhat curious what you think about this.


    An ad in Hong Kong showing a Chinese girl on a date with a white guy is deemed hateful and racist. Why? Because she's with a white guy.

    In America, white guys aren't allowed to say anything about women dating black guys. Everywhere else in the world, if they try to date non-white women, they are called, you guessed it, racists.
  • XRenX Brian M 2012/05/10 14:30:16
    That shows that America is not only full of hateful racism, but also hypcorisy. That proves nothign to me. The fact that America is trying to be "politically correct" does not eliminate the prominate racism that still occurs. America tries to HIDE it's racism now, that doens't mena it does not exist.
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/25 08:08:16
    Brian M
    What racism? "OH MY GOD! Bandaids that look like WHITE people skin!! I'm so psychically traumatized!"

    I think that about sums up the whole "white privilege" hoax. Got anything better?
  • XRenX Brian M 2012/05/29 01:09:30
    Lol "what racism"? In america? Why do you think affirmative action is needed in the first place?
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/31 16:15:28
    Brian M
    Why do I think it is needed? Because if any politician tried to do away with it, the blacks will rise up and riot that their privilege is being taken away.

    Oh wait, you mean why will blacks not get accepted into college in the same numbers? Because without AA, their enrollment numbers would be a more accurate reflection of their group intelligence.
  • Brian M Ty ~ PHAET 2012/05/10 05:00:09
    Brian M
    That's because you're dealing with a biased data set, you know that right? It's not your average poor African who make up the vast majority of the population there that are coming over here. It's the elite of the elite.
  • Ty ~ PHAET Brian M 2012/05/10 05:07:29 (edited)
    Ty ~ PHAET
    I knew that the word "elite" would get used. I just might be psychic.
  • Brian M Ty ~ PHAET 2012/05/10 05:20:45
    Brian M
    Or maybe you knew your conclusion was garbage.
  • Ty ~ PHAET Brian M 2012/05/10 05:36:06 (edited)
  • XRenX Brian M 2012/05/11 06:09:00
    So his proof is biased, yet racial IQ tests are not? Yeah....I know who the biased one is alright.
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/25 08:09:31
    Brian M
    Well, if they are biased, someone did a piss-poor job of designing them. Somehow Jews and Chinese manage to outscore whites.
  • XRenX Brian M 2012/05/29 00:53:53
    Jew is not a race..
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/31 16:16:30
  • Brian M XRenX 2012/05/10 05:08:11
    Brian M
    You see, you don't even know what's fact and what's not. Someone at some point told you that IQ tests were biased. Who told you that, and why were you so eager to believe them?

    The real fact is that blacks have *consistently* scored around 85, no matter what test, who was giving it, and however culturally neutral. IQ tests don't ask trivia questions, which seems to be what a lot of you sorts of people think.

    And there, I see where you go with that next. You don't argue with my point. You go on to explain why you think whites deserve to be eliminated. You say we killed off natives or some crap, as if whites were the only people to fight wars and invade other places. If you think that you might want to explain why 90% of Egypt's population is Arab. Arabs don't come from Egypt.

    And to further expose your actual feelings about why you think whites should be exterminated, you bring up slavery. Well, that's funny. The oldest recorded literature in history, The Epic of Gilgamesh, which is over 6,000 years old, mentions slavery. Hasn't it ever occurred to you that you have never read about any time in history that a people fought a war to free slaves? Did any population on earth anywhere ever fight so hard to drive slavery away? How is it, if whites are so evil and bad, that it wasn't until the rise to prominence of European civilization that slavery was eliminated? You need to answer that, because you want to wipe us out based on a flawed premise.

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