Meet the World's Pickiest Eater: Are You a Picky Eater?

AdriHead 2012/11/01 22:00:00
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If you think you're a picky eater, then you've probably never met Marla Lopez from New York. The 54-year-old mom says she's NEVER eaten a single piece of fruit or vegetable in her whole life and will only have three kinds of foods: milk, white bread and potatoes.

Lopez says the snack aisle has become her dinner aisle and that she would just as soon eat a shoe as eat a piece of green, leafy vegetable. While some people say Lopez is just being a picky eater and wants to eat junk food, Psychology Today believes her diet choice is actually a medical condition or a "real food related disorder." We know you're probably not as picky as Lopez, but do you still consider yourself a picky eater?

Marla Lopez, 54, from New York, says her daily diet consists of milk and ice cream; white breads, including crackers, tortillas and pancakes; and potatoes, including chips and French fries.

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  • tasha T 2013/01/18 02:21:08
    tasha T
    this has to be a disorder , who can eat the same thing their whole life! yuck ,. poor woman hasnt experienced Chocolate !! and all the other wonderful foods out there
  • Mtg303 2012/12/29 01:58:05 (edited)
    I chose to try and eat healthy. This woman is not a picky eater she's on her way to an early death from the lack of fiber.
  • T. James H 2012/11/27 02:57:42
  • afterburn610 2012/11/25 21:17:02
  • Azrael-In GOD we trust 2012/11/09 03:49:43
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    We never had the luxury of being picky eaters.
    We lived on a dairy farm, raised chickens, hogs, had our own milk, made our own butter and cottage cheese, raised 3 gardens, had 2 orchards of fruit trees and nut trees lined the property and worked our a$$e$ off preserving everything.
    We made our own bread, too-we never had store bought bread. Oh yeah-we also made cider in our own cider mill.
    Now if someone didn't like what my mom, mama and great grandmother made, they were just SOL.
    Lopez would have fared very well on our farm, even being picky.
  • Lady Serena 2012/11/08 19:51:13
    Lady Serena
    not to that point, but foods that make me gag (bananas), or have an upleasant taste (chitterlings) , yeah, I avoid those
  • MustacheLuver 2012/11/08 04:19:24
    I am kind of a picky eater... but not like this chick! Geez woman!
  • Mindy 2012/11/07 05:05:42
    Not particularly. Raw eggs are an eww. Sad, but true I don't like salmon, nor eggplant. It is sesrved for everything but breakfast. It looks good, but... I do prefer fish freshly caught.
  • Avi Rosen 2012/11/06 16:25:40
    Avi Rosen
    Not so picky
  • kimmie 2012/11/05 19:27:35
    I'll eat all kinds of foods , as a Asian American in my culture when I was little kid I'm not allowed to be a picky eater , what ever she cooks I have to eat
  • Black_Rose 2012/11/05 15:53:52
    I used to be picky, but now I'm not too bad.

    My little cousin is an extremely picky eater though. He has a selective eating disorder, and will only eat 5 different foods. I know three are chicken fingers, french fries, and cheerios. The other two, I believe are bananas and animal crackers.
  • Kazaira 2012/11/05 11:45:17
    I love only the best food there is(snobby) the best producs and mainly healthy food (fish and chicken, fruits and vegetables ) <333333
  • Marianne 2012/11/05 08:49:39
    Maybe a bit but not that much.
  • PartyOnPartyTurtles 2012/11/05 00:15:34
    Not really, honestly.
  • Kiki,Pixie,Worm 2012/11/04 23:06:25
    Yeah, not super picky though.
  • hippietim 2012/11/04 22:16:01
    wow, that ladies diet is *sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo* nutritionally lacking!

    I love it tho!

  • hippietim hippietim 2012/11/04 22:17:59
    but I have 2 note that she does look good 4 having that dietary limitation~ winking
  • Jana~ una chica loca 2012/11/04 21:54:01
    Jana~ una chica loca
    not really
  • Chaguy 2012/11/04 21:46:04
    There should be question in the exact opposite. My friend would eat ANYTHING, even rotten food!
  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2012/11/04 21:04:06
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    See-Food eater. See Food Eat It. Mostly Southern Cookin ! Yummer.
  • cjd 2012/11/04 19:53:33
  • MiMi 2012/11/04 18:57:52
    Not at all....I love food!. Lol
  • Oli 2012/11/04 18:21:52
    I'm quite similar to that, but i do adventure to different foods sometimes.
  • ajracestables1 2012/11/04 18:04:10
    I like my food plain, I hate spicy food, even pepper is to spicy for me, I don't like other sauces that give "flavor". Just serve it plain and I am happy.
  • MichaelDillon 2012/11/04 18:04:06
    I was picky till I went into the service, now if its dead or moving slowly its on the menu.
  • Nat™ 2012/11/04 17:33:06
    People say I am but it's just that I don't eat meat. I'll eat ANYTHING except meat.
  • PhoenixFloe 2012/11/04 16:22:13
    It's pretty unbelievable that she is still alive. I am not a picky eater at all but I would much rather have a salad or a piece of fruit after my meal than dessert of any type. I'm not a fan of very many sweets unless they are made with VERY minimal sugar. Also, I try to eat as much fresh/ raw/ organic foods as I can.
  • Papilio 2012/11/04 15:18:26
    But i do eat more then 3 things. xD
  • Haushinka 2012/11/04 14:41:49
    I considerer myself to be mildly picky but I'm kind of worried for that woman now...
  • Kigan 2012/11/04 14:30:21 (edited)
    I was when I was a kid - then I got older and realized all the great food I was missing out on.
  • Johann 2012/11/04 13:55:01
    I will eat anything that I approve of as being edible. As for some cultural dishes, not my fancy. This woman sure has problems. I too was once picky as a kid. Could touch eggs or seafood beyond fish sticks. If the parents never served it then the child will not bother with it at grandparents' for example. The more choices I have and can make the better to find the foods I do enjoy and avoid the ones that aid to my digestive intolerance that probably was caused through some GMO'd, Chemical loaded food/drink.
  • KBOWSE 2012/11/04 11:07:09
    Being allergic however. I need to refrain from peanuts.... worst thing. allergic to nuts
  • Azrael-... KBOWSE 2012/11/09 03:54:29
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    Most definitely!
  • Sister Jean 2012/11/04 10:16:12
    Sister Jean
  • Azrael-... Sister ... 2012/11/09 03:54:55
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    Really Sister?
  • Marcus Clark 2012/11/04 08:23:06
    Marcus Clark
    I was a picky eater as a kid. Now there is *almost* nothing that I would not try that is legitimately classified as food. There are very few foods that I have tried that I actually dislike. During the time I was stationed in the US Navy and on deployments overseas, I ate a lot of things that to this day I don't know what they were.
  • .: LiVi :. 2012/11/04 07:42:46
    .: LiVi :.
    Nearly all people who are picky with their food in public are just attention seeking and in need of constant validation of their egos through whatever means they can find. You see, ordering waiters and chefs to go to ridiculous extents to satisfy their needs makes them very special and important, if at least only in a restaurant. And complaining about every possible detail, and asking to move the restaurant a bit to the left, and inventing their own menu makes them even more special and important.
  • PandahSixx 2012/11/04 07:34:48
  • jere.ch... PandahSixx 2012/11/04 17:23:14
    I vote for misinformed on diet or just plain stupid.
  • PandahSixx jere.ch... 2012/11/07 04:47:59

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