McDonald's to Sponsor London Olympics: Good Business or Bad Message?

Living 2012/05/02 21:00:00
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Less than three months to the London Olympics! We can't wait to see the tight, toned competitors showing off their unbelievable athletic skill. And somehow, this message of health and fitness is sponsored by ... McDonald's? Yup! The fast-food chain is a major sponsor for the London Olympics, to the dismay of a British doctors' group, The Associated Press reports.

McDonald's will be the only restaurant allowed to sell brand-name food at the games and there will also be a separate McDonald's within the athletes' village -- in addition to three others at the Olympic Park (one of which will be McDonald's largest franchise in the world), the AP reports.

To make matters worse, Coca-Cola has the exclusive right to sell non-alcoholic drinks at Olympic venues, and Heineken has been named the games' official beer. "It's very sad that an event that celebrates the very best of athletic achievements should be sponsored by companies contributing to the obesity problem and unhealthy habits," said Terence Stephenson, a spokesman for the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges, according to the AP.

McDonald's isn't new to the Olympics -- the company has been an official Olympics sponsor since 1976. The chain says it plans to bring "high-quality British food" at the Games, yet Big Macs, fries and milkshakes will be served. With about one-quarter of Brits currently obese, do you think McDonald's makes an appropriate sponsor for the London Olympics?
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  • blushn1980 Vieuphoria 2012/05/03 22:16:56
    Good for you...I believe in holding PEOPLE accountable for their actions/choices. The government screws up everything they get their hands on. So leave companies that make jobs alone.
    I hate cigarettes, but I don't think the govt. has the right to tell them how or how not to advertise etc. It's called FREEDOM for a reason!
  • Vieuphoria blushn1980 2012/05/04 01:52:50
    You seem to have confused the issue here.

    I agree that people should be held accountable. Of course. That's not why I dislike McDonalds.
  • Claybern Vieuphoria 2012/05/03 23:55:55
    Good for you. But I still like thier Big Mac and thier Fish Filet. THIER GREAT.
  • Vieuphoria Claybern 2012/05/04 01:53:39
    They are = They're

    I love how uptight Americans get over fast-food :P
  • OneLast... Vieuphoria 2012/05/03 20:00:46
    Not their job to morally police your food. It’s YOUR job num-nuts!
  • Vieuphoria OneLast... 2012/05/03 21:14:03
    I didn't mention anything about that.
  • Tonka Vieuphoria 2012/05/03 23:47:02
    Vieuphoria---Neither do I. As for Jakester10. These is supossed to be intelligent answers and opinions, not a name calling contest.
  • OneLast... Tonka 2012/05/04 07:38:47 (edited)
    Tonka, to go ON about something like fast food and what it sponsors is NOT a very intelligent conversation in the first place,... yea right, lets all have an intelligent conversation about the health effects of Mickey D's and their sponsorship, plus their responsibility to us and our children.

    Why,..because we are so God-Damn stupid to know what's good, and not good for us.

    Let’s let somebody from the government tell us what to eat, maybe like that First Gorilla in the W.H.

    It seems your old enought to know this from what I see as your listed age.
  • OneLast... Vieuphoria 2012/05/04 07:39:35 (edited)
    To me, you sure indicated that in your many post and replys.
  • Vieuphoria OneLast... 2012/05/04 11:17:15
    You mean that you assumed.
  • OneLast... Vieuphoria 2012/05/04 12:27:13 (edited)
    Yes, I assumed you want somebody to controll peoples food and what they eat as all hopeless liberals do with big governments. If NOT, then your A-OK.
  • Vieuphoria OneLast... 2012/05/04 12:34:28
    You assumed incorrectly.
  • OneLast... Vieuphoria 2012/05/04 15:38:21
  • RobinPeta blushn1980 2012/05/03 22:08:57
    They do it to avoid taxation.
  • blushn1980 RobinPeta 2012/05/03 22:18:29
    Um, they still pay taxes regardless they get the same deduction I get for my donations.
  • Tenness... blushn1980 2012/05/06 23:24:21
    I hope your nephew gets well soon!
  • Claybern Vieuphoria 2012/05/03 23:51:22
    Why are they horrible? They employ alot of people who now have paychecks to pay taxes, which helps the economy. End of story.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/05/03 18:14:06
    Good business
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Mickey D's has been sponsoring Olympic athletes for decades.
  • ☆SPIDERPIECES☆: HERO of PHAET 2012/05/03 18:10:42
    Good business
    McDonald's has been a long time sponsor of the Olympics and its athletes.

  • it'sme 2012/05/03 18:07:14
    Good business
    Who writes this stuff? McDonald's isn't unhealthy, it's the way people eat every meal they consume at fast food chains. How is McDonald's sponsoring the Olympics sending a bad message? If it wasn't for corporate sponsors, such as McDonald's there wouldn't be an Olympics. I have ate at McD's for as long as I can remember. I always eat at McD when I travel, because I know the food will be good and the bathrooms clean. I do not eat a McD everyday, I do not eat at McD every week, and I don't eat at McD's even once a month. I only eat at McD when I travel or once in a blue moon when I know I can't get home in time to make a meal. That is why my family or myself aren't over weight. We eat at McDonald's the way it was meant to be, only once in a while. If McDonald's, Wendy's, or Burger King is making you fat, you eat there too much. It's not the food chains fault, it is 100% yours!!!
  • Tonka it'sme 2012/05/03 23:52:15
    I have read on the news, McD's is buying their meat from South America. Do they go thru the same inspections as US? AND---How sanitary are they? Before you say McD's isn't healthy---better check to see if their FDA and cleanliness is as careful as ours.
  • Tonka it'sme 2012/05/03 23:53:50
    I mean't to say---Before you say McD's isn't unhealthy. Read below.
  • ilikewater 2012/05/03 18:01:12 (edited)
    Good business
    It's business. They're just a sponsor.

    Though McDonald's has made an effort to make their menu very varietal.. And it is. Just because they're known for their crap food doesn't mean you have to get it when you go there, they do have salads and things too.
    Not bad either, their salads.
  • 001 2012/05/03 17:53:50
    Bad message
    lol, seriously? That's funny.
  • georgia gal 2012/05/03 17:47:32
    Good business
    georgia gal
    People have brains and should make good choices ,when they don't people make money off their inability to take care of themselves. Like Curves,gyms,weight watchers, doctors and hospitals. So McDonald's is promoting World economy.No one twist any one's arm to enter Mc Donalds and order...Try their salad they are great! Good Luck London with this.
  • william keegan 2012/05/03 17:41:16
    Bad message
    william keegan
    The business of McDonald's is to provide a profit to its owners. If sponsoring the London Olympics will further that objective they should go for it. But I suspect that the sponsorship will end up being a drag on the corporate bottom line, and should be avoided.
  • jonathan 2012/05/03 17:21:22
    Bad message
    Mac Donalds ..........piss off with your vile nasty fat packing products ........more corporate sponsored nastyness ........I don't like where this world is heading .......just one more big turn off for me
  • blushn1980 jonathan 2012/05/03 19:25:34 (edited)
    I don't like where the world is headed either.
    I don't like having a hypocritical first lady who wants to tell people what a company that has been in business for many years can serve or what people can eat. All the whilewhile ignoring the junk people can buy with food stamps.

    The Obesity issue doesn't stem from Fast food. It's lazy parenting and lack of exercise.

    kids playing video games
    Come one what else has came along the last 20 years when obesity became more common. My husband eats fast food for lunch Monday - Friday, but is active so at 6'6 he weighs 190.... first mcdonalds michelle obama eating
  • OneLast... jonathan 2012/05/03 20:04:38
  • Boo 2012/05/03 17:20:10
    Good business
    Of course it's okay! London is hosting the games and they can choose whomever they like for sponsors. It is NOT the food that makes people obese; it's the idiotic people who eat a steady diet of it, do not exercise, etc. who allow themselves to become obese (basic lack of will power)! Hopefully, these companies' sponsorships of olympic games will encourage some of those people to get off their fat *sses and actually exercise.
  • Lois Griffin 2012/05/03 17:17:41
    Good business
    Lois Griffin
    Don't they always???
  • Howard L. Chapman 2012/05/03 17:11:11
    Good business
    Howard L. Chapman
    McDonald's can sponsor any damn thing they want, because they can afford to buy the Olympics if they chose too. Not bad for a Hamburger chain that started with $.15 cent hamburgers, huh?
  • tinaje 2012/05/03 17:04:00
    Good business
    McDonald's is a Worldwide company.
  • The Bee Guy 2012/05/03 17:01:58
    Good business
    The Bee Guy
    Is ok, BUT a very interesting message.
  • s m 2012/05/03 16:59:25
    Good business
    s m
    MANY years ago McD would give students free hamburgers, fries and drinks for A's on their report cards if the US athletes won medals. I can guarantee you that kids studied harder and watched the games to see if Ronald was going to give them a hamburger. I doubt that interest has ever been higher since then.
  • Delete 2012/05/03 16:55:02
  • toobored54 2012/05/03 16:54:21
    Good business
    Ahhh, Big Mac and a green rocket. Dont get any better than that. Hopefully the stand is by the Sumo Wrestling event!
  • Quothetheraven79 2012/05/03 16:53:26
    Good business
    They have been sponsoring the Olympics for years & just now they are promoting a bad message?! Give me a break!
  • Lois Gr... Quothet... 2012/05/03 17:21:59 (edited)
    Lois Griffin
    I agree with you, if McD's is a bad message, then whats it say about the officials passing out about a half million condoms to the athletes during the games? Just as in ancient Greece, the Olympics is an orgy. Lets face it. So, they all get very hungry. No joke!
  • Red Branch 2012/05/03 16:49:59
    Good business
    Red Branch
    There money is as good as any health food store.

    We got off the tube at the Tower of London stop and coming off the stairs the first thing I saw was a McDonald's, followed by a Kentucky Fried Chicken and I forget the 3d place.

    That said, now I must object to a common business practice regarding the Olympics. That is the gouging of the fans when they double and triple their prices.

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