Marijuana Activists Claim Barack Obama Was More Severe Than Bush on Medical Marijuana: Agree or Disagree?

Daryl 2012/07/18 22:00:00
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Many of California’s most prominent and well-respected medical cannabis dispensaries and related facilities -- including Oaksterdam University, Berkeley Patients Group, and Harborside Health Center (HHC) -- flourished under the George W. Bush administration. But they’ll be lucky to survive President Barack Obama’s first term. Do you think Barack Obama is tougher on medical marijuana than George W. Bush was?

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  • Tastentier 2012/08/06 13:48:02
    Obama's crackdown on medical marijuana is one of the many reasons why I turned from being an initial Obama supporter to... well, I don't know what exactly. A politically disillusioned person who is weary of both parties, I guess. Two different wrappers... same authoritarian, war-profiteering and Wall Street-pandering filling.
  • Pin Head 2012/07/22 07:22:59
    Pin Head
    It's cause Bush was always blazed out
  • Little Angel 2012/07/20 19:18:08
    Little Angel
    I really don't understand why they don't make Marijuana legal
    everywhere since would help the the economy besides helping
    those who can benefit from it's uses for many health problems.
  • wyattle... Little ... 2012/07/23 17:57:39
    oil and paper company's do not want it legalized. our bank, corporate owned government give's them what they want. hemp seed oil would replace diesel fuel and bleached tree paper. read the "emperor wears no clothes" by jack herer. we could actually save the planet if we switched from petroleum based society to one of cannabis is his big thesis. ever thing you learned about us history (columbus till now) and religion are a lie.
  • Luke 2012/07/20 19:00:43
    And he was a big smoker
  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2012/07/20 18:26:28
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    Analyzing this data, my answer is yes.
  • johnnyg 2012/07/20 17:58:29
    Fag Bitch Barry smokes weed snorts coke and becomes president and puts people in prison for smoking weed and snorting coke. Barack Barry Soretoe Obama is a punk ass bitch who needs to be in prison.
  • George Zook 2012/07/20 17:18:35 (edited)
    George Zook
    what is the popular sentiment on medical pot ... I think it's confusing .in favor not in favor of if we the people made it clear what we wanted then our elected officials would know what to do we should blame ourselves for the confusion ... if every person with web access or a phone contacted their elected representatives and made a clear position statement maybe things would change .... worth a try
  • Gohmert... George ... 2012/07/21 04:45:14
    Gohmert Pyle
    It wouldn't stop FED raids.
  • wyattle... George ... 2012/07/23 18:24:30
    how do you propose getting everybody on the same note? they had an election in california to legalize. before the election polls showed heavy numbers would vote to legalize. the when voting day came 1/3 of those people were to stoned to go vote, or had been to slack to go register to vote. that just proves what people say about people who smoke pot, "they are lazy and in a fog." the war is not gong anywhere due to apathy. so how would you organize such an undertaking? i agree, it is worth a try, however under consideration of such indifference by those who smoke or would like to, how?
  • George ... wyattle... 2012/08/29 15:49:35
    George Zook
    I am not proposing that either side is right or wrong ... but a referendum would be as close to the will of the people as we can get
  • Peacock 2012/07/20 16:23:00
    He is such a flipper..he is Liberal for one agenda. HIS! I think he likes to keep people in prison, more jobs he won't have to "create"
  • brutusin~ Proud Apetheist 2012/07/20 12:47:24
    brutusin~ Proud Apetheist
    It was just another lie by Obama. It is a wounder how people still think he is a good president. He is terrible. He did face some of the hardest things but he didn't do it with grace or diplomacy. Oh well that is why I'm voteing for someone else.
  • Jayne 2012/07/20 12:10:41
    All politician controlled by big business (drug companies, booze companies, etc). Our politicians were bought and paid for a long time ago. It should have never been made illegal in the first place. It's all smoking mirrors and BS. The war on drugs is a joke except for those who are jailed (which, by the way, is now big business since jails are now being privatized). Instead of fighting real crime the police are going after the small time drug dealers and those who smoke MJ. Legalization and the end of the drug war will make the police go back to fighting real crime. there are way too many people in jail over this BS as it is. Legalize MJ, release non-voilent prisoners who were sent to prison for possession or sale of MJ and start fighting real crime. It's the right thing to do.
  • Peacock Jayne 2012/07/20 18:10:47
    This is something that I cannot get into my head. Marijuana is illegal. Some of our elected officials admitted to using it, and more, but WERE crafty enough to wait out the Statute of Limitations. Even though they are unconvicted law breakers, how do you jail some, but put others into office? "Innocent until proven guilty" does not apply when you openly admit to having done it. WHY doesn't that disqualify anyone to run for public office, if indeed it is so bad?
  • Carson 2012/07/20 08:59:49
    ITS BUSHES FAULT!!!!!!DONT YOU SEE! Everything wrong that ever happens in the Ossama white house is bushes fault but barak makin a save? HE DID IT!!! YAY!!! Too bad he doesnt save the puck that often.
  • Chi~Cat 2012/07/20 07:47:43
  • Devil's Advocate 2012/07/20 06:24:03
    Devil's Advocate
    Certainly in terms of number of raids on dispensaries, yes....
  • Chi~Cat Devil's... 2012/07/20 07:49:51
    Yep, got that right, IT just wants it all for ITself.
  • electricsheep 2012/07/20 05:42:26 (edited)
    I'm voting for O in November, but yes, his Justice Department has been downright draconian in prosecuting cannabis club owners who were within the bounds of their state's law. It's the old paradox of the Progressive politician behaving like a supreme tight-ass to prove himself "tough on crime" to the Conservative orcs of America (who are going to hate him anyway, so WTF?)

    P.S. Legalizing hemp would be such a boon to our economy! Not just for the hemp and cannabis itself, but think of all the tie-ins and aftermarkets! Snack foods, entertainment, vacation packages.... The mind boggles at all the new markets which would be broken open.
  • johnnyg electri... 2012/07/20 18:01:09
  • electri... johnnyg 2012/07/20 18:35:39
    And Romney would let me smoke my pot? I doubt that.
  • johnnyg electri... 2012/07/20 20:13:22
  • electri... johnnyg 2012/07/20 20:51:53
    So.... I should just not vote?
  • johnnyg electri... 2012/07/20 21:04:13
    Vote Libertarian.
  • electri... johnnyg 2012/07/20 21:12:19
  • johnnyg electri... 2012/07/20 21:14:49 (edited)
    Then waste your vote on Rombama then. Or if your vote is a waste then don't vote.
  • electri... johnnyg 2012/07/20 21:26:43
    Right. I've made the calculations, and I'm offering my tiny electoral nudge to Obama. Cheers.
  • johnnyg electri... 2012/07/20 21:31:18
    Oh well.
  • Delete 2012/07/20 01:46:55
  • jere.chievres 2012/07/20 00:34:06
    Well Obammy smoked a lot more of it!
  • kaZappoo 2012/07/20 00:09:41
    this from the number one stoner in highschool & college ?

    wow talk about a hypocrit ..
  • malikasecrets 2012/07/19 22:57:16
    Obama may eat his words If, god forbid, a member of his family has cancer with severe pain or multiple sclerosis hit one the family. It is so easy to act like a goodie two shoes to please a certain group until reality strikes a loved one and learn first hand that you were wrong.
  • T A malikas... 2012/07/20 05:33:23
    T A
    Why? No one in his family would ever suffer such an indignity or persecution as prosecution for a crime without a complainant. Laws are for the people, not the political class.
  • johnnyg malikas... 2012/07/20 20:15:29
    Obama and his family can do all the drugs they want to do. YOU and I will go to prison for drugs, USGovt will do ANYTHING they want to do.
  • Sherlock Dog BL - a Gazillion 2012/07/19 22:23:25
  • wpsark 2012/07/19 20:30:31
    he doesn't want those drug cartels losing any money.
  • teigan wpsark 2012/07/19 23:22:41
    You have a point there, he is their largest supplier of weapons. He probably gets a cut.
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/07/19 20:29:26
    Margaret Jacobson
    He cannot "control " it
  • Eric 2012/07/19 20:20:01 (edited)
    Obama seems to like groups that are more controllable. He would probably support marijuana use if restricted to US government distribution centers. He likes bigger groups that can bundle more money for political contributions and cronyism. Marijuana users, like small entrepreneurs, farmers, self-employed, tend to operate individually and don't band together with others for more power and influence (and campaign cash).
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