Man Gets Stabbed for Farting: Did he deserve it?

Dangerous Dave 2009/04/09 17:30:03
Yes. That's what he gets for farting.
No. Flatulence is natural.
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Police say that 5 friends were sharing a motel overnight when hell broke loose. Jose Braule Ramirez stabbed a 35-year-old man in a motel for stinking up the room and constantly farting. One man was so upset about the gas that he threw a large knife at him, cutting his leg, and then stabbed him in the chest. The farting man will be okay.
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  • Elfy 2009/04/09 17:31:27
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Whaaaat the hell? Is this real? Jeez, the world truly has gone mad!

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  • the imposter 2009/04/16 05:46:07
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    the imposter
    what did it smell like?
  • Bella 2009/04/13 19:01:31
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    he sould have some air freshener sr something...thats was just over reacting
  • big di 2009/04/13 00:32:13
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    big di
    These are FRIENDS!?!?! And the other four didn't know the guy had a flatulence problem BEFORE they all holed up together in that motel?

    The gas-bag needs a year's supply of Beano, and the two knife-happy jacka**es should be shot in the head(s) for being stupid and violent and otherwise worthless bags of crap!
  • ctuagentdown 2009/04/12 01:17:27
    Yes. That's what he gets for farting.
    he who dealt it should have left the room or live with the revenge of the angry mob
  • MQ-American Values Again (AVA) 2009/04/11 23:20:51
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    MQ-American Values Again (AVA)
    Maybe this guy could be a valuable asset in retrieving the Captain of the ship the pirates commandeered.. send him on as a liason.... then bombs away! LOL asset retrieving captain ship pirates commandeered send liason bombs lol
  • Elena 2009/04/11 02:45:11
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Was Jose smoking cigarettes? If so he should be stabbed. Every cigarette smoker should be constantly surrounded by gassy crowds with puke inducing stench!!
  • WithEyesClosed 2009/04/10 21:41:34
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Farting is natural. I understand the guy should not have let loose. Most respecting people try to hold that in. If he had diarrhea or something, then he should have gone to the bathroom and dealt with it accordingly. Despite being as polite as possible, the other guy should not have stabbed him. That is over doing it. Tell him to stop. Do it over and over. Perhaps mess with him and joke around about it, get him to stop, but to stab him? Are you serious? That's getting out of hand. I would press charges on the guy. In the first place, I wouldn't have farted like that either. Common sense here people, it's not that hard. Common sense isn't so common anymore it seems.
  • Uncle Joe 2009/04/10 18:26:32
    Yes. That's what he gets for farting.
    Uncle Joe
    If one had diarrhea and let it out all over the person next to them then they should expect a similar response. If one had tuberculosis and continued to cough on someone elses face then they should expect a similar response. He now has to OWN his stupid behavior. If I were on the jury to convict Jose Braule Ramirez, he would walk.
  • Anarchico Anthony 2009/04/10 17:37:47
    Yes. That's what he gets for farting.
    Anarchico Anthony
    lol if it was on the person or bad enough, lol but just for generally farting no
  • fishlip 2009/04/10 11:53:30
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    mexicans upset about farting ? have they ever eaten mexican food? geez, testy,testy.....
  • whatsatobe 2009/04/10 06:48:49
    Yes. That's what he gets for farting.
    Juan Antonio Salano Castellano, 35, did knowingly create excessive human wind for the specific annoyance and health endangerment of those nearby. Twenty years of hard labor, of course without parole, would be the only sound punishment for his crime.
  • 1st ClassHole 2009/04/10 05:13:53
    Yes. That's what he gets for farting.
    1st ClassHole
    lol it depends..........
  • Cap 2009/04/10 02:49:21
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    C'mon X-man, give us a break w/ your overly constraining answers. Although most farting is "natural", people do not have an unmitigated right to fart. Even the ridiculously over-empowering Americans w/ Disabilities Act didn't go that far. However, just because Mr. Gasman likely transgressed the rights of his fellow lodgers, it doesn't necessarily follow that any or all of them had a right to stab him. Upon refunding his share of their rent, they had a right to evict him, that's about it.
  • Louis Shipman 2009/04/10 01:39:40
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Louis Shipman
    Hell no I would have been dead years ago.
  • MaMaJ 2009/04/10 01:18:38 (edited)
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Heck no I would be stabbed every day all day sometime. flatulence natural ck stabbed
  • Cindy 2009/04/10 00:18:09
    Yes. That's what he gets for farting.
    OMG I have 2 teenage sons and let me tell ya, when they get into farting wars, they can be deadly... so maybe he stunk to high heaven and deserved it.
  • Razuk 2009/04/10 00:12:27
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    wAAAAHH THE HEELLL? flatulence natural waaaahh heelll
  • Selfish 2009/04/09 23:12:08
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Everyone would be dead by now it that were the punishment
  • LilaGrace ~ Proud Liberal 2009/04/09 22:55:16
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    LilaGrace ~ Proud Liberal
    Please. I grew up with men who viewed farting as an Olympic sport. Yeah, it can stink, and no, it isn't exactly classy, but to stab a guy over it? Can you say "Anger Management"?
  • chrissy 2009/04/09 22:32:08
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Ridiculous. He probably had to many beans.
  • Rebecca 2009/04/09 22:05:26
    Yes. That's what he gets for farting.
    That's gross, they should have made him get his own room though.
  • Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU 2009/04/09 22:02:57
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU
    LMAO!!!!!! what the hell is up with people these days!? lmao he must hate himself anytime he farts
  • Extremist Soldier of Christ 2009/04/09 22:00:28
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Extremist Soldier of Christ
    Personally, I think Mr. Ramirez needs to be put in jail and the key thrown away. Could you imagine if he didn't like burgers, how many places he could make trouble for? There is no excuse for his lack of tolerance. He should just got up and walked out and slept somewhere else. Just like I do with all the vile liberals that come around me- I simply leave the room. trouble excuse tolerance walked slept vile liberals simply leave room
  • OnTheEdgeOfInsanity 2009/04/09 22:00:06
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    OMG. This is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard.
  • wow-really 2009/04/09 21:56:28
    Yes. That's what he gets for farting.
    Light a match, stinky-ass LOL!!! J.K!!

    farting light match stinky-ass lol farting light match stinky-ass lol farting light match stinky-ass lol
  • Seth 2009/04/09 21:10:20
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    that musta been a meeeaaaannn fart!
  • Nonicknameunlessyouknowme 2009/04/09 20:40:03
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Is this a joke? LOL What's the world coming to if violence is threatened for a natural part of being alive. The man must have been putting out some noxious fumes. Bean farmers should beware, it might become law that farts are banned just as smoking is and that will put those farmers out of business. To the vegetarians, better watch your back and make sure you take your "Beano" before dinner.
  • santa6642 2009/04/09 20:34:16
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    also some medications can bring it about and no one ever died becaused of it .the stabber should be tried and put away for a long time.
  • professor71 2009/04/09 20:25:55
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    That's simply the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.
  • The Original BonBon 2009/04/09 20:24:13
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    The Original BonBon
    sounds like they served time in prison before..lol
  • Beccy 2009/04/09 20:21:57
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    I wish there had been a it depends answer. Sometimes you have no control over the situation but if he was doing it on purpose I can understand they getting angry but threwing a knife at him isn't the answer.
  • CLSFD KIDD 2009/04/09 20:14:04
    Yes. That's what he gets for farting.
    I'm sorry, I couldn't help but laugh. You had "Man gets killed for farting.", right above, "Angels Pitcher Nick Adenhart Dies: R.I.P.?"

    It makes it look like the RIP was the fart rip, and the fart killed the Angel's pitcher! hahahahahahahahahah

    haha Ugh... I had a lot of sugar today...
  • Pearl 2009/04/09 20:08:40 (edited)
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    I am sure there is more to it then what they are saying.. I am almost sure that person was either on drugs,booze or mental who did the stabbing I hope they lock him upf for life and throw away the key I would not want someone around me,family or friends who could do that...
  • BaLou 2009/04/09 20:06:45
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Must have had a bad stink!
  • Holliegirl11 2009/04/09 20:03:42
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    People are insane....hell if I stabbed people for letting out smelly ones I wouldn't have a family member left.
  • Paint it Black 2009/04/09 19:25:12
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Paint it Black
    This is ridiculous. What next? Police say that a group of guys were at an icecream shop when hell broke loose. Kevin Adams Lee shot a 28 year old women 4 eating her icecream in a cone instead of a cup. Seriously if a guy can get nearly killed just cause he farted then y can't a women be shot 4 eating her icecream in a cone instead of a cup. Lets pray 2 god that this doesn't happen 2 anyone.
  • bree 2009/04/09 18:50:04
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    wtf? That's messed up! Were the men like drunk or something?! lol.
  • greblaas 2009/04/09 18:33:36
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    Say what?
  • JinFizz 2009/04/09 18:24:11 (edited)
    No. Flatulence is natural.
    I could see getting a little angry if the guy kept passing gas but stabbing him is a bit over the top. The guy should have gone outside and passed his gas....must have been pretty rank!

    I googled and found this:


    angry guy passing gas stabbing guy passed gas pretty rank
  • Nonickn... JinFizz 2009/04/09 20:49:50
    It would be nice for someone to go outside to pass gas just as they do when smoking but I can't tell you how many people pass gas in their sleep and I can't hold it against the little old lady who farts when I help turn her in the bed because she can't turn herself. There is more gas than just oxygen in the hospitals and nursing homes let me tell you. Of course, gas is a lot better than some of the fluids we have to deal with. LOL

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