Male Brain: Why do men keep their cars spotless but live like pigs at home?

La Saria 2009/07/21 17:47:30
Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
Men love their cars that much?
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Some men seem to take more care of their cars than themselves. I live really close to those "DIY" car wash places and you will be amazed how some men wake up at 4AM to wash their cars. I did a little research and this is what I found... A study conducted by BMW said that male drivers actually view their cars as extensions of themselves. Men see their cars as a machinery part that represents who they are. Also, men see their cars a priority than their homes.
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  • gww INDY 2009/07/21 18:03:33
    Men love their cars that much?
    gww INDY
    You should never assume nor generalize! I like my living area as clean as my car!

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  • misstaylordee 2009/08/09 20:15:25
    Men love their cars that much?
    Why do you think they know so much about cars? :D And not all men live like pigs (:
  • Texas Lia 2009/07/23 21:07:15
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    Texas Lia
    I think it;s because they know it is something that is theirs and they can take care of it, make it look good, cool and after all their hard work they like what they see and they like to show it off. Also no one can mess it up unless they let them.
  • rouserbugs 2009/07/22 19:13:30
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    You see what he loves, and what you don't see is none of your business.
  • WhoaIt'sSarah. 2009/07/22 18:41:44
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    girls are more likly to be intrested in them if they have nice cars. really there would be only one reson to clean, if they have geusts.
    (i would know. i have 5 big brothers)
  • Nipntuck 2009/07/22 16:32:10
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    They know their wives wouldn't that for them and they like to show if off to their buddy's
  • Nipntuck Nipntuck 2009/10/20 23:48:54
    I take that back, my husband wants all the Biaches to see his BMW
  • Bigoot 2009/07/22 14:52:56
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    They take care of everything else they own. Like Indy, my home is as clean and well kept as my cars
  • Bill 2009/07/22 14:12:57
    Men love their cars that much?
    Men have their jobs...and the women have theirs.
    The car is seen by many people...the house..not so much..Men spend more time in their cars than in the house..Men use their cars to pick up women..the house..not so much.. The car can take you away from it all.. the house..not so much..
  • oldcavpilot 2009/07/22 14:10:47
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    Way too generalized. I know some of my kid's former (temporary) college roommates that didn't have a clue on how to do the most mundane things, like laundry. Before college they threw their clothes on the floor and when they came home, their clothes were clean, folded, and put away.

    When they got their own place, they couldn't figure out why it wasn't happening anymore. 'Cooking' meant a PB&J; or bowl of cereal. You actually have to ask a garbageman to come to your house to remove the bagged trash and then you have to pay him; who knew?

    'Doing dishes' was chucking the paper plates with arguments over who was actually responsible for the pizza box. 'Cleaning house' was throwing everybody out after a party; vacuuming, dusting, washing floors, putting things where they belonged, and (God Forbid) cleaning (dare I say it?) the Bathroom, were alien concepts.

    My kids called home 'Boot Camp'. They learned to do it all. At 10 or so, they learned laundry. Cooking under supervision at 12. Work and a bank account w/balanced checkbook and budget at 14. Assistance in house cleaning when physically capable, and everything always has it's place.

    At 18 they could walk out the door and survive anywhere; that was the point. Not all men are pigs.
  • Kirra Blackhart... Now even... 2009/07/22 09:28:45
    Men love their cars that much?
    Kirra Blackhart... Now even more cynical, bitter & twisted BN12
    What about women who love their cars?
  • Evan A.K.A Shane Sawyer 2009/07/22 03:35:03 (edited)
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    Evan A.K.A Shane Sawyer
    Hot Cars and Hot Women. They both make me howl like a wolf. Here's a picture of the Male Brain.

  • Royal Warrior 2009/07/22 03:12:52
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    Royal Warrior
    As said in the study, they see the car as an extension of themselves. Their homes are just a place to sleep, and usually someone elses' business to clean. Not any skin off their nose, should it look like a pig sty.
    Women tho, see a car as a tool, and often view their home as an extension of themselves. I know of women with full time jobs, children in many extra-curricular activites, who will get up at 4am or stay up til then, to have a clean house. When no-one is expected to visit, for heavens' sake!
  • cat 2009/07/22 02:22:24
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    Some of the men I know that are like that are spoiled and pampered by their mamas. They are not made to clean up after themselves. The males I know that keep house better than many females are made to clean up after themselves from early on and are usually good cooks as well.
  • Leahhz 2009/07/22 00:45:53
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    The car is like a chat up line...
    If it is in bad condition, they won't pick up any girls...
    If it is in great condition, they have a higher chance of pulling...

    Which us ladies know is rubbish, right??

    And also, people will see his care everyday, but unless he invites them in, no one will see his house so why clean it??
  • jerrichard11 2009/07/22 00:39:42
    Men love their cars that much?
    but i work for a property management company and i have seen a lot of young ladies that are primped to the max everytime you see them but their rooms are pigpins too
  • ............. 2009/07/21 22:55:11
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    because they want to impress
  • Tucker 2009/07/21 22:05:32
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    I would say for the same reason women will make sure all the right things are tanned and seen! Others like to look but there is more joy for the one showing off.

    PS my car and truck are super clean and so is my house.
  • pkeyrich 2009/07/21 21:57:00
    Men love their cars that much?
    Heh! It's easy to blame a dirty home on the spouse, but that doesn't work for a man's vehicle. Also, some guys use their car as a means of getting a woman's attention, and he never takes to to his home, so she gets the better impression. Lastly, most men like their genitalia clean, and some "little" guys have big vehicles to compensate... well, it's just a theory anyway...
  • Emma peel 2009/07/21 21:29:10
  • maggie 2009/07/21 20:54:31
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    I think this may be true, I know my husband keeps his car spotless and leaves his clothes hanging on a chair or floor. The why, I only have a theory. No one else will see their slobby bedroom but co-workers etc will be invited to go for a drive. Also if the man is in a relationship he may expect the lady to pick up after him just like Mom.
    Don't pick his stuff up and maybe he will get the hint, sometimes.
  • ALofRI 2009/07/21 20:52:39
    Men love their cars that much?
    Funny, my wife asked me that last week, after she finished washing my car. Damn, I love that woman!
  • deadhead509 2009/07/21 20:44:18 (edited)
  • Dee 2009/07/21 20:37:11
    Men love their cars that much?
    But there are a lot of men that keep there house clean.
  • Gary 2009/07/21 20:24:52
    Men love their cars that much?
    House belongs to the Women, Car Belongs to the Man. Its a DNA thing.
  • Joe 2009/07/21 20:17:56
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    More people see us in our cars.
  • Hope & Love 2009/07/21 19:48:52
    Men love their cars that much?
    Hope & Love
    my husband helps keep our house and TRUCK clean as a whistle.
  • jitko Hope & ... 2009/07/21 21:30:12
    Thumbs up to you and your husband!
  • Hope & ... jitko 2009/07/22 16:16:45
    Hope & Love
  • johnnywoo 2009/07/21 19:40:50
    Men love their cars that much?
    I live in a studio apt,and easy to keep clean.I love my min-van also,it gets a car wash every 2 weeks..P.S.If God doesn,t wash it first..
  • largo1 2009/07/21 19:20:53
    Men take more care of their cars than anything else because...
    The car is the tool used to get the woman to the house. Once she's there she has something to do!!! LMAO
  • jitko largo1 2009/07/21 21:28:05
    "tool" is a good word choice. And :-P~ to your itinerary for woman. :-)
  • largo1 jitko 2009/07/21 22:12:46
    It is a good question, but men use cars to attract women. If not for women there would be no Mercedes Benz
  • jitko largo1 2009/07/21 22:37:23
    That's true! It was Mercedes' founder's wife who insured mass production by making a solo long road trip without her hesitant husband's knowledge and even though getting fuel was at best, a challenge.
  • largo1 jitko 2009/07/21 22:39:47
  • jitko largo1 2009/07/21 22:40:33
    You don't think men would play with these big toys if women weren't watching them do it? I think there are men who get excited about fine machinery without consideration of whether women will be excited about that source of excitement.
  • largo1 jitko 2009/07/21 22:46:09
    You could get fine machinery for a lot cheaper than that. We do so much to impress women it not even funny.
  • jitko largo1 2009/07/22 04:59:47
    And what impresses most (maybe just "many") of us isn't cars. It's picking up your messes, mowing, mopping, changing a diaper, making insightful comments in Women's Lit (TAKING Women's Lit)... kindness and thoughtfulness (even when it's a blatant play for "affection," it is a helpful effort). The sexiest thing any man ever did for me was to pick up the sofa I was sitting on with one arm while pushing a vacuum with the other arm. I don't even remember the cars of any man I've dated. Since so few of you guys are impressive, I think much of your energies (and monies) are misplaced. But it must be working adequately. The world is very well peopled. So, I guess, carry on.
  • Keen Tojones 2009/07/21 19:15:49
    Men love their cars that much?
    Keen Tojones
    Probably guys who do this are more concerned with the way things look and are shallow.
  • reed67 Keen To... 2009/07/21 19:48:46
    Kind of like women are only concerned with the way guys look...
  • Keen To... reed67 2009/07/21 19:50:31
    Keen Tojones

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