Main Reason Why So Many Americans Suffer From Obesity?

StatueOfMentality 2010/01/17 08:59:50
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I think one of them would be fast food restaurants.
In my opinion, they should be banned until they have healthier things on the menu.
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  • DEVIN 2010/01/25 07:14:33
    I have another reason. [Explain]
    A lot of people are just lazy...
  • StatueO... DEVIN 2010/01/25 22:00:50 (edited)
    And I'm one of those people rotfl.
    It seriously sickens me though, how obese our country is.
    And how people let themselves get that way.
  • DEVIN StatueO... 2010/01/26 03:37:01
    Me too.
  • freakoutnow... cuz mom's here 2010/01/21 09:03:03
    I have another reason. [Explain]
    freakoutnow... cuz mom's here
    Portions sizes have doubled since 1960. Amount of homework assigned to children has tripled since 1980. Technolgy has made it alot easier for us to be lazy. (think tv remote) Additives in feed that increases livestocks appetites also increases our appetites when we eat the livestock. In the big city lack of places to buy food within walking distance of residental districts that aren't the conveinence store at a gas station because of the city zoning laws. The high cost of healthy food at grocery stores versus their unhealthy counterparts. The on the go socity in america makes eating and cooking at home difficult. We need to get back to fundamentals. Eat and cook at home at the table. Eat proper portions. Get active. And tell Obama that our kids don't need to go to school longer, but that they need to be taught more effectively. Alot of homework is busy work so that the teacher doesn't have to teach. Enough of lazy people who slack on thier work. Obesity starts at the work ethic.
  • Knot_RIch 2010/01/18 16:53:12
    I have another reason. [Explain]
    Isn't that a bit like blaming a stick because you fell over it? It's mainly because people eat too much and move too little. Simple, eat 1200 calories at a meal and spend the rest of the day planted in a recliner watching reality television, works every time to stick those extra unused calories around the waist.
    People stop and realize that when the fast food places are asking "Do you want to supersize that" they're not talking about the happy meal. Next time they ask, think of it this way, where are their eyes, are they looking at the menu, or are they looking at you?
  • biff 2010/01/17 18:11:23
    I have another reason. [Explain]
    1. Eat too much
    2. Exercise too little
    3. Many jobs are sedentary

    Basically a lot of people work desk jobs and then sit in front of their televisions eating enough food to fuel a word class athlete.
  • slowtramp 2010/01/17 16:17:32
    I have another reason. [Explain]
    too many people sit on their butts and don't get out of the house and do anything for any kind of exercise
  • mojo 2010/01/17 15:19:08
    I have another reason. [Explain]
    So much choice they should be banned near High schools.
  • XENON23 2010/01/17 12:11:45
    I have another reason. [Explain]
    Americans live in there Kitchens and do not walk as much as they should.

    Also too much food on the plate.
  • Cat 2010/01/17 11:40:58
    I have another reason. [Explain]
    Fast Food Joints definetly assist the problem Americans face with obesity, but the bottom line is, WE MAKE BAD CHOICES! I have learned that I can pass McDonalds without even a second thought as long as I had a plan for my day. I have discovered that I'm a damn good cook, and I enjoy it and I'm in control of what goes into my body, and that's the choice I've made.
  • Kathy 2010/01/17 09:23:45
    I have another reason. [Explain]
    Unless it's medical it's for NOT taking responsibility for their actions.
    I'm just tired how we are so quick to blame others. One isn't forced to eat at fast food restaurants.
  • stargazer 2010/01/17 09:05:27
    I agree, fast food restaurants play a major role.

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