Madonna Had Hairy Armpits in High School: Great or Gross?

Living 2011/11/11 15:15:34
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Remember when Madonna was a young punk? Well, back in high school, her personal hygiene wasn't exactly ... traditional. And she wasn't very popular with the boys. "The boys in my school would make fun of me," she says in the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar, adding that they called her a "hairy monster."

“And then, going to high school, I saw how popular girls had to behave to get the boys. I knew I couldn’t fit into that. So I decided to do the opposite. I refused to wear makeup, to have a hairstyle. I refused to shave. I had hairy armpits." Later on, Madonna adds, "Straight men did not find me attractive. I think they were scared of me because I was different."

Today, if you really want to annoy Madonna, mention her age (she's 53). "I find whenever someone writes anything about me, my age is right after my name. It’s almost like they’re saying, 'Here she is, but remember she’s this age, so she’s not that relevant anymore.' When you put someone’s age down, you’re limiting them."

And believe it or not, if Madonna hadn't been a pop superstar, she might have been a ... copy editor. Of teenage daughter Lourdes's blogs, she says: "I proofread her blogs and edit them. I give her a hard time when I think she’s being a lazy writer."

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  • Kerstin LaCross 2011/11/11 15:54:20
    Kerstin LaCross
    There is nothing 'unhygienic' about unshaven skin. Just because my husband is hairy does not make him 'disgusting', and most women who prefer not to shave by personal choice (unlike many women who shave to please 'society') keep themselves very clean.

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  • Liz.Marie07 2011/11/13 06:02:29
    I hate hair. It belongs on a head and that is it for me. I even shave my arms. Hair grosses me out.
  • Resp 2011/11/13 05:46:05
    Those were hairy armpits? I thought she was a ballerina lifting her leg!
  • Max7 2011/11/13 05:33:41
    A hairy dude in moderation is fine A hairy dude Female hairy arm pits Madonna Female hairy arm pits Madonna Female hairy arm pits Madonna  Beyonce and Julia Roberts not sexy!
  • mae 2011/11/13 05:05:02
    Great, we have to live our lives for us, not for the "popular girls"--He He--look who's popular now.
  • Maximus 2011/11/13 04:59:40
    I don't know what to say, Because it doesn't bother me so I don't care.
  • Liberty Blade 2011/11/13 02:58:48
  • Theatre... Liberty... 2011/11/13 05:15:09
    That's so terrible.. I can't.. stop watching it.. D:
  • A Carpe... Liberty... 2011/11/13 20:40:54
    A Carpenter
    that just made me put down the one i was about to light up!!!!
  • AudraIsDiff95 2011/11/13 02:47:28
    i personally wouldn't go for that EVER, but if that was her own personal choice and she wasn't afraid to do what she felt would be best for her, then that's splendid :]
  • Recruit 2011/11/13 02:21:06
    Ladies with hairy armpits allow men to still enjoy sex when woman are on their monthlies...
  • O'l Jar... Recruit 2011/11/13 06:50:31
    O'l Jarhead
    You got that right! I didn't let a little blood stop me from gettin' down. I had a lady friend that had hairy pits. I didn't even notice nor care. It wasn't a turn off for me.
  • Damaris 2011/11/13 01:35:36
  • KendraTaylor 2011/11/13 01:13:47
    I've said what I had to say through my vote, however, all I want to know is is why the publisher of the article/the qoute that Madonna gave says "Straight men didn't find me attractive" rather than just saying "men didn't find me attractive". Because, as it stands, I imagine that -when reading that quote- gay men flocked to her and her hairyness.
  • The Patriot RP 2012 2011/11/13 00:55:09
    The Patriot RP 2012
    I guess she is full tilt European now. Reminds me of my time in Toulon France and all the hairy women who had B.O. mixed with French Perfume.

    tilt european reminds toulon france hairy women mixed french perfume
  • Namman The Pat... 2012/12/29 13:11:41
  • Namman The Pat... 2013/01/19 10:19:15
  • wcpjams 2011/11/13 00:52:02
    Well I don't really see it as Gross or Great. I've stated on here before that women with hair on their bodies does not bother me at all. Actually when I see a woman with a little hair on her arms or legs, (I SAID A LITTLE) I see it as kind of a turn on. But at the same time, I don't want to see women with hair anywhere on her face or around her breasts. As for her armpits, well as long as it's not too much I don't have a problem with it.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2011/11/12 23:38:19
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    There's not a red-blooded man on the planet who finds that attractive. Anyone who says that they find hairy pits attractive is a lying jellyfish.
  • misha 2011/11/12 23:26:43
    Who cares? It's not gross, it's not cool, it's nothing.
  • Apache 2011/11/12 23:22:45
  • Beat Ma... Apache 2011/11/12 23:40:43
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    I live in Europe. I haven't met a single woman under 60 with hairy armpits. Actually, most European women dress better and take better care of themselves then American women. You'll never see a European woman muffin topping or featured in "peopleofwalmart.com"
  • KendraT... Beat Ma... 2011/11/13 01:17:23
    Uh lies. I live in France right now and American, and there are plenty of women who are a) hairy, b) choose not to shave -their decision- but wear clothing like tank tops or shorts/skirts c) women who are overweight or have cellulite/places that need toning but refuse to cover it up. Americans tend to shower more often than Europeans btw.
  • Strickster KendraT... 2011/11/13 13:38:20
    No offense, but France is not representative of Europe. Even among europeans, France has been known for "less-than-ideal" personal hygiene. I have been to Spain, England and live in Portugal, and have yet to find a woman with a hairy armpit. As for showing cellulite, there's a lot of that, anywhere you go, some people just don't understand it's not pretty -.- (europeans or americans)
  • KendraT... Strickster 2011/11/13 17:09:43
    Actually you're very right and I recant my statement. France isn't a representative of Europe and I shouldn't have made generalizations. Sometimes I get so worked up when people assume that if you're american, you love wal-mart, eat mcdonalds everyday, and dont know geography/world news. Thank you for setting me straight, I need it occasionally.
  • jere.chievres 2011/11/12 23:20:06
    And her bush was nasty too.
  • I Wish I Were A Skywalker..... 2011/11/12 23:03:14
    I Wish I Were A Skywalker... ~ In Television I Trust
    I shave my armpits because otherwise sweat sticks to them and then stink for the whole day. I find that disgusting, so yes, I would have shaved my armpits.
  • XCloudPandaX 2011/11/12 22:19:39
    sure, its nasty, but she most likely didnt walk around with her arms up in the air, now did she?
  • Just Jenn for Now 2011/11/12 20:47:25
    Just Jenn for Now
    I choose neither.

    My vote goes to the nonexistent "Who cares??" option.

    Hairy pits might not be attractive, I can agree with that, but there's nothing GROSS about being natural.
  • Beat Ma... Just Je... 2011/11/12 23:43:06
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Really? By your logic, I can drop trow and take a dump on the sidewalk in broad daylight instead of looking for a toilet. After all, it's natural.
  • lil crazy Beat Ma... 2011/11/13 02:12:18
    lil crazy
    so do you shave your arm pits?
  • Just Je... Beat Ma... 2011/11/13 04:55:19 (edited)
    Just Jenn for Now
    By all means go ahead, you'll be the one paying the fine since it's not acceptable by law in this era.

    Dogs do it, cats do it, and before we even HAD sidewalks and toilets, humans did it too.

    Still gross?
  • JoeLove~PWCM~JLA 2011/11/12 20:23:07
    Who cares? So long as she doesn't grow beard too. Besides, shaved armpits are a product of Hollywood and look at all empty heads are there.
  • sm237 2011/11/12 19:15:22
    who cares....
  • Keen Tojones 2011/11/12 18:46:37
    Keen Tojones
    I used to have a problem finding straight men myself. Then I let my armpit hair grow out and it pretty well took care of all the man problems.
  • jennie 2011/11/12 18:40:47
    She got where she is by not caring what anyone thinks.
    Not for me though.
  • Anna E 2011/11/12 17:48:03
    Anna E
    She was what she wanted to be. I think that's great. Besides, why is it not gross that men have hairy pits?
  • jimbo999 2011/11/12 17:09:45
    They may do that in Europe, but we don't live there, do we.
  • Beat Ma... jimbo999 2011/11/12 23:44:16
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    They haven't done that in Europe for a very long time. In fact, European women tend to be far more meticulous about their grooming and appearance than American women.
  • stevegtexas@aol.com 2011/11/12 17:09:11 (edited)
  • lionheart 2011/11/12 16:49:35
    Hairy armpits are no big deal since I rarely see them. What's really unattractive on a woman is facial hair.

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