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Living 2011/09/22 20:36:46
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How do you get people to pay attention to a product that isn't very exciting? With some low-brow potty humor, of course!

That's what Sheets Energy Strips is doing at least.

The company has been promoting ads for their dissolving caffeine strips called "Sheets" for quite some time now. And they do it by incorporating the phrase "I take a sheet..." (as in the energy strips) with an unlikely place to take a... well, sheet (as in the thing you do in the bathroom.)

Celebrities like Pitbull and Lebron James (James is actually a co-founder of the company) are among those who have participated in the eyebrow-raising "Sheets" ad campaign.

But AdWeek isn't so impressed. In fact, they're calling it the worst campaign ad of the year.

"This is a product you put in your mouth, yet it's being marketed with headlines that reference defecation," the AdWeek article reads. "It's one thing to do a silly coupon -- it's another to build a brand around this kind of thing."

As for us, we're not so sure. It definitely brings attention to the product and it's a hell of a strategy as far as branding, albeit a little crude.

What do you think of the bathroom-humor advertisements? Is it a great idea or an awful attempt for attention?

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  • Cortnico 2012/11/18 03:50:37
    Somewhere in between
    As bad as it is, I'm sure somewhere there's one that's worse.
  • Beccy 2012/03/25 20:29:15
    Some people will do anything for a vote
  • Jay98 2012/01/03 17:54:36
    Somewhere in between
    its bad but its not the worst. my pet hate is the tissue company plenty's recent ad campain. although they've changed it now the slogan was 'one sheet of plenty does the work of three' in a mexican accent.
  • Liberals Are Brain Dead 2011/11/25 19:05:29
    Liberals Are Brain Dead
    I don't see any potty humor in this ad... The product is called "sheets" and he takes them on stage. I took an aspirin in front of the kitchen sink this morning... was that potty humor?
  • Timeworn 2011/10/23 21:22:06
    That's awesome, man.
  • waynelaboy 2011/10/14 14:48:02
    Somewhere in between
    dumb and subliminal
  • Ciarra Boucher 2011/10/11 23:44:40
    Ciarra Boucher
  • KATLYN 2011/10/10 00:45:14
    Somewhere in between
    hey i kinda like it
  • Lyndzz 2011/10/06 16:50:54
    Somewhere in between
    It's not the worst but it's not the best either. I mean its certainly getting attention.
  • Skidplate 2011/10/04 14:08:16 (edited)
  • MirandaPhillips 2011/10/04 08:17:50
    Somewhere in between
    It's kinda funny, but not very appealing...
  • bond Miranda... 2011/10/11 19:23:28
  • BrandonMartinez 2011/10/04 00:32:15
    he's the worst person
  • Wolf-Lover223 2011/09/30 07:34:10
  • CodeBlonde 2011/09/29 21:59:09
    Somewhere in between
    it's funny, i'll definitely recognize it from now on. add worked
  • THIRDEYE 2011/09/28 22:23:26
    Somewhere in between
    Classic double entendre'....take it as you mentally wish. No harm, no foul!
  • H-Dizzle 2011/09/28 20:15:22
    Hey, we're talking about it aren't we? Isn't that the point of an ad campaign? Mission accomplished.
  • qwebster 2011/09/28 18:37:17
    "I've taken a sheet at the library." Come on, that's pretty damn funny.
  • ErikaEwen 2011/09/28 18:35:34
    My mouth tastes like sheet!
  • Eireann... ErikaEwen 2012/02/19 22:02:01
    Eireann Sheridan
    ha ha lol
  • Andrew 2011/09/28 01:18:15
    No, it's awful.
  • Spookey R 2011/09/28 00:12:12
    Spookey R
    The best advertisment's are the one's that get you to remember them, pretty much regardless of how they do it. They aren't trying to offend anyone but, if you are offended, well, you'll probably remember this add & this product & that's the point.

    If you are offended, more than likely, the only person that gives a damn is you! But, I do have some advice for you; go to Wal-Mart and buy yourself a sense of humor. I hear they sell'em cheap!

    When you are there you should find out if these are any good and "take a sheet"...
  • drew 2011/09/27 14:01:59
    Somewhere in between
    Not sure what the point was of making this ad ... ?
    Oh I know, look attractive as you advertise.
  • Jami Griffin 2011/09/27 11:14:30
    Somewhere in between
    Jami Griffin
    what can I say? I like it
  • bond Jami Gr... 2011/10/11 19:23:45
  • Jack Azz 2011/09/27 10:26:56
    Jack Azz
    Here's the deal. This campaign is hysterical, and 100% effective. Even if you're not paying attention to the ad, as soon as they say "I take a sheet..", it instantly grabs you. It appeals the inner juvenile in all of us. It's potty humor, but at least it's tongue in cheek. Unlike other commercials that are downright disgusting - specifically the Luvs "Heavy Doody Championships" with "Poop there it is" as the theme song.
  • RobThatGuy 2011/09/27 05:45:40
    Somewhere in between
    Pretty weak...
  • Jonathan Chung 2011/09/26 23:10:03
    Jonathan Chung
    i feel sorry for swimmers in that pool, then going 2 the library to touch the sheeted book.... (sigh)
  • Kaola 2011/09/26 17:52:32
    God why on stage at least in the bathroom.
  • t.eliot, topbard 2011/09/26 17:15:33
    Somewhere in between
    t.eliot, topbard
    I think ads of this ilk lower the already abysmal state of discourse in this country. As we degrade ourselves with this tripe, our society becomes ever weaker, but I'm not ready to call it the worst ever. There is far too much competition for that title.
  • paully paul 2011/09/26 14:02:25
    Somewhere in between
    paully paul
    while i do think this is hilarious...it's not the worst ad ever...
  • Sittichai 2011/09/26 13:45:12
    Somewhere in between
    Silly - but those are the ads the usually get their point across pretty effectively!
  • ruru 2011/09/26 05:49:12
    Somewhere in between
    I don't have to turn away when I see the sheets ad like I do when I see Arby's ad for a chicken sandwich.
  • Mrs. Blake Griffin 2011/09/26 01:47:15
    Mrs. Blake Griffin
    OMGee!! I love those ads!!
  • Kirby 2011/09/26 01:32:06
    Sorry I have a twisted sense of humor lol!!! I don't think its potty humor its more like a LSD reference LOL!
  • Gianni ... Kirby 2011/09/26 13:05:06
    Gianni Crivello
    Yeah, you know, 100 hits in the middle of the library. That always ends well XD
  • Autumn 2011/09/26 00:05:53
    Somewhere in between
    I think it is amusing. But if I was a company then I wouldn't associate myself with potty humor.
  • gothbride666 2011/09/25 23:56:39
    Somewhere in between
    i would lik 2 try it,but da advertisin' isn't da best way 2 approach ppl
  • bond gothbri... 2011/10/11 19:24:16
  • Dub 2011/09/25 23:47:26
    But funny
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