LIVING: Are You Ready To Quit Facebook?

Living 2010/05/19 23:55:09
To protest Facebook’s latest changes to its privacy policy, a group of dissatisfied users have teamed up to organize a Quit Facebook Day.

Facebook’s newest privacy policy, which offers 50 settings and over 170 options, seems to be a purposeful distraction from what many see as Facebook’s mishandling of its users’ private information.

According to the organization’s website, quitfacebookday.com, “Facebook gives you choices about how to manage your data, but they aren't fair choices, and while the onus is on the individual to manage these choices, Facebook makes it damn difficult for the average user to understand or manage this. We also don't think Facebook has much respect for you or your data, especially in the context of the future.”

The website asks users to “commit to quit” Facebook on May 31 by signing their name or Twitter handle to the list of pledges. At this time, over 6000 Facebook users have committed to quitting. For those less extreme protestors, the group offers the alternative of quitting on June 6th, just for the day. They ask that you “commit to not logging in or interacting with Facebook in any way. Be sure to log out of Facebook in all of your browsers no later than the evening of June 5th. On the 6th, be sure to not use Facebook connect or click any “Like” button: basically refrain form ALL Facebook related activity.

Ironically, the group also has a page set up on Facebook.

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  • perry735 2010/05/26 09:35:01
    i deleted my face book acount
  • michelle 2010/05/24 14:43:21
    everyone that is getting rid of there facebook is really immature because some people only post what they want people to see and have security settings which would prevent people from getting hunted down. There is a chance of a car hitting you or getting sick but that doesnt keep you from going outside
  • JamesDeen 2010/05/22 14:57:21
  • jimiwhitten 2010/05/21 20:04:02
    If you post ANYTHING, ANYWHERE it is public domain - out there for anyone to see and if you treat it otherwise you are a fool.
  • JamesDeen jimiwhi... 2010/05/22 15:00:08
  • AllWeKnowIsAllWeAre 2010/05/21 17:29:47 (edited)
    I still love my FaceBook, I would NEVER get rid of it!!!!!! :)
    It's one of the only ways I get in touch with my cousins in NY and CA. Them and my aunt, uncle and friends
  • Maria 2010/05/21 17:05:27
    Wow that far out...Facebook does that..geeze
  • Daryl 2010/05/21 16:45:39
  • Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET 2010/05/21 04:08:41
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    This is UBER retarded. How about you just like you know uh duh quit Facebook period. Whats the point of a giant orgy group to quit? Oh wait, to look like a bunch of internet geektards.
  • ♥♥Sweet Angel♥♥ 2010/05/21 04:05:00
    ♥♥Sweet Angel♥♥
    No way!
    But I'm not that addicted to facebook but most of my friends, my online friends, my pen friends and some of them are there! Some are in real-life!
    If I quit facebook, how will I be able to contact them!? or keep in touch with them?! >.<
  • MelyClaire 2010/05/21 03:32:32
    lol, three people shared this on facebook.
  • lizabix 2010/05/21 03:16:30
    As long as no one can get my contact info or see my pictures without me wanting them too, i'm ok...
    I never say anything i wouldn't want someone to see on the internet: you should save it for texting.
  • steph ♥ 2010/05/21 00:47:47 (edited)
    steph ♥
    I may quit facebook. I'm sort of sick of it anyway. I like being able to keep track of some of my friends though.

    I had a situation recently, where a company my boyfriend interviewed with, looked up both of our pages! They were able to see private info. such as a work out group I'd recently joined. I felt violated. The problem is my page was set to private "friends of friends only", but It was somehow changed to public!

    Myspace may be lame, but I liked it much better than facebook until spammers took over the site!
  • Caity steph ♥ 2010/05/21 04:47:30
    There are so many loopholes now, it seems like anyone can get onto your profile if they try hard enough. I had to reset mine to private too.
  • G 2010/05/20 23:04:18
    Why do people think "quit for a day" protests do anything?
  • Red high priestess in Nyx I... 2010/05/20 22:43:30
    Red high priestess in Nyx I trust
    I have already somewhat quit Facebook but my mother will never quit facebook! Never!
  • CarrieUAAG 2010/05/20 22:20:37
    I'm always getting these messages with viruses. I accidently opened one, and my computer crashed, and now I can barely go on websites without the computer blocking it. Facebook is really getting old. It's boring. Not to mention, now I have this random person messaging me with the name: Rocky Balboa . Yeah, just wait all you facebook lovers.
  • MSG 2010/05/20 22:14:39
    This is just plain silly. Does anyone actually believe data you put on the internet is secure? It isn't.
  • The Berserker 2010/05/20 21:47:42
    The Berserker
    I hate how people feell like they should write a success story on why and how they quit facebook. It's not that big a deal. Nobody cares.
  • Greta 2010/05/20 21:23:13
    i am sort of ready to quit facebook, but not because of the privacy stuff
  • on and on1 2010/05/20 21:21:21 (edited)
    on and on1
    WTF!! Oh you just have to love it. My original response to this post was removed despite a lack of profanity or anything inappropriate. What a joke this site can be sometimes. Could it be that some of the owners/creators are a little sensitive. How laughable. Lets see if it gets removed again. post removed profanity inappropriate joke site ownerscreators sensitive laughable removed
  • Russ on and on1 2010/05/21 13:10:45
  • Rarely Up 4 Air 2010/05/20 20:49:49
    Rarely Up 4 Air
    Why is it such a big deal? Delete what you don't want others to see. I like FB. I play a lot of apps on it.
  • Charlie 2010/05/20 20:42:36
    I have Facebook but it's so boring.I'm on myspace and Sodahead because I like the interactions with others.
  • Minka Charlie 2010/05/21 17:03:16
    I'm on facebook but I hate it its about as creative as a pair of tighty whities -I prefer Myspace and Sodahead as well...
  • Vive le Canada Libre!!! 2010/05/20 20:34:48
  • prometheus 2010/05/20 20:25:02
    That video totally ripped off of MySpace's original version. :/
    Anyways, Just don't log in. That simple.
  • Miss Andrist 2010/05/20 20:07:08
    Miss Andrist
    Ironically, the group also has a page set up on Facebook. <<

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHASeriously. That's just funny.
    ' ironically group facebook hahahahahahahahahahaseriously funny
  • LouOlson 2010/05/20 20:03:11
    hell no and i don't want to!
  • wombat 2010/05/20 19:52:58
    Its a good reminder.
  • Andi 2010/05/20 19:24:53
    No but I'm ready to quit SH
  • Foxiie 2010/05/20 19:10:03
    No way
  • captkirk999 2010/05/20 18:25:41
    It is not that easy. Many of my friends are on facebook. We need a new social network website like google buzz or something. And I am not going to twitter. I hate that site.
  • Johnny captkir... 2010/05/20 19:24:39
    try the hi5
  • jerrbear 2010/05/20 18:20:37
    Facebook is the only way I seem to be able to stay in contact with my family anymore,
  • Capuchin Monkey 2010/05/20 18:14:38
    Capuchin Monkey
    Facebook is also a dwelling place for all types of malware. I seriously considered getting rid of my account a couple weeks back when I got a cpu virus and had to shell out $200.
  • don 2010/05/20 17:36:18
    Why be worried or ashamed of your thoughts and feelings? Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • wpsark 2010/05/20 17:26:33
    Not quitting facebook, I only use it to stay in touch with the people I don't see often. I hardly ever log on to it but I sure as hell don't put up private info I don't want the world to know about..Who does that anyway? idiots.
  • dreamer... wpsark 2010/05/20 17:51:05
  • dreamerloe223 2010/05/20 17:10:10

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