Little Pink Houses ? Yeup ~ Sign Me Up ;0 )

Firefly 2012/03/19 05:49:48
About an hour ago,
I tried to go to sleep...

Clearly, I failed, and am
Once again, biding my time,
until my eyes get too weary to see...

Seems my mind is in a State of Unrest ~

Not unlike the State of Unrest of This Great Nation,
Which I Proudly call 'Home', and have been Blessed
To Live, and Work, and Play, and Explore and Dream...

My minds' State of Unrest, became a little more at ease, when,
On a last minute whim, I searched out a song, in hopes of doing just that ~

Chillin'my brain, my heart, my soul, into a State of Rest, an' I thought I would share...
( click on the arrow in the picture to the left of my question above, to see and hear )

Perhaps it might do the same for you,
And others like 'YOU, and ME', by offering
Visions of 'Little Pink Houses' and reminding us
Of a State of Being we once had, as a People, as a Nation,
Who dare to dream that we might, once again, come to see and be...

I'm not looking for raves, nor comments, but, IF you wish to share,
Please feel free ~ Your POLITE replies of inspiration would be much appreciated...

After all, that is the whole point of this post, Restoring the Rest, know what I mean ?

Thanks a B.U.N.C.H ~ Peace to Ya, an'Party On ;0 )

oh... P.S. John Cougar R.O.C.K.S !!!

LOL, an'jus'sayin' ~

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  • POWERSHAKER 2012/04/03 03:48:06
  • Firefly POWERSH... 2012/04/03 03:53:37

    Yeup, He D.O.E.S ~ Thanks a bunch, an'Peace to Ya ;0 )
  • POWERSH... Firefly 2012/04/03 05:51:51
  • Firefly POWERSH... 2012/04/04 03:43:16

    Yeup ! Indeed ;0 )
  • HippiesKnowAll 2012/03/19 16:30:14
    I <3 Mellencamp!! This is my favorite :)
  • Firefly Hippies... 2012/03/19 16:53:03
    oh, MAN !!!

    My whole 'self' smiled

    the very second the first note played ;0 )

    He definately knows how to make a body groove, doesn't he ?!?

    And, apparently, so do you ! Thanks a B.U.N.C.H for sharing Girl ;0 )

  • Hippies... Firefly 2012/03/19 18:44:09
    Yes he does :) You're welcome :)
  • cutter's falls 2012/03/19 14:21:38
  • Firefly cutter'... 2012/03/19 15:09:24
    Your beautiful video, and music lifted my spirits, indeed ;0 )

    Thanks sooo much for sharing ~ Is it one you made yourself ?

    I think my eyes have absorbed far too many negative things of late,

    And my soul has suffered for it... I can only pray we are better off than

    we seem to be, OR, that we recover quickly from what possibly lies ahead ~

  • Guido 2012/03/19 14:19:18
    Mellencamp does rock. Keep your head up, nothing has changed that much except for attitudes. Right now you’re just between a laugh and a tear. That John also.
  • Firefly Guido 2012/03/19 14:35:55
    Thank you for your great and encouraging words, Guido ;0 )

    Perhaps the overwheming amount of posts I see on Sodahead, have done just that...

    Overwhelmed me ~ It is a blessing, indeed, having friends such as you, to enlighten me ~

    A favor perhaps ? Might you find a video, of the 'John' song you referred to, and share ?

    It's not coming to me, at the moment, and I would Oh - So - love to hear it ;0 )

    enlighten favor video john song referred share love hear 0
  • Guido Firefly 2012/03/19 14:44:23
  • Firefly Guido 2012/03/19 15:24:25
    Thank you sooo much Guido,

    for taking the time to find and share ;0 )

    My heart, and soul smile, in great appreciation ~

    peaceful smile
  • sandra 2012/03/19 11:48:25 (edited)
    Beautiful poem and song. I understand what you mean and I`m not American, but follow it`s history up until nowadays. I truly hope it gets to the point where you want it to be. The people have the power. Maybe this song will help cheer you up a bit, good upbeat American music chases the blues away for me. xo take care

    This song is by The Lovin Spoonful. called Do you believe in magic?
  • Firefly sandra 2012/03/19 13:44:44 (edited)
    Oh, that was wonderful !

    Thank you so much

    for sharing your insights,

    kind words, and cheer as well ;0 )

    Peace be with you, Girl ~

  • sandra Firefly 2012/03/19 13:50:14 (edited)
    Love it how beautiful, those really were the days ,
    I miss that era when people preached about Love and Peace.
    Too bad the authorities would punish them for it.
    Thanks for sharing such a deeply beautiful song.
    Oh I wish the Hippie`s would make a come back and stay for good.
    And I personally don`t care if they were high all the time, at least they were good and not evil thinkers. hippie s
  • Firefly sandra 2012/03/19 14:03:38
    Very well said, Sweet Lady ;0 )

    You truly have a beautiful soul !

    I'm soo glad you enjoyed the song...

    It is one that makes my heart smile ~

    peace fingers
  • Duke----The Non Racist, Fun... 2012/03/19 07:41:00
    Duke----The Non Racist, Funny Duke !
    Same here, pulling an all nighter once again myself
  • Firefly Duke---... 2012/03/19 13:39:30
    Oh, Bless Your Heart...

    I can sooo relate ~

    I pray you were able

    to catch a few winks, at least ~

    Might this song help ?!?

    Thank you for sharing your friendship, friend ;0 )

    Peace be with you...

  • Duke---... Firefly 2012/03/19 13:50:52
    Duke----The Non Racist, Funny Duke !
    Thank you, but no. Still at it and need now to begin working on some new business ads for my customers. This happens a lot though, but am getting too old for those all nighters…haha

    Love & Peace to you my friend
  • Firefly Duke---... 2012/03/19 14:17:05
    You seem to be a very dedicated man, Kind Sir ~

    I was just perusing your profile, and found myself impressed ;0 )

    101st Airborne... My deepest respect, appreciation, and Thanks to you !

    If sleeping winks elude you, I pray you might

    at least you find great moments of Peace in your day ~

    Your kind words make my heart smile... Thank you for those as well ;0 )
  • Duke---... Firefly 2012/03/19 19:46:06
    Duke----The Non Racist, Funny Duke !
    And as I, have been intrigued and impressed with your profile too, I thank you Firefly for your comment.

    I do find peace and strive every day to bring love, laughter and peace to everyone each day through my personal life and with my business that is out there to help all around the world.

    Love & Peace
  • Firefly Duke---... 2012/03/19 22:33:56 (edited)

    Thank you sooo much for sharing

    your Blessings of Sunshine with us !

    Love and Peace to Y.O.U, and yours, as well ;0 )

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