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Christine Lusey 2011/07/27 14:00:00
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Who wouldn't want to live forever ... frozen solid ... in a tub of liquid nitrogen?

Robert Ettinger, the physics teacher and science fiction writer who pioneered cryonics, passed away at age 92.

Ettinger's 1962 treatise, “The Prospect of Immortality,” imagined a world where bodies were quickly frozen after death and kept in statis. Ettinger believed that future doctors and scientists would surely one day be able to cure whatever precipitated your demise.

The idea caught on, as a curiosity at first. Later, Ettinger would help other cryonics organizations, and even see competing cryonics companies.

Ettinger's son David told The Washington Post that his father's health had declined recently.

“We’re obviously sad,” David said. But “we were able to freeze him under optimum conditions, so he’s got another chance.”

Yes, Ettinger now resides at the Cryonics Institute in Clinton Township, Mich., with the frozen bodies of his mother and first and second wives. He told The Detroit News last year, “If both of my wives are revived, that will be a high class problem.”

The institute houses 106 humans and many pets.

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  • Wizard jreppoh 2011/07/30 05:53:47 (edited)
    Ahhh. You would like to take the Time Machine back to ancient civilizations perhaps.

    I'd choose Rome, and they'd take me in as a citizen...and I make lots of money as a merchant with my knowledge, and enjoy the fruits of Capitalism (or its equivalent) in Roman Times. Life is good in any era when you can enjoy live entertainment, good food, and good company, among comfortable surroundings.
  • jreppoh Wizard 2011/08/02 02:47:28
    Yes you are right LOL. You got me on this one. I just miss a simpler time!
  • Mimi_LuVZ_YUh 2011/07/28 06:53:27
    Idkk Is It Safe.?
  • ♠Jen♠ B... Mimi_Lu... 2011/07/28 15:01:55
    ♠Jen♠ BN - 0
    Why does it matter? You'll be dead!
  • Mimi_Lu... ♠Jen♠ B... 2011/07/29 03:18:22
    well for your information...yes unlike you i do...
  • Wizard ♠Jen♠ B... 2011/07/30 06:04:06 (edited)
    Dead is not the end of consciousness. It may be for a bit - as you discover you are free of a body (OBE). I just want to elaborate for a moment about New Age spirituality, which is non denominational.

    Your mind is multi-dimensional and a Quantum Computer - or it would burn itself to ashes, and according to emerging Quantum Theory, operating in all 11 dimensions as described by String Theory. When your body dies, you mind is cutoff from its 4 dimensions it was observing (width, depth, and height, plus time), but the other 8 dimensions that your mind wanders through continue on in your dream states, like the Indians had alluded to, or other religions barely discuss. When Earthly dimensions are cutoff, the higher dimensions are suddenly visible...or you 'wake-up' in them...and since they are beyond normal space/time (which includes death and uses of conventional energy)...you continue to exist in your higher self. Just thought I'd intro that to some of you, that science is getting very close to proving a heaven. It's kind of cool.

    If you are frozen, you'll have centuries of OBE's, but since time is not like in our 4th dimensional experience...not much passage of time will exist for you, when you re animate.
  • Wizard ♠Jen♠ B... 2011/08/02 01:39:59
    If your relatives suddenly hit the Lottery during your demise...they could have you flash frozen as a way of keeping you around! (Then all of a sudden you 'wake' up 150 years in the future surrounded by robots buzzing around...and a mad scientist staring down at you.

    I believe once we have the nano technology down pat, cell repair will be super easy. Just like was mentioned in Star Trek in one episode - you could be 'dead' over 24 hours, and they can still re animate you.

    Have a nice day!
  • ♠Jen♠ B... Wizard 2011/08/03 12:42:53
    ♠Jen♠ BN - 0
    Regardless, dying once will be more than enough for me.
  • Myrle Hulme 2011/07/28 06:34:59
    Myrle Hulme
    When I die that is the end of this cycle of life and will come back to another to try again, as the wheel turns
  • E Pluribus Unum 2011/07/28 06:29:56
    E Pluribus Unum
    Sure, I'm just too curious at a chance to see what the future is like. Closest thing we've got to time travel. Keeping stuff cold in space is cheap and reliable. Be nice if this could be done without hogging space and resources on earth.
  • ruru 2011/07/28 06:11:37
    What a waste of money. Money that could be spent on providing the basics for a living human being.
  • gunner 2011/07/28 06:06:17
    imagine this working and everyone waking up into an entirely different world full of crazies, slaves, and a dictator? :o crazy thoughts..
  • Shadow 2011/07/28 06:06:11
    Coming out and realising how much the world has changed and wondering how people will look at me is daunting. People probably have better genetics from better pharmaceuticals and better ways to do everything in life. Or the human race would have been wiped out and aliens are governing the labs for experiments.

    I'm not happy with waking up one day and sleeping for the next. I'm unhappy about a lot of things about myself. Why would I want to live longer?
  • Jaigo 2011/07/28 05:56:40
    The people frozen aren't alive and if they are thawed out they don't come back to life. I know they said a baby was done that way but the baby was frozen as a fertilized embryo.
  • Merry 2011/07/28 05:52:46
    It scares me for some reason...
    But I might like to see what the world is like in a couple thousand years.
  • Levy McGarden-Redfox 2011/07/28 05:21:43
    Levy McGarden-Redfox
    i shoulda picked undecided cause it would be cool to see what earth ;looks like in the future but when i die i wanna go to heaven with my grandma and other familia soo i'd wanna go head and be gone....
  • Nuke 2011/07/28 05:05:42
    No because I know I'd wind up in a world like Demolition man and I would probably break all the rules. lol
    wind world demolition break rules lol Demolition man frozen
  • billycat98 2011/07/28 04:56:41
    when im alive that way ill wake up 2004 years later
  • Chukroast 2011/07/28 04:48:05
    I'd hate to think that my spirit-self might still be alive, and my body frozen and hung in some meat locker. That's hard on my claustrophobia.
  • kobidobidog 2011/07/28 04:06:30
    Whats the point your soul is ether with God because you loved your neighbor as your self or captive with you know who if you didn't awaiting final judgment.
  • Everarianas 2011/07/28 03:33:30
    When I die, I die and I will go to heaven. I wouldn't want to come back to Earth.
  • rand 2011/07/28 03:01:57
    No one wants a randcicle. The technology is in its infancy, but not so new that it won't sell to the desperately afraid.
  • Casper4690 2011/07/28 02:56:20 (edited)
  • Aurora 2011/07/28 02:53:40
    I'd do it....I would be curious to see what the future holds...
  • Nuke Aurora 2011/07/28 05:07:20
    With the way we're headed it'll wind up like Demolition man and that is not a good thing...
    headed wind demolition demolition man
  • Hsmagst 2011/07/28 02:40:58
  • Robbb 2011/07/28 02:13:35 (edited)
    I would rather spend the money while I am alive then be conned into cryogenics at this stage of the game. from what I have read on it the damage done by the process pretty well seals your fate anyway. What is stopping someone from freezing themselves as healthy people and just defrosting themselves later on? Nothing other then the damage done by the freezing would kill them.
  • Billy Joe Bob 2011/07/28 02:12:44
    Billy Joe Bob
    Only God can give me ETERNAL LIFE ......I'm mortal ....does any body talk about the plug getting pulled on those people ....I would have more Faith in DNA dishes ?????
  • Student 2011/07/28 02:11:09
    I don't have the belief that any1 can do anything w/a dead body.
  • LilMissLOL 2011/07/28 02:09:36
    Not like anyone would miss me anyway...
  • rajonro... LilMissLOL 2011/07/28 02:34:53
    thats not true. im sure many people would miss you.
  • DANNY_B0i♛ 2011/07/28 02:03:11
    Put me in ashes and throw my ashes in the air of Italy.
  • rajonro... DANNY_B0i♛ 2011/07/28 03:03:52
    thats beautiful :)
  • DANNY_B0i♛ rajonro... 2011/07/28 15:12:08
    thank you
  • OhWowLovelyXx0 2011/07/28 01:13:32
    sounds cool!

    "hey i just got my Body Cryogenically Frozen!" :D
  • Juanb 2011/07/28 01:09:27
    people tell me im ahead of my time maybe this way time can catch up.and i dont really feel all that attached to anybody here anymore so saying good bye isn't that hard but it would be really lame if i was awoken during ww3 or when Globalwarming is in its final stages and any chance of a normal life is diminished.

  • citizen-cain 2011/07/28 00:58:33
    As Jim Morrison said, "When the music's over, turn out the lights." When your lights go out forever, that's the End. Nothing follows. People have a hard time accepting that fact, but that's the way it is. Enjoy life while you can. It's the ONLY one there is.
  • ruru citizen... 2011/07/28 06:15:06
    You can't be certain that what you stated is indeed fact.
  • citizen... ruru 2011/07/30 22:40:26
    Maybe you're right. But I wouldn't plan on any life beyond this one.
  • ruru citizen... 2011/07/31 13:57:42
    I can always plan ahead although things might not work out the way I planed.

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