Burning Bright Embers 2012/01/29 14:48:07
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  • Bocephus 2012/01/31 21:04:30
  • gkirmani 2012/01/29 19:02:48
    That is the problem......we are totally MISUSING and MISHANDLING this precious GIFT just because it is GIVEN without ASKING????????
  • Burning... gkirmani 2012/02/26 14:08:03
    Burning Bright Embers
    That is so true. We should remember to ask Him for guidance in all things so that this gift is not misused by us or others, :)
  • lm1b2 2012/01/29 17:23:48
    Thats one way to look at it,I doubt their are many people who live the kind of life your referring to.
  • hari 2012/01/29 17:07:10
    best self service for human values
  • Reality-Check 2012/01/29 16:37:17

    there's no such thing a god.. gods are man made mediums to control the weak minded..

    what's it like to be controlled?
  • Burning... Reality... 2012/01/29 18:04:25
    Burning Bright Embers
    You should know, you are being controlled by arrogance thinking that human kind is the highest form of intelligence in the universe. Did you create yourself?
  • Reality... Burning... 2012/01/29 18:12:51 (edited)
    oh the "reductionist approach" i like this...

    no my parents created me..

    would you like a blow by blow account of the process of conception through to birth?
  • Burning... Reality... 2012/01/29 22:10:34
    Burning Bright Embers
    And who created them, and all the way back to the very beginning?
  • Reality... Burning... 2012/01/29 22:29:50
    yeah.. lets do this.. ok lets go back to the beginning... when the BIG BANG took place.. ok your turn..
  • Burning... Reality... 2012/01/30 02:14:28
    Burning Bright Embers
    sound of God clapping His hands.
  • Reality... Burning... 2012/01/30 08:02:45
    you lost your discussion...
  • Burning... Reality... 2012/01/30 14:19:57
    Burning Bright Embers
    I didn't lose or win anything. I simply put forth my beliefs
  • Reality... Burning... 2012/01/30 15:02:44
    religious trolls are all the same, you're no different... you lost.. ta ta ...
  • Burning... Reality... 2012/01/30 17:19:47
    Burning Bright Embers
    I don't believe in religion. Do you always assume you know what people are about?

    A-S-S-U-M-E When you assume you make an ASS of U and ME
    You are the religious troll, I didn't invite you to my poll, you just seem to barge into every poll where the subject matter has to do with God. If you don't believe in Him, why are you so consumed with Him?
  • Reality... Burning... 2012/01/30 19:15:46 (edited)
    This is your post I am not welcome

    you block the rude and unwelcomed

    Do you really think I care who or what you do?

    and all because you couldn't answer your own questions...

    what a second class poor quality failiure..

    what a sad life you have...
  • Burning... Reality... 2012/01/30 23:26:23 (edited)
    Burning Bright Embers
    This is my poll, where you are not welcomed

    I block the rude and unwelcomed
  • dc Reality... 2013/06/22 04:54:24
    my comment is for you! Reality check! Theres your reality check. And next time u want to argue with a christian? And tell one of my brothers he lost? Remember he wasnt trying to argue with you. He didnt care about win or lose. The only one who cared was u! Obviously cause your hurt on the inside.. Your the sad one. I think you even believe but deny the truth because you dont forgive god for something that happend to u. Let me set you free.. God loves you and unless you learn respect your unworthy of him and his wisdom and his company.
  • Doc Frank stein 2012/01/29 15:44:27
    Doc Frank stein
    I can only concur
    I know however, that I could improve much that would give God a better gift
  • D D 2012/01/29 15:12:50
    D D
    Interesting question. I know some people who would say their life is a gift to god. I know even more online that would believe that and many come from this site.

    As for myself, I would say my life is a gift.
  • dc D D 2013/06/22 04:38:48
    first, god created man not your parents. God moves the world in perfect rythemn. Something a big bang lacked. A big brain. And u too if u beileve that. Even a non beilever can see that everything works out too perfect for there not to be a force behind it. Or how do people ever find anything in life? They didnt make themselves who they are. God made them. Im not going to elaborate more than that, cause if u dont admit that it dosnt matter how hard u try in this life to be or do anything great its up to.. The force behind everything whether u achieve greatness or not than your either literaly crazy. Or you havent ever tryed to be a somebody in this life. And if you know that.. Than why do you live without trying to solve lifes most important question? If you seek that you then find. Jesus is lord.. He was sent to earth. It may take a lot of asking god, but he is god! Who are we to approach him. And we better do it right knowing are place. Or would u answer someone who was rude? When your the boss?

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