Let's talk Women's self defense: The groin kick

Greatkibble 2012/05/28 15:10:59
Well I can't help but share what happened on the weekend here on SH but the topic is what's really gonna matter after I'm done.

On the weekend it was the usual 'chill & have a good time' vibe at the mall with my friends; so I'm there chatting along and things seemed to be going well so far, but then I started to notice this guy that I knew (he's like an associate to me) who was harassing this girl.
I can't really say for sure why (some said it was money, some say it was sex related...) but it didn't seem so bad to say that he deserved what came around next; all I know is I just saw the girl's friend barge in (they say it was his ex), shouted out "I've had enough of you!" and then witnessed him staggering and crouching to the ground because of the infamous groin kick he just got.
Now everyone else close by was like:shouted ive witnessed staggering crouching ground infamous groin kick close

Now I know some ladies are particularly fond of injuring a man's precious jewels when he's literally bargaining for it but don't you think it goes too overboard sometimes? I mean you can literally turn a man infertile - and imagine if the isn't the average smaller sized foot most women have.
awkward grin
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  • Claire Emile 2012/07/30 10:01:05
    Claire Emile
    I would never do that, even if my life depended on it..
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/05/29 10:03:49
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Ladies, here's how to disable any man who attacks you (from a man):

    Two to the junk. One to the jaw. The first blow stuns him, the second will cause him to lose his stomach. He will be unable to defend himself and will be open for a final blow to the jaw. Hit him squarely where the lower jaw meets the neck. He'll be too busy coddling his junk to defend against that. The shock from that blow will knock him out. Then run like hell.
  • Greatki... Beat Ma... 2012/05/29 13:46:07
  • grannyHoe 2012/05/28 21:45:30
    Lets me tell yous ..sum of a bitches,is will stick eny parts of bones deep inta yo balls end yank em out if ya tries to haves yo way wid me.Is now im a sexi babe but i aint given up my social securety check fo no won.
  • Greatki... grannyHoe 2012/05/29 00:17:35
  • justnotsaying (: 2012/05/28 17:24:32
    justnotsaying (:
    I haven't had the opportunity to seriously kick a guy in the groin, but I did slightly kick my ex when we were playing around - he hunched over a bit(I did laugh). Guys expect a woman to go for that area, so they usually block the kick before it lands.
  • Greatki... justnot... 2012/05/28 18:50:52
    I'm thinking only those who've already had the experience try to block. lol

    Something like that happened with me too with my gfs. ^_^
  • justnot... Greatki... 2012/05/28 19:19:55
    justnotsaying (:
    You seem like such a nice guy. I can't imagine what you could have done, for something like that to happen with different women multiple times. :)
  • Greatki... justnot... 2012/05/28 23:58:53
    It was accidental. lol
    I've never had a woman kick me there in some fit for whatever.
  • justnot... Greatki... 2012/05/29 00:14:29
    justnotsaying (:
    Ahh,...that's what you think.
  • Greatki... justnot... 2012/05/29 00:15:22
  • kennypart1 2012/05/28 16:41:33
    If a women needs to protect herself, this might not be the best way. easily blocked and you could wind up seriuosly hurt. take some self defense training
  • Gunner 2012/05/28 16:29:30
    A kick to a man's groin is way too over-rated. Even IF your aim is perfect (easier said than done), that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be debilitated or stopped in his tracks.
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/05/28 16:21:15
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    hurts like h3ll!
    a lot of girls do it for no good reason just cuz they know it hurts.....

    but idk, sometimes some guys deserve it too
  • Greatki... Siniste... 2012/05/28 18:47:39
    lol I know that feel.
  • sockpuppet 2012/05/28 16:18:38
    It's also a pretty dangerous move to make, unless you know how to position yourself and how to divert his attention, which will pretty much always be anticipating a kick in the groin.
  • Jo 2012/05/28 15:33:13
    I've never seen that used unless it was warranted.
  • Greatki... Jo 2012/05/28 15:49:53
    So it's ok but it depends?
  • Jo Greatki... 2012/05/28 18:37:11
    if the situation warrants it, yeah; if a guy is coming at you in a physically threatening manner, absolutely, and in some extreme circumstances, verbally--but if he just says something mildly annoying, yeah, that would be overkill.
  • Greatki... Jo 2012/05/28 18:46:05
    Oh yea@the latter.

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