Legend of the Mountains of East Tennessee ..

sglmom 2011/11/21 00:46:11
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It is always with wonder ..
A sense of Reverence for the elders too ..

That I come across some plaque ..
Some Monument ..
That has the words of these Honored elders ..

SOMETHING quite .. profound in a ways ..

These are the words straight out of
"The Chattanooga Country"

and this is the story of the Local Geology
from Cherokee traditional lore ..

"At first the Earth was FLAT and very soft and wet. The animals were anxious to get down (from above in Galunlati, beyond the arch) and sent out different birds to see if it was yet dry, but they found no place to alight and came back again to Galunlati. At last, it seemed to be time, and they sent out the Great Buzzard, the father of all the buzzards we see now. He flew all over the earth, low down near the ground, and it was still soft.
When he reached the Cherokee country, he was very tired, and his wings began to flap and strike the ground, and wherever they struck the Earth there was a valley, and where they turned up again there was a mountain.
When the animals up above saw this, they were afraid that the whole world would be mountains, so they called him back,
but the Cherokee country remains full of mountains to this day"

Each time I go walking upon this Earth .. each location I truly stop at .. wonder, rest at .. or enjoy ..
EACH has its own special beauty ..
a place to reflect upon the wonder of NATURE (Earth) ..
and to remember .. proud ancestors ..
That shared the same walk .. we are on.

(for we all have a common-ness, a shared heritage .. in that we are HUMANS walking upon the Earth for a span of time)

PLEASE feel free to add your thoughts below ..

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  • bettyboop 2011/11/24 00:01:37
    MY Thoughts ...
    I have always loved nature. When I look around at the splendor God has created and I smile. And then I notice that someone has thrown out some trash.......and it makes me sad to see so little respect for this country of ours.
  • lucky 2011/11/21 16:24:39
    MY Thoughts ...
    I can believe it, Ive lived in Tennessee off and on my whole life and it is my home now, but even now as many times as Ive seen it and as many times as ive walked in them, the mountains, hills and valleys of this state still leave me with a feeling of awe that something so wondrous and beautiful exists.
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2011/11/21 13:12:47
    MY Thoughts ...
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    Good place to go 4-wheeling.
  • shadow76 2011/11/21 12:45:14
    OTHER Thoughts ...
    never been there, always wanted to go.
  • ruru 2011/11/21 05:53:23
    OTHER Thoughts ...
    I love the Tennessee mountains. We went there about 6 weeks ago. Simply beautiful.
  • Kashee 2011/11/21 03:43:46
    MY Thoughts ...
    I am so very touched by this. We need their spiritual wisdom.
  • Dirty(oYo) 2011/11/21 03:42:30
    MY Thoughts ...
    Being a resident of North Georgia, I know Chattanooga very well. The solitude of the woods has always and will continue to touch my interest and fill me with reverence.
  • gg~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/11/21 02:20:45
    MY Thoughts ...
    In my mind's eye, I could see the Buzzard making valleys and mountains.

    Thanks, sglmom.
  • Spider20 2011/11/21 01:58:48
    MY Thoughts ...
    I am rooted in that land.....that Cherokee country...still have family in the Chattanooga area....it is truly beautiful there...I feel at home when I return there
  • templer003 2011/11/21 01:31:25
    MY Thoughts ...
    I like it !! eagal flaying

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