Latest Fashion Trend Mixes Mismatched Prints: Would You Try It?

Good Morning America 2012/12/04 18:11:42
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Wearing clothes that don't match seems to be all the rage. Do you think wearing mismatched prints is fashion forward?


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  • Kigan 2012/12/05 14:56:09
    No way. It’s not for me.
    Looks awful. It is called "mismatched" for a reason.

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  • KEYPINITREEL 2013/03/02 14:29:56
    No way. It’s not for me.
    Look like a clown, get treated like a clown.
  • trailerguy1 2013/02/27 05:20:33
    Yes, it’s fashion forward.
    Of course I mismatch prints. I'm a guy.
  • Diamond Girl 2013/02/25 16:08:30 (edited)
  • Macro Man Diamond... 2013/03/01 21:42:15
    Macro Man
    Not so sure about the ear ring which is about to smash her head in to the floor, but the dress is very pretty and suits her figure.
  • Gir 2013/02/25 09:34:11
    Yes, it’s fashion forward.
    Wait.. i thought this was just being a bad dresser... done it my whole life... how cool am i?

    Socks too!
  • Sam 2013/02/23 19:24:16
    Yes, it’s fashion forward.
    My clothing doesn't speak for me. I speak for myself...some of you may have already guessed that about me. I speak what i believe is the truth. " The truth will set you free!" I forgot who that quote is by. I love my bright colors and wearing mismatched church socks...its funny and free flowing.
  • Macro Man 2013/02/21 21:28:19
    Yes, it’s fashion forward.
    Macro Man
    I wouldn't wear prints, period. It just doesn't work for us men. So the question for us is, 'does she look good?'

    I think she does. Whether another woman would pull it off is a different question. Certain people look good in certain colours, patterns, etc. Wear what is best for you.
  • Gir Macro Man 2013/02/25 09:38:22
    Wait a minute.... there is a possibility that other women will pull it off? I'm gettin more on board by the moment...

    So maybe now I'm against the mingas wearing mismatch.
  • Macro Man Gir 2013/03/01 21:37:25
    Macro Man
    If I understand you properly, then no. No no no. For one thing, what I find beautiful might make another man (or woman) sick. It's entirely subjective. It's just that certain objects and things are incredibly complex. Sometimes something works and sometimes it doesn't.

    If it doesn't work for you it will work for someone else. That doesn't mean you are not pretty enough to pull it off, just that it doesn't complement you.
  • Gir Macro Man 2013/03/06 23:09:08
    It was just a feeble attempt at humor. I actually don't have a real opinion on this. Wear what you want to wear. People spend far too much time and money worrying about what others will think.
  • 001 2013/02/19 23:08:46
    No way. It’s not for me.
    At first I wasn't sure what you meant but after seeing that picture I'm pretty sure the answer is no.
  • neil.ingram.39 2013/02/17 23:35:31
    No way. It’s not for me.
    Next life maybe!
  • Leona Hill 2013/02/17 18:41:39
    No way. It’s not for me.
    Leona Hill
    No, no, no!@!! I can't think of any fashion no-no that drives me crazier than that. It is so horrible it hurts my eyes to look at it. I can't even stand prints and stripes together. I don't even like to use more than one accent color.
  • jonnybullet 2013/02/14 16:52:05 (edited)
    No way. It’s not for me.
    Obviously it's the rage now, men started doing it with their suits being mismatched with their shirts and ties. Some of those ensembles are pathetic but they seem to like the look. When I get dressed in a suit one of my favorites is a silk sharkskin double-breasted suit, with a cream colored silk shirt, a red silk tie, a black silk double-breasted vest with my watch and watch fob, a Stetson black fedora with a cream band, Stacy Adams shoes cream color with black flecks, and a pair of cream color spats. I have quite a few suits and accessories, and I never mismatch, and I've never ever had anybody tell me I don't look well dressed. But that's the way I grew up, when I saw the guys coming over to my grandfather's house, how they dressed showed the level of respect they had, and I followed the same line of reasoning. Are you ready to get down to business, or are you ready to be 3 years old, that's about the size of it. Another sharp suit Classy The British Suit on a stand
  • Catita 2013/02/13 02:03:39
    Yes, it’s fashion forward.
    not crazy, some combinations look OK. but not for me, fun for young girls.
  • Zoe Michele 2013/02/12 20:18:42
    No way. It’s not for me.
    Zoe Michele
    i just can't get past my childhood training!
  • Teddy Bear 2013/02/09 19:38:52
    No way. It’s not for me.
    Teddy Bear
    It's cool everybody else can look like a fool, ill stick to my outfit matching.
  • ShaySceneDeletion 2013/02/09 17:43:41
    Yes, it’s fashion forward.
    unless it looks atrocious i might wear a plaid headband and zebra striped accessories but never plaid pants and zebra shirt, it's all about moderation because overload looks like you hopped out of Steven Tyler's closet and thats only okay if you're actually Steven Tyler. cuz steven tyler is awesome
  • QC ShaySce... 2013/02/10 18:23:11
    I don't think Steven Tyler will ever come out of the closet..... ;P
  • ShaySce... QC 2013/02/10 18:26:17
    haha nice one <3
  • Bibliop... QC 2013/06/19 04:36:09
    He's confirmed bisexual, not gay.
  • QC Bibliop... 2013/06/20 02:58:37
    How do we know if we can't figure out his gender?

    steven tyler moobs
  • Stardust 2013/02/06 23:36:43 (edited)
  • Incognito 2013/02/06 19:01:44
    Yes, it’s fashion forward.
    I think the key to this fashion statement, is to know what works and what just doesn't work together.
    mismatched outfits mismatched outfits
  • Stardust Incognito 2013/02/06 23:30:30
  • Sam Incognito 2013/02/23 19:27:03
    Both of you look like you have fun when you get dressed. So cute!
  • Incognito Sam 2013/02/25 15:30:48
  • Sam Incognito 2013/02/26 01:05:19
    That is exactly what i am talking about. Dress to be you....fashion advice is for the rich or middle income people. Dress to be you...
  • Incognito Sam 2013/02/26 14:54:36 (edited)
    Fashion to me is my artistic expression. I never care what other people think, I always wear what pleases me. I have been able to find fashionable clothing at bargain prices.
    dress to be me fashion cat
  • Sam Incognito 2013/02/27 17:10:30
    That was my point as well.
  • Incognito Sam 2013/02/27 18:25:18
    Good to hear that.
    fashion cat
  • Tree 2013/02/05 18:51:19
    Yes, it’s fashion forward.
    I do it all the time. Its nothing new to me and I dont see what the problem is.
  • Keely T.B. 2013/02/05 00:14:20
    Yes, it’s fashion forward.
    Keely T.B.
    not overboard, though.
  • Incognito Keely T.B. 2013/02/06 20:42:24
  • Keely T.B. Incognito 2013/02/06 23:31:28
    Keely T.B.
    Precisely :)
  • sglmom 2013/02/04 03:09:50
    No way. It’s not for me.
    Actually ..
    more like I DO NOT CARE ONE BIT ..
    (yep .. why is that NOT a choice to all these inane fashion questions?)
  • EmoMcParland 2013/02/04 02:25:57 (edited)
    No way. It’s not for me.
    For some people one print is to much Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
  • DebraJMSmith 2013/01/28 06:20:14
    No way. It’s not for me.
  • Old Nellie Bones 2013/01/20 20:03:44
    Yes, it’s fashion forward.
    Old Nellie Bones
    I have a beautiful Leopard scarf one of my lovely sisters got for me in Mexico, I pair it with a pair of plaid ( Steve Madden )boots I got from another sister. I also have a leopard shirt I got from another sister that I pair with the plaid boots.
    Leopard is my favorite color, plaid is my second fave.
  • JDLogan 2013/01/14 21:55:49
    No way. It’s not for me.
    What the hell?!? I was taught not to do that when I was 5! Ugly then, ugly now!

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