Last night I had dream I was eating rats: Does anyone know what my dream means?

SAM 2009/02/06 06:03:32
Your dream means...
Dreams have no meaning.
I have no idea but...
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Last night I had a really, weird dream. I was with my family and everyone was eating live rats from a huge plate. We were all seated in a long table and my girl was next to me. As everyone ate the rats, my family pressured me to eat one but I didn't want to. Then I took my fork, stabbed one of the rats, and took a bite at one. It tasted really awful and then I woke up...

Talk about weird, does anyone know if my dream has a meaning?
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  • vet 2009/02/18 00:56:39 (edited)
    I have no idea but...
    maybe you ate to much pizza. lol or maybe your family is in some type of situation are conversation that is harmful to them and they aren't aware of it and they are tring to include you and this is a warning for you all not to eat of the situation or conversation that's before you. we eat words and words can be harmful and us not know it until it too late. what's happening now with you and those invalved in the dream? hope this helps.
  • poet4justice 2009/02/10 09:27:44
    I have no idea but...
    but rat food will save humanity lol
  • princess 2009/02/10 00:39:39
    Your dream means...
    Most likely the inward anger & frustration harbored towards those Liberal rats (Obama and all current Liberal leaders) that control our govt.....Just sayin'.
    frustration harbored liberal rats obama current liberal leaders govt sayin
  • Just Missy 2009/02/09 23:14:20
    Your dream means...
    Just Missy
    Someone will rat you out on something you did or something you don't want others to know about. The vengence you seek will make them suffer while it eats you up inside.
  • Dillio 2009/02/09 12:13:06
    Your dream means...
    ..........that you have weird dreams.
  • Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!] 2009/02/09 05:44:17
    I have no idea but...
    Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!]
    hahahah! That's almost as cool as this one time I had a dream I had a beard.
  • Texas Lia 2009/02/08 16:09:03 (edited)
    Dreams have no meaning.
    Texas Lia
    I have found that if I go to sleep after hearing or seeing something I found disagreeable I will dream of a similar happening. If you are ill and are taking medication that can also cause you to have bad dreams as well. Going to sleep after a spicy or heavy meal will result in bad dreams. Is something bothering you that you cannot release from your mind? Sometimes your mind can be your worst nightmare.
  • Good-bye-Bush 2009/02/08 14:53:08
  • krissie 2009/02/07 23:47:03
    I have no idea but...
    that is really weird
  • wow-really 2009/02/07 21:44:31
    Your dream means...
    Whenever you dream of something unpleasant, make a rule to be vigilant of things around you and the people you keep company with. Someone might be trying to hurt or undermine you and you know it in your heart, but you try to dismiss what you're feeling as irrational or nonsense. Dreams are the way our soul and instinct talk to us. So instead of dismissing it, take heed and follow your gut instinct.
    Hope that helps.
  • rouserbugs 2009/02/07 15:07:12
    I have no idea but...
    I have bad dreams at times but it depends on the party, what I ate and what I drank.
  • chas 2009/02/07 08:31:21
    I have no idea but...
    I had one similar to yours, about 25 yrs. ago. My rat was cooked as I recall. As the "awakening-hour" arrived, I recalled the event, thoroughly DISGUSTED! I won't forget that weird dream. As for a meaning: not a clue.
  • Cfossedal 2009/02/07 07:39:22
    I have no idea but...
    If it does have any meaning, you should be able to discern it sooner or later.
  • DeePizzaGuy 2009/02/07 07:03:28
    I have no idea but...
    Maybe you are being accused of ratting on someone on you or being a snitch.
  • Aarons biotch 2009/02/07 06:21:26
  • Truthfinder 2009/02/07 06:02:40
    Your dream means...
    ...something to do with Congress?
  • GinaHML 2009/02/07 05:48:20 (edited)
    I have no idea but...
    Did you brush and floss before going to bed?
    "Dirty mouth? Clean it up? Buy Dentine" (I think).
  • The Electrician 2009/02/07 05:39:00
    Dreams have no meaning.
    The Electrician
    Nothing at all.
  • Ana 2009/02/07 05:34:17
    I have no idea but...
  • Clo ♥ 2009/02/07 05:33:07
    I have no idea but...
    Clo ♥
    LMAO!!! thats quite a dream!
    i have really odd dreams also, sometimes i have dreams that im pregnant lol i hate it!!
    i wonder what my pregnant dream means...hmm?
  • Just Missy Clo ♥ 2009/02/09 23:17:23
    Just Missy
    It depends on if you want to be pregnant or not in your dream. Either way it represents a major change in your life whether you want that change to take place or not.
  • Clo ♥ Just Missy 2009/02/09 23:19:22
    Clo ♥
    hmm really! wow
    Im only 15 soo I'm not planning on that any time soon lol!
  • Just Missy Clo ♥ 2009/02/09 23:23:33
    Just Missy
    Good thing its only in your dreams!!!
  • Clo ♥ Just Missy 2009/02/09 23:27:28
    Clo ♥
    exactly!! being prego in a dream is pretty darn scary!
    I've also had dreams where I'm driving a car and I dont know what im doing!
    (because i cant drive) lol
  • Nate SD 2009/02/07 05:30:30
    Your dream means...
    Nate SD
    You're hungry.
  • DocSafety 2009/02/07 05:18:22
    Your dream means...
    You went to bed hungary, as long as you didn't wake up with a tail sticking out of your mouth, I guess your okay.
  • God-Cilla (Saviour to the M... 2009/02/07 05:18:18
    Your dream means...
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    1. Dreaming of a black or brown rat is a sign of illness or treachery ahead. In European tradition, RATS are associated with theft of foodstuffs and the spread of disease, and therefore seeing brown or black RATS running free is a warning to see your doctor and to be careful whom you trust.
    2. Seeing brown or black RATS in cages, however, is a sign that small irritations in your life will be dealt with. Catching a rat in a trap indicates freedom from worry and a release of tension.
    3. White RATS, on the other hand, are a sign of protection from beneficent forces or entities around you.
  • snake 2009/02/07 05:07:12 (edited)
    Your dream means...
    You are having trouble with authority. Someone in your life has authority over you and requiring you to do things that you know is not right. Not necessarily "immoral" kind of not right, but rather "could be done better." kind of not right. You resist obviously, but you succumb. It's not your girlfriend who has the negative authority. It may not even be anyone in your family, but the family is representing authority. To stop having dreams like that you need assert yourself when you think something is wrong instead of going along with it. Could even be your work... Okay? Time's up... That'll $19.95 please.
  • chigger... snake 2009/02/07 05:47:15
    I don't know if you are right or not, but it sure sounded good.
  • mustangluver 2009/02/07 04:43:07
    Your dream means...
    Either you lost your job or will lose your job...or some kind of financial disaster will befall you..sorry. Has there been any money troubles?
    dream lost job lose job financial disaster money troubles
  • Wynne 2009/02/07 04:24:45
    Your dream means...
    some dreams can tell you things like what is going to happen in the future but in the dreams they show you in a funny way... not all dreams do but some do...
    maybe your gonna go on a vacation to a diffrent country and try new bizarre foods and maybe you wont like it... just because you have a dream bout rats doesnt always mean it could be the rats, its just telling you that something bizarre and wierd is going to happen...
    hope u find my info useful or helpful of ok!

    sincerely, xXxTwinklezDaRockstarXxX
  • OrEo 2009/02/07 04:15:13
    I have no idea but...
    My Pastor's wife can interpret dreams. Most of the ones she interprets for me are mainly symbolism. Don't get all paranoid about rats, I highly doubt that it has anything to do with rats.

    What I believe it means is....... Well, since rats are dirty animals and usually carry something bad on them, and since you were eating it. It probably means that you are allowing something into your body that is harmful to your body or life. Drugs maybe, or something that is affecting you in other aspects of your life.
  • aaron 2009/02/07 04:13:22
    I have no idea but...
    Maybe you are gonna go to Singapore
  • clumzy 2009/02/07 04:10:49
    I have no idea but...
    Buut datz gross lolz u pebbly had it cuz dat rat incident at liins
  • Honey 2009/02/07 04:02:48
    I have no idea but...
    that's disgusting.
  • CitiXen - 2009/02/07 03:36:40
    Your dream means...
    CitiXen -
    You have good taste in food. Bon appetit:

    dream taste food bon appetit
  • Esquido 2009/02/07 03:00:51
    Your dream means...
    you will one day gain a taste for rats.
  • davidh BN-0 2009/02/07 02:50:52
    Your dream means...
    davidh BN-0
    Rats are delicious. I hear that they are better if you get them when they are a day old.
  • kb 2009/02/07 02:46:15
    Your dream means...
    you secretly want to be on survivor cause you heard it taste like chicken.
  • ElectronicAlexa [dhr] 2009/02/07 02:37:58

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