Lanvin Uses Nine Real People For Fall 2012 Campaign: Do We Even Need Professional Models?

Fergie 2012/07/20 19:00:00

SLIDESHOW: Do We Need Professional Models?

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Lanvin Uses Nine Real People For Fall 2012 Campaign: Do We Even Need Professional Models?
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Having done one semi-awkward professional photo shoot and watching countless reruns of America's Next Top Model on Virgin America flights, I can attest to the fact that modeling is not as easy as it looks. However, it's definitely not something that only highly trained professional models can do either.

Parisian fashion house Lanvin, proved this point with their new ad campaign in which they hired ordinary people to model their latest designs. So, it's got me thinking: Do we even need professional models -- or should "real people" be the "real models"?

They have real jobs, kinda.
businessinsider reports real jobs kinda

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  • Sterling 2012/07/21 16:34:24
    I never knew that models were "fake" people. Use your heads guys, they found people with a certain look (like the girl, who is very pretty), and then PAID them to do their photoshoot. How do you think professional models come into existence?

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  • AM Tom R 007 2012/07/22 02:03:14
  • Tom R 007 AM 2012/07/22 02:09:56
    Tom R 007
    I know women who have been through it. It's pretty obvious that the industry is a large part as to why these young women develop these disorders. I suffer from depression, so I know a lot about mental health issues. I'm not saying that it's COMPLETELY to blame, but there is always a trigger in these kind of disorders, and in this case it's the fashion industry.
  • AM Tom R 007 2012/07/22 02:21:28
  • Tom R 007 AM 2012/07/22 02:33:12 (edited)
    Tom R 007
    It's about acceptance, I agree. Accepting yourself and feeling acceptance from others makes a huge improvement in mental health. This is almost impossible when everyone is implying that you're not good enough because you don't look a certain way.
  • Inquisi... Tom R 007 2012/07/22 02:59:09
    Inquisitve Kat
    No, young women had eating disorders long before professional modelling.
  • Tom R 007 Inquisi... 2012/07/22 02:59:56
    Tom R 007
    As I said, it's not completely responsible, but it is a trigger.
  • Inquisi... Tom R 007 2012/07/22 04:36:05
    Inquisitve Kat
    Yes, but so many things are...

    I know I'm easily triggered... but not simply by images in media. In fact, we'll even drive ourselves.

    The point is, people are still going to be anorexic, just as many people at that, so why destroy an industry, in an already suffering economy?
  • Tom R 007 Inquisi... 2012/07/22 04:44:09
    Tom R 007
    Because I feel it's a worthless industry. Everyone needs clothes, yes. But why not show them on "real" women? Yes I hate using "real" which is why it's in quotations, but you know what I mean. The media is responsible for a great deal of brainwashing in today's society, and I can't help it if it makes me sad that people are driven to achieve unrealistic expectations because of it.
  • Inquisi... Tom R 007 2012/07/22 05:40:52
    Inquisitve Kat
    Yes but,, look in an average fashion magazine, or on television... people have gotten bigger and more average looking. Professional models are generally used for high fashion, which is a look and an art form in itself..
  • Tom R 007 Inquisi... 2012/07/22 06:00:22
    Tom R 007
    I've yet to see an average looking model in anything, so we'll have to agree to disagree on that one. I semi-agree with your art form comment, however I would never call a model an artist. The designers, yes; the photographers; absolutely; but a model? If I was hot I could do that job no problem. I saw an interview with a model, and I wish I could remember who it was because she said something insanely honest, which I really appreciated. The interviewer said something to her along the lines of "But being a model is really hard work, isn't it?" and she replied, "Not really. I just stand there and get my photo taken". It was so refreshing to hear.
  • Inquisi... Tom R 007 2012/07/23 00:48:36
    Inquisitve Kat
    But it is hard work, for a lot of them... their whole life is maintaining an image, a size, a look... some models have even obtained injuries, due to things they've had to do for photoshoots. I wouldn't want to do it.
  • Tom R 007 Inquisi... 2012/07/23 06:35:33
    Tom R 007
    Well, a lot of us work hard, and I certainly have fascinating work stories, but we won't go into that here. Your opinion's your opinion and you're certainly entitled to it. I can't imagine ever thinking differently though.
  • MDC Tom R 007 2012/07/23 06:23:57
    I know some models and they complain a lot about the conditions they have to work in. Long hours with hardly any breaks (or none at all), too high heels, say "ouch" if they yank your hair when brushing it and they will tell your agency you are hard to work with, walking on average 40 shows every day in fashion week, very small pay, some men employers/photographers/helpers try to take advantage when you're young and new to the industry, working from dawn until almost midnight, being lied and being told that a shoot will end at 4 p.m. and actually ends at 10 p.m. and this is how French model Aymeline Valade's feet end after two rehearsals and one show for the Chanel Resort collection:
    Aymeline Valade Feet After Runway
    And on top of that you have to mantain your looks and reputation? No, modeling isn't easy.
  • Tom R 007 MDC 2012/07/23 06:48:43
    Tom R 007
    Well, I work ridiculous hours in most of my jobs too, in some pretty terrible conditions myself. And have also been taken advantage of, when I was a lot younger and new to my profession. The only difference between what I do and what a model does, is that I had to do a great deal of training to get to a point where I was given any paid work. I didn't have the luxury of making money simply by being good looking.
  • Inquisi... Tom R 007 2012/07/23 15:45:57
    Inquisitve Kat
    And neither do they, that's the point... modelling does take great training... you don't just go and stand there and have your picture taken. You spend virtually every waking hour dedicated to looking perfect and you have to know how to pose 'just so'... if you're a runway model, it's even harder.
  • Tom R 007 Inquisi... 2012/07/23 22:20:33
    Tom R 007
    Not much training. And I actually know. I'm not just some dumb guy. I know women involved in the industry who freely tell me it's easy work. However, going back to the original question "do we NEED them?" Well, I need many things in my life, but professional models aren't one of them.
  • Inquisi... Tom R 007 2012/07/23 23:20:16
    Inquisitve Kat
    High fashion is a different game... there are high demands and it requires a lot of training.
    Anyone can be a common model... but professional models stand out for a reason.
  • Tom R 007 Inquisi... 2012/07/23 23:22:21
    Tom R 007
    Why is high fashion NEEDED?
  • Inquisi... Tom R 007 2012/07/23 23:32:11
    Inquisitve Kat
    *Facepalm* I just realised how foolish I was being... you're right, it's not an actual "need".
  • Tom R 007 Inquisi... 2012/07/23 23:34:36
    Tom R 007
    Haha. I think we both drifted slightly off topic earlier, which is where the confusion came from :-)
  • MDC Tom R 007 2012/07/23 17:45:56
    What, you think looks are the only thing needed to be a model? If you know so much name at least 20 of those high fashion models you absolutely hate. VS Angels don't count.
    If you are so convinced that modeling is an easy job, then you must know sooo much about the industry.
  • Tom R 007 MDC 2012/07/23 22:17:47
    Tom R 007
    Actually, I do now quite a bit about it because I know a lot of women in the industry who freely admit that it's easy work. And no, I can't name any high fashion model's names because, quite frankly, I don't care about them.
  • MDC Tom R 007 2012/07/28 00:42:31
    And are the women you know that are models actually do high fashion or just commercial modelling? Because there is a huge difference between them. High fashion is more artistic, and demands more effort and requirements. And if you don't care about models... why are you in a poll that talks about them then? Makes no sense.
  • Tom R 007 MDC 2012/07/28 00:45:47
    Tom R 007
    The question was do we need models. If you can give me a good answer as to why high fashion is NEEDED then I'll agree with you. I need food, water, shelter, friends and family, but I don't NEED high fashion. If you can explain to me why I do NEED it then I may very well change my mind.
  • MDC Tom R 007 2012/07/28 01:24:23
    You and I may not necessarily need high fashion. But others do. Approximately 7,000,000 people are employed for one fashion company in total. 7,000,000 more people with jobs thanks to the industry. Also, fashion and industries that are related to it (modeling, photography, etc.) are an ART. The fashion industry basically supplies pieces of art created by an artist who crafter and designed the work of art. Photographs with models? They are art too. And like any art, it's a form of self-expression. Designers have the need to express themselves, just like everyone else, and how do they do that? With their talent: designing. Fashion has been part of the world's history since the beginning of times when people started to clothe themselves. In conclusion, fashion is part of economy, daily life, self-expression and history, whether you like it or not. And we wouldn't have that if we didn't have the modeling industry either. Models are the canvas. Models are muses. Models are needed by all the people who work in the fashion and maybe even photography industry. So it may not affect you, but it does affect the lives of many others.
  • Tom R 007 MDC 2012/07/28 01:50:36
    Tom R 007
    Clothing is needed; fashion is not.
  • MDC Tom R 007 2012/08/02 02:03:19
    The fashion industry is what produces clothing...
  • Tom R 007 MDC 2012/08/02 02:15:39
    Tom R 007
    Never mind. You aren't understanding what I'm saying. Let's just leave it.
  • MDC Tom R 007 2012/08/05 17:54:13
    Sure. Whatevs.
  • realist 2012/07/21 01:26:52
    Theres much we don't 'need'. But those in the industry with the most money to purchase designs have created their own culture and that culture requires a certain type of model for them to respect the outfit. Unfortunately what us average joe's think makes no difference, as I doubt many of us attend fashion shows and fork out the moolah to drive decisions like this.
  • Tom R 007 2012/07/21 01:24:54
    Tom R 007
    The whole modeling industry is shallow, superficial and completely unnecessary.
  • jackie 2012/07/21 00:06:56
    We never needed "professional" models.
  • ««Gingey, the Master Debate... 2012/07/20 23:49:24
    ««Gingey, the Master Debater of Þ|-|Дэ†»»
    Wow, those are awesome!
  • deBrice 2012/07/20 23:46:30
    Show me humans
  • jst2swtnsassy 2012/07/20 23:30:56 (edited)
    Overpaid and highly over rated models don't look like that 244-7, where as everyday people don't have that luxury of a hand on staff to make your transformation flawless all the time. i think it is time that "normal everyday people" get the same opportunity, there is beauty in everyone just have to look beyond outer appearance sometimes. Makeup conceals and hides imperfections, but not a nasty and rude personality on the inside! Did someone order a rack of ribs? models
  • Aly Hart jst2swt... 2012/07/21 00:02:08
    Aly Hart
    That picture's photoshopped.
  • skyebrand Aly Hart 2012/07/21 05:44:01
  • Aly Hart skyebrand 2012/07/21 19:44:23 (edited)
  • jst2swt... Aly Hart 2012/07/23 19:09:22
    Doesn't really matter when there is a huge demand for "waif like" models but can't accept the fact that there are real women and men out there that wear real clothes, not Barbie's wardrobe. barbie
  • Inquisi... jst2swt... 2012/07/30 22:36:46
    Inquisitve Kat
    Oh, and the waif-like people aren't 'real'?

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