Ladies and Gentlemen Your Welcome For Solving The Worlds Problems, James Everett Powell

JimmyIIX 2012/08/04 04:46:29
Hear It Out
Think of the Constitution as a person, let us call her Miss Liberty. Obama has her strapped a table. Is now past the threatening stage with his weapons. Has a knife to her throat. And is now starting to slowly cut her up. So let us call it what it is. She is now his tourcher victim. Bottom line that traitor has knife to LIBERTIES THROAT! AND IN THE OTHER HAND HE HOLDS OUR CONSTITUTION, WITH A LIGHTER! As soon as he is done slicing her throat, he is gonna burn the Constitution. And everyone is standing by with deer in headlights syndrome, stunned because they can't believe what they are witnessing. It is dearly upsetting that our Constitution being stepped on! By every loser in the last 65 years that dares to call himself an American. Every single person that supports obama or ANY of these failed paradigm, especially obama. Is supporting the eventual murder of the Constitution. Millions of people have LOST THEIR LIVES FOR THESE SACRED DOCUMENTS! Executive Orders NDAA,NDRP sections (1021,1022),HR-347,13563, Small Arms Treaty, Law of the Sea Treaty, Arms Trade Treaty and the International Criminal Court. Are Direct Violations to the Constitutions of the United States of America! The "Small Arms Treaty", the "Law of the Sea Treaty, the "Arms Trade Treaty “and the "International Criminal Court" can be bundled into one giant effort to Remove Sovereignty from THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, giving the UN control over liberties of United States Citizens. NULLIFYING PROTECTIONS Americans have enjoyed since the birth of the United States. Our own government will become a colony and will be one step removed from what happens to us. The Executive Branch has taken the first step and made a shield around themselves from what's happening, by using the Federal Government as a weapon. The ground has already been laid for foreign troops to come on to our soil. With the current power attempted to be wielded by the Executive Branch and the Federal Government you no longer have ANY Constitutional Rights. Some of the most threatening removals are Habeas Corpus & Posse Comitatus. Executive Legislation now carries the Same Weight as Congressional Law. And now with Executive Legislation you no longer have any Constitutional Rights. And even if and when any or all of these treaties fall on their face, you have to look at intent. The Executive Branch with the Federal Government are tying us into the U.N. With treaties that WILL BIND FUTURE PRESIDENTS. A power given by the Constitution cannot be construed to authorize a destruction of other powers given in the same instrument.A treaty to change the organization of the Government, or to annihilate its sovereignty, to overturn its republican form, or to deprive it of its constitutional powers, would be void; because it would destroy what it was designed merely to fulfill, the will of the people. I think the Executive Branch is trying to create an entity to its own. Unbound by Constitutional Authority. Willing and 100% Able to impose international standards upon us.
Every member of OUR Government is 100% Indictable under the "Regal Act". By always presenting a false budgetary basis, and asking for more money. They take the cash cow operations OFF the Budgetary Basis. And still have the nerve to leave the cost part of the profit centers ON THE FALSE BUDGETARY BASIS THEY PRESENT EVERY YEAR.
Remember the truth I spoke of: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report(CAFRs)<-----"Real Problem" "Real Solution" ------>(CITA) Citizens Investment Trust Account. We have to change the principal of operation.
With the Citizens Investment Trust Account all States of Government Remain, Satisfying ALL States. The CITA would attach to all levels of Government. From County to Congress, Identifying surpluses. Those Surpluses would then go into an Annuity Pension fund, this is all run by a citizens elected group of (CFA)Certified Financial Auditors. And then it would start paying all states of taxes. So this is like a win win situation. Theres a lot more to it. I highly suggest checking it out. It all has to do with the Budgetary Basis vs Liquid Investments and Composite Government.
We could completely fund health care, with zero issues. It might sound like a lot. But this can all be done in three years. Just by changing the principal of operation. It would also cause a wave effect of responsible government. If we change our principal of operation it would quadrupole our industries, at all levels.It doesn't necessarily have to be something mandated. It can be something funded. If you understand, if we change our principal of operation. It will change the way we deal with all of it. I think our Founding Fathers would be extremely proud of us for doing it.
"USA Composite Government"investments and ownership now well exceeds 100 trillion dollars internationally. Health Care? Why is this even an issue. Also think of our Boys and Girls in uniform. We could be sending them out in impenetrable armor. I don't know why our leaders are scared of it. It would triple there power.Our Government took over the investment arena over the last 65 years. They own and control every-thing now. This is what we should do.
Restructure our Government to start working FOR US. By this I mean using the Citizens Investment Trust Account as the Back Bone to our economy. The retirement fund will cause will cause a discloser, only then can funds be distributed correctly.
All states in power remain the same. They were smart enough to get there the first time, they should remain there. By changing the principal of operation. It will then be OK to work For Us, not sell us out to the highest bidder. It will not only cause a wave of responsible government on it's own. But untold mass influx to our economy.With the citizens tax retirement fund. It's growth is it's success. That's how you'll know it's working. 3 years, that's all. Three fin years. Can change the course of our entire nation and take control of our history. You wanna talk a massive movement to take a stance with your leaders. Congress then will truly be driven by the people. There nuts for not already having done it. The Senate would then be seen as gods. Then you would truly see men and women of the people, for the people, and by the people. We could influx massive amounts of money into hospitals. And I do mean massive.
Then you would have scientists lining the fup to cure disease. Doctors and Teachers would then truly feel their power. And take a Rightful Higher Archy. In not only influence, but in the very way you wish for your life. As I said before USA composite government investments and ownership now well exceeds 100 trillion dollars internationally. We could have every Elementary, Middle, and High School at an Institutional Level. Every Hospital run by House. Our Boys and Girls in the Military walking around in mechanized armor. All we have to do. Is change the Principal of Operation. To the Editor Of the Constitution Jimmy
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