Kendall Jenner Too Young for Bikini Shoot?

Living 2011/08/03 11:00:00
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We don't really care (and barely notice) when Kim Kardashian appears nude or in various stages of undress. She is 30 years old, after all.

But her little sister Kendall Jenner is only 15. Which is why we're surprised that the youngest "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star is prancing around in her bikini. Again.

Last year, Kendall -- a Wilhemina model -- caused a stir when she posed for a sexy White Sands bikini shoot. And in true Kardashian fashion, she's trying to stir up controversy all over again.

"Kendall is the new face of Australian swimwear designer Leah Madden's Summer 2012 campaign Pirouette!!" Kim Kardashaian posted on her website, with this photo:

"How stunning does she look!?!? I couldn't be more proud!" she added.

Now, Kendall's two-piece is more or less age appropriate -- she really isn't showing anything that she shouldn't be. But does the world really need to see this 15-year-old in a bikini? Isn't she a little too skinny? And shouldn't she be doing her homework?

Hey ... at least she's famous for doing something. Which is more than some (er, all) of her sisters can say. Keep it clean, Kendall! And don't get married anytime soon.

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  • Aingean 2011/08/03 11:24:10
    By the look of that photo I am more worried about how skinny she is, not that she is in a bikini. A bunch of 15 year olds run around in cloths that are revealing and way to short, including bikinis.

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  • skylerr_brown 2012/06/10 21:47:51
    oooops accidently pressed yes
  • Jdogg 2011/10/25 20:25:22
    She is too skinny
  • Orangedragan 2011/10/12 20:13:02
    ...Unless you think that we shouldn't sell bikinis to minors, then no, she isn't too young. Don't be stupid.
  • AMarie 2011/10/12 18:59:50
    Personally, I think she's too young, and I wouldn't let my daughter do that. Now, her parents are different and can choose what they want her to do and what they will allow, but since this post is asking what we all think about it, I'll say I think she should wait a little. Grow up and mature a little bit and maybe try something that isn't so in the public eye so she can get a view of what normal everyday people who don't have famous millionaire siblings and parents do. Then decide if it's really what oyu want, give her some time to be a child.
    Also, I hate the argument that "Hey...other 13 year old are having sex and wearing less, so what's the harm in her wearing a revealing outfit?"
    That argument is ridiculous on the face of it. You try to keep your children AWAY from the sillyness and craziness of what their peers are doing when you know it's wrong, not steer them in that direction. You don't say 'Well heck honey, all of your peers are having sex and doing all manner of whatnot, so why don't you go ahead and wear revealing clothing and show your body off to complete strangers who will view you as a sex object despite your young age.
  • Greg 2011/09/27 00:54:36
    as long as she is not nude it doesn't matter, but she should wait til she can fill a bikini out.
  • itsbritneybitch;) 2011/09/11 06:31:27
  • cupcake 2011/09/02 01:16:21
    OMG! are you serious? 15 is a problem for a bikini? are you sh*tting me? What planet are you from? 1888
  • guy syl 2011/08/29 19:32:27
    guy syl
    besides being illigle
  • Scott.Bohe 2011/08/23 15:37:31
    So what!? Children of all ages wear bikinis. Leave her alone. If you want to get on someone's case, get on the promoters/managers/photograph... who encourage girls to do these photo shoots before they are grownups.
  • anisha.garib 2011/08/18 07:23:36
    She isn't trying to be "sexy" in the picture. It looks pretty innocent. She is too skinny though.
  • sarah 2011/08/17 02:02:37
    that is just wierd sometimes i can't understand any thing
  • ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪ 2011/08/15 20:03:46
    ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪
    15 = not 10 year old posing topless on vogue.
  • cindyluwallace 2011/08/10 21:03:10
    Hell I dont know what the age of consent is in Australia. I know its 18 in USA and 16 in Purto Rico which could get you on sexual preditors list if you screw up and have a 16year old photo from PR on your computer. Federal Trade commission also opened up Social Media background checks to everyone while all was watching the circus in DC over extending the debt. So be careful what you say on email and twitter facebook etc. Some prospecitive employer may tell you that your over qualified and suggest you become a Nevada escort. Or apply at Hooters instead of applying for a boring computer job!!
  • Darr247 cindylu... 2011/10/06 14:35:17
    The age of consent varies by state; it is NOT age 18 everywhere in the USA. The statutory age is 16 here in Michigan and quite a few other states, and I think the youngest is age 14 in Mississippi (Google it!).

    Also, working at Hooters is about the same as any other waitressing job - you wear a uniform, smile at and serve the customers. At least the uniforms (spandex T-shirt and orange shorts, shiny tights and running shoes - all specific/approved brands so they match) aren't polyester like McD's, and the waitresses are allowed to accept tips, which means the official salary (if the customers are bums and don't tip) is probably less than minumum wage.
  • Sexy234 2011/08/06 17:10:01
    i think its hotttt
  • ArielleMorse 2011/08/05 19:51:42
    I don't see a problem with it really... I mean, she's a teenager and at the Risk of making myself soiund a little sick... There are kids, willingly, having sex at this age with other boys ranging from 12 to 18 (sometimes even older). Hell, back in the middle-ages 15 was considered an Adult, and even in some countries if you're tall enough to reach the counter your tall enough to drink.

    My rant went way off... I think it's fine for teenagers to be modeling so long as they look like an adult. Hell, most teenagers today you can't even tell if they are a teenager or an adult because they WANT to be looked at like an adult.
  • mo 2011/08/05 17:27:15
    Looks like they are training the youngest Kardashian to be a ho as well.
  • Paul 2011/08/05 15:23:03
    I don't see the problem with modeling the bikini. Maybe child labor laws could be in question here, but I somehow doubt that as well. Not much different than other entertainers helping their kids follow in footsteps in the industry. Are people more angry because their kids don't have the oppurtunity these kids are getting?
  • Paul Paul 2011/08/05 15:34:49
    I'm 50 yrs old and can remember girls my same age in much skimpier suits than that when I was 15. Some of them skinny as heck also worried about their wieght. There is nothing new or different than it was 35 yrs ago is my point
  • cindylu... Paul 2011/08/10 21:10:06
    Ya well when you were 15 you didn't have a nanny state fed gov that tries to control even what you eat at McDonalds. Ronald Reagan and Bob Hope advertized for Chesterfield cigarettes. But now, if you look at a cigarette your suppose to die of lung cancer before 50! How did they live so dam long???
  • <3<3kitty<3<3 2011/08/05 06:19:34
    she 15 thats not a problem to wear a bikini. im 15 and i wear bikinis and girls my age wear waaay worse so wats the proble,.
  • The Br-o-ken Kid From Yeste... 2011/08/04 22:45:09
    The Br-o-ken Kid From Yesterday
    But you can tell that's photoshopped...look at the skin tone of the head and then the body....they are too different to be her
  • Mariann... The Br-... 2011/08/08 09:27:28
    I was thinking the same thing when I looked at her pic. Looks weird doesn't it.
  • The Br-... Mariann... 2011/08/10 03:20:00
    The Br-o-ken Kid From Yesterday
    yeah. it can't be her body. but whoever's body it is, they are too skinny
  • The Pot... The Br-... 2011/08/15 13:10:38
    The Potato Princess
    It could be. They could've just done her makeup badly. Or she tanned awkwardly. Or something. Or the lighting.
  • The Br-... The Pot... 2011/08/16 06:29:38
    The Br-o-ken Kid From Yesterday
    highly doubt that
  • The Pot... The Br-... 2011/08/16 11:05:16
    The Potato Princess
  • The Br-... The Pot... 2011/08/16 23:59:01
    The Br-o-ken Kid From Yesterday
    it seems too fake
  • The Pot... The Br-... 2011/08/17 00:21:16
    The Potato Princess
  • stu The Pot... 2011/10/27 03:54:43
    it is the lighting. teens(including myself) have oily skin around that age so when you put it in bright light, it looks much shinier. and almost any professional pic is going to be shopped in one way or another
  • The Pot... stu 2011/10/27 10:14:13
    The Potato Princess
    That's what I thought.
  • Pocahontas 2011/08/04 20:37:37
    not too young, she looks older. the pic itself looks like it has been taken 30 years ago.
  • Keith 2011/08/04 16:30:04
    Too much skin way, way to skinny for a 15 year old. How many more daughters does that "mother" have left to pimp out?
  • Paul Keith 2011/08/11 00:05:48
  • Keith Paul 2011/08/11 06:45:08
  • harasnicole 2011/08/04 16:20:51
    The bikini she's wearing isn't showing any skin she shouldn't be showing, and yeah, she may appear to be "too skinny," but for all we know she could just have a fast metabolism.

    She's a legit model making a name for herself. She's fine.
  • Luke 2011/08/04 16:04:26
    Come on man.....if your over 21 and look to long you'll get arrested so why display the package if it's not ready to ship???
  • GrumpyCat 2011/08/04 15:01:53
    Who is this girl? Honestly...?
  • Suzy_Q 2011/08/04 14:54:29
  • Keith Suzy_Q 2011/08/04 16:37:58
    and that makes the exploitation of young girls ok?

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