"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." Tell me, WHY would you, as an individual, want to keep your enemies closer?

BGIRL_ROX 2010/03/21 13:06:28
I agree with you! (Explain why please!)
I disagree with you! (Explain why please!)
Uh...how about Frenemies?
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I thought of this saying out of the blue. So, then I started to wonder: WHY would I want to keep such people closer to me than my own friends? My answer? I wouldn't. I mean, keeping friends close, that's one thing, but to keep my enemies closer? Not in this life time.
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  • none 2010/03/23 23:50:32
  • Kati~Hopelessly In Love~ 2010/03/21 21:37:06
    I disagree with you! (Explain why please!)
    Kati~Hopelessly In Love~
    the reason why i disagree with you is because the reason someone would want to keep their friends close and their enemies closer is because you never know when your enemy will want to kill you. That's just my opinion.
  • Waiting 2010/03/21 13:38:13
    I disagree with you! (Explain why please!)
    You want your enemies closer so you can always keep an eye on them.
  • mojo 2010/03/21 13:24:24
    I agree with you! (Explain why please!)
  • Tomz_de_enigma 2010/03/21 13:23:43
    I agree with you! (Explain why please!)
    When your enemies get closer we get to know them better and judge their moves.
    Besides that, when you get closer you may forget your enemity and become friends...:)
  • Scud 2010/03/21 13:23:12
    I disagree with you! (Explain why please!)
    I think you misunderstand the saying.

    It's just saying that it's good to know what your enemys are up to because they are the one's who are against you. You don't need to know what your friends are going to do as much because you can trust that they will do the right thing by you.

    A true friend stabs you in the front.
  • Annie 2010/03/21 13:22:40
    I disagree with you! (Explain why please!)
    You keep your enemies close so you know what they are planning to do to you. Its called "Watch and Learn"
  • ღ αℓιcﻉinиєνєяℓαи∂ ღ FEAR 2010/03/21 13:17:18 (edited)
    Uh...how about Frenemies?
    ღ αℓιcﻉinиєνєяℓαи∂ ღ FEAR
    Because when you don't like somebody, you don't want to get to know them. right?

    Well, if you get closer to them and get to know them, you'll see a new person, someone you won't get to see, if your not close to that person, maybe you'll become friends, instead of enemies. Get it?
  • xXRainBowizmXx 2010/03/21 13:13:06
    Uh...how about Frenemies?
    Well. . . This quote means :
    If yew REALLY REALLY Dislike that Person. Get to know her and her Weaknesses.
    Then hurt her REAL Bad When yew know it's the time. Either Emotionally Or Physically. x3
    But Getting to know her well is also Maybe a CHANCE Fer yew to be friends with her ;)
    It's just another Chance, More like faith is giving Yew Second thoughts x3 Get it? :DD
  • calvin 2010/03/21 13:09:12
    I agree with you! (Explain why please!)
    you will know when your enemies will screw you over

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