Katy Perry Dyes Her Hair Purple: Better or Worse Than Blue?

Living 2012/04/16 17:00:00
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She's done it again. Longtime blue-haired beauty Katy Perry has dyed her hair purple, People reports. "Somehow in the middle of all this… I found time to change my hair color… Finally… #takeaguess #foreverawalkingpantonepalette," she tweeted Thursday.

Perry revealed her new look at the Coachella music festival over the weekend. While we'll always be partial to Katy's raven tresses, she's also had blonde hair this year, among other colors. So are all the changes damaging to her pretty hair?

"I know she does [at-home conditioning treatments], because she always calls me and asks me to send her more product," Perry’s stylist, Rita Hazan, told People in December. "She takes it seriously because she likes to keep her hair healthy. It doesn’t just stop at the salon -- it has to continue at home, too, and she understands that."

While we're still getting used to the purple, this lady looks surprisingly gorgeous in just about any hair color. Do you agree?
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  • Melizmatic 2012/04/16 18:05:24
  • smitty 2012/04/16 18:01:27
    It's better than her singing.
  • vahid 2012/04/16 17:55:04
    bad,bad bad
  • Boo<3 2012/04/16 17:51:32
    I like it(: I like fun colored hair! Mine is purple!
    It's not that she is "starving for attention" she just doesn't care about what people think. Which they shouldn't it's her hair. She will do with it what she pleases. We all have this "image" on how we think celebrities should look. And when they don't match that, people get mean and hateful. People need to remember that famous people are normal just like us, they just have a special talent.
  • Pixie·Ÿ... Boo<3 2012/04/16 20:14:44 (edited)
  • BaLou 2012/04/16 17:26:31
    Is this woman this starved for attention?
  • Boo<3 BaLou 2012/04/16 17:52:59
    No, she is just a person who likes to do fun things with her hair and doesnt care what people think.
  • smitty Boo<3 2012/04/16 18:02:31
    No it is because she can't sing and she needs something to keep her career moving.
  • Aquaduck smitty 2012/04/16 21:55:07
    okay i'm not even a fan of hers but she does not need hair to keep her career moving. 2011 was her biggest year, Teenage Dream had soo many #1's. i dnt even listen to radio or watch tv anymore (mostly because i think it's all BS nowadays) and i still know she was overexposed. and besides, i know of several popsingers who couldnt sing who still had successful careers, even more so than other singers with amazing voices (i know it's sad, but it's still true).
  • smitty Aquaduck 2012/04/16 22:09:49
    Well yeah.. that is my point. She needs it to keep her career moving.
  • smitty BaLou 2012/04/16 18:02:59
  • BaLou smitty 2012/04/16 18:04:59

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