Kate Middleton Wears Black Velvet: Should Velvet Make a Comeback?

Living 2011/12/20 22:00:00
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If you're old enough to remember fashion in the '80s and the '90s, you know that wearing velvet was a thing. Well, it's back, thanks to Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge showed off her toned arms Monday night in a strapless black velvet gown by Alexander McQueen, USA Today reports.

Kate was all decked out (along with William and Harry) for the "Night of Heroes: The Sun Military Awards," sponsored by The Sun tabloid at the Imperial War Museum in London. The dress reportedly cost more than $6,600, and was very similar to one that Princess Diana wore 30 years ago:

"...I am so glad Kate is finally wearing black: it's a sign she has grown up," The Daily Mail's fashion director Liz Jones raved. "...Comparisons will inevitably be drawn between this dress and the 1981 black satin strapless gown by the Emanuels worn by Diana, but the difference is Diana then was not woman enough to carry it off. She still looked like a little girl. You need to be womanly to carry off black, and this dress tells me there is something different about Kate already. She has matured, and she looks sexy... probably for the first time."

Hmm ... we think Kate has been looking sexy for quite some time, but that's another matter. We're kind of excited that she's bringing velvet "back." How about you?
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  • MinaM8 2012/01/22 05:05:49
    Yes, definitely!
    So pretty! It looks nice and vintage.
  • Erin Innocent 2011/12/27 20:33:34
    Yes, definitely!
    Erin Innocent
    not because she wears it though, and she looks great in it
    but becasue its soft, comy, warm, and i personaly love it!
    favorite fabric :3
  • birdie1224 2011/12/27 05:45:10
    Yes, definitely!
    She looks beautiful as always
  • Queen Katherine 2011/12/24 18:42:33
    Yes, definitely!
    Queen Katherine
    Velvet is awesome =)
  • Emily 2011/12/24 16:39:54
    Yes, definitely!
    It's such a beautiful and rich material! Looks great...
  • momma24 2011/12/23 20:36:43
    Yes, definitely!
    She is just stunning in that dress!
  • qwebster 2011/12/23 18:33:06
    Yes, definitely!
    whats wrong with velvet and who is to say what is or isnt in? wear what you want people and stop caring about what everyone else thinks. you'll be much happier that way.
  • Tpem 2011/12/22 23:38:16
    Yes, definitely!
    What a beauty!
  • Moony 2011/12/22 20:05:48 (edited)
    Yes, definitely!
    I wasn't aware that 'velvet' went out(?) home alone girl face
  • ToMuchToDo 2011/12/22 17:43:11
    No way
    I think most people wear this during the holiday season, or occassionally the red carpet.
  • Hollis Carroll 2011/12/22 10:06:05
    Yes, definitely!
    Hollis Carroll
    yes please.
  • Sandy 2011/12/21 21:23:59
    No way
    It is okay for some holiday stuff... but seriously it is a lint magnet...
  • Stacie's Mirage 2011/12/21 21:11:26
    Yes, definitely!
    Stacie's Mirage
    When the right person wears it....Kate looks gorgeous in it!
  • EricVanSingleton 2011/12/21 20:42:03
    Yes, definitely!
    It works on Kate Middleton.
  • freakoutnow... cuz mom's here 2011/12/21 19:52:22
    Yes, definitely!
    freakoutnow... cuz mom's here
    I love wearing velvet, satin, suede, silk, lace, denim, and leather! Velvet should make a comeback.
  • out damned spot 2011/12/21 19:41:57
  • barby karring 2011/12/21 19:40:14
    Yes, definitely!
    barby karring
    Fabrics that you can't go wrong with 'Ever' and are classic timeless trendsetters; no matter who's wearing them are.... (drumroll) "Velvet..Lace..Satin..Silk and Leather" all are very sexy materials which speaks for itself. A must have of all to have a place in your wardrobe closet to be worn whenever you feel like dressing casual elegant. So the answer is yes Kate is right on cue with velvet.
  • UNCLESAYSAY 2011/12/21 19:23:22
    No way
    Not for most people
  • Lee The Hybrid Snowflake 2011/12/21 19:05:34
    Yes, definitely!
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
    I think she looks gorgeous and I like velvet.
  • hannah 2011/12/21 18:58:03
    No way
    i dont find velvet attractive at all
  • workdrone 2011/12/21 18:31:52
    Yes, definitely!
    If You Please
  • Stella Bella 2011/12/21 17:41:03
    Yes, definitely!
    Stella Bella
    Black velvet for the holiday season is awesome.
  • wpsark 2011/12/21 15:48:34 (edited)
    No way
    never liked it, dont' like the way it looks and especially don't like the way it feels..besides, I have indoor pets, if I wore velvet, I couldn't make it out the door without looking like a used lint brush..
  • S* 2011/12/21 15:48:18
    Yes, definitely!
    It already has, obviously.
  • Bay 2011/12/21 15:14:11
    Yes, definitely!
    i love velvet. always have, always will.
  • SamehhAnnMarie 2011/12/21 15:13:04
    No way
  • glasspixel 2011/12/21 15:07:07
    Yes, definitely!
    Funny, I just took out a purple velvet top out of storage to start wearing again. Velvet in the winter is fantastic.
  • La 2011/12/21 15:01:04
    Yes, definitely!
  • Soms Cougli 2011/12/21 14:59:45
  • Otaku Link 2011/12/21 14:58:17
    Yes, definitely!
    Otaku Link
    IT went away?
  • boiyaza 2011/12/21 14:37:59
  • Charmed... boiyaza 2011/12/22 01:43:51
    I'd like to think most people already wear clean underwear.
  • boiyaza Charmed... 2011/12/22 02:00:20
    yea you would like to think but really do you really think the people you hang around wear clean underwear
  • KoH. 2011/12/21 14:32:47
    Yes, definitely!
    i love it but then again i'd hate it if everyone is gonna start wearing it just because Kate is
  • Stonecipher 2011/12/21 13:32:55
    Yes, definitely!
    As long as in presentable and good taste, Yes!
  • Bruno Costa 2011/12/21 12:40:48
    Yes, definitely!
    Bruno Costa
    That's very good!
  • Rebecca 2011/12/21 12:28:25
    Yes, definitely!
    I love velvet, but it is hard to take are of. No probs for the Princess though...Beautiful dress on her.
  • Max7 2011/12/21 12:00:07
    Yes, definitely!
    I never knew that wearing velvet wasn't in, I have a very nice red and black velvet outfit, both are quite chic. My outfits were purchased way after the 80's & 90's, maybe it depends on what part of the states you're in. Holiday black and red velvet dresses Holiday black and red velvet dresses Holiday black and red velvet dresses I'd say it's still in, and still stylish.
  • Boris D. 2011/12/21 10:58:33
    Yes, definitely!
    Boris D.
  • Lucid 2011/12/21 09:26:25
    No way
    I love the dress on Kate but the really annoying thing about velvet is it always ends up covered in bits of fluff. its OK if you're royalty or whatever cos you can just get people to follow you around with sticky tape all the time, but for a regular person like me, velvet is way too high maintenance.
    Kate looks great though and as a British woman myself i'm glad she always looks so nice because it proves that not all british women are crooked toothed hags as I feel we are often portrayed!

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