Kate Gosselin on The View: How was Kate's Performance?

JadedTLC 2009/09/14 19:00:41
Kate Gosselin's The View guest spot was touching.
Kate Gosselin is such a faker.
I think Kate Gosselin ...
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Kate Gosselin has weathered a crumbling marriage while her estranged husband Jon continues to proclaim his love for his new girlfriend. Mr. Gosselin says he loves his girlfriend more than he ever loved Kate. Kate, guest hosting The View Monday, admitted she melted down this weekend at her Wernersville, Pennsylvania house. How did she do?
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  • milesrose 2009/11/24 09:40:55
    Kate Gosselin is such a faker.
    Epic faker. She treated Jon like shit before Divorce talkings and after.
  • hcurrie7 2009/09/19 01:21:07
    Kate Gosselin is such a faker.
    At least she kept her smart ass mouth shut, but I guess when she actually has someone besides Jon to jump on she might not be so smart or smart ass. I am so sick of seeing this hatefilled bitch I could vomit. There is only one woman I am sick of seeing more and that is Octocunt
  • Kennedy1st 2009/09/14 22:53:18
    Kate Gosselin is such a faker.
    Make the Gosselins go away...far,far away.
    Kennedy kate gosselin faker gosselins farfar kennedy
  • TD 2009/09/14 19:38:35
    I think Kate Gosselin ...
    Is Awesome in every sense of the word!! I want to meet her and give her a big hug!!
  • JadedTLC 2009/09/14 19:06:11
    I think Kate Gosselin ...
    has a lot to get on with her life. I think the show should end, in the best taste for the children. But I also think Jon is an idiot in the middle of a mid-life crisis. He should shut up and quit going to parties.

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