Justin Bieber's Gold Face Mask: Silly or Sensible?

Living 2012/01/10 17:00:00
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OK, we know that Justin Bieber is harassed by paparazzi and tween girls alike, and he probably has a very hard time going anywhere in public without being noticed. But did the Biebs really think wearing a gold face mask would help him escape from all that attention?

Bieber walked among regular tourists at Los Angeles' Venice Beach boardwalk last week with his father Jeremy and a friend, wearing this bizarre gold mask, The Daily Mail reports. Yup, this makes Michael Jackson look normal by comparison.

However, while the mask allowed Bieber to watch a street performer and enjoy an orange beverage in peace, somebody figured him out somehow -- perhaps thanks to his new Jesus tattoo.

And even though he turns 18 in March, Bieber tells V magazine he won't change. "I'm not going to try to conform to what people want me to be or go out there and start partying, have people see me with alcohol. ... I don't want to start singing about things like sex, drugs and swearing," he says in a new interview.

But the Biebs is definitely a romantic. "I'm into love, and maybe I'll get more into making love when I'm older. But I want to be someone who is respected by everybody," he adds.

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  • Pattie 2012/06/07 14:47:16
    Fans and paps should respect the privacy of celebs then disguises wouldn't be necessary. Just leave him alone and let him live his life. When he's at an public event or performing is his time to share with you. He gives more than enough of himself to his fans.
  • Ladybug 2012/01/26 01:13:53
    Silly....'nuf said
  • megan 2012/01/24 17:13:16
  • LilMissLOL 2012/01/24 06:52:17
    So what if it's silly, he's a teenage boy, let him be one.
    He's just goofing off and having fun, stop making such a big deal about it.
  • 2585661 2012/01/18 01:51:25
    What a dumbass.
  • BARRY0619 2012/01/16 14:58:10
    Thought this was interesting:
  • LilMissLOL BARRY0619 2012/01/24 06:53:16
    Not a single one of them look like him.
  • BARRY0619 LilMissLOL 2012/01/24 13:54:32
    They most certainly do. Maybe when you get out of high school you will open your eyes to reality.
  • LilMissLOL BARRY0619 2012/01/26 02:30:32
    What the hell has this got to do with "opening my eye's to reality"?! We're talking about a bunch of chicks which look nothing like Justin Bieber.
  • Ardwin_Viesheight 2012/01/14 21:30:54
    -Facepalm- Oh god.... >.<
  • Icon 2012/01/14 18:17:58 (edited)
    Absolutely ridiculous. It looks like he's ready to rob a bank.
  • SILLYTJ 2012/01/14 15:31:20
    lol ha probly a diskask so people don,t know its beaver head

    justin beavers gold face mask
  • devon.stearns.lautner 2012/01/13 07:52:55
    It may be silly to be walking around with a mask on but it does seem like he still wants to be a regular guy, but with being a singer, actor, musician there is a price to pay. Fame isn't always about the glamour, and beauty but once your out there spotted it will take a huge adjustment to get used to, and down sides to it too. He wants to blend in, and just be a regular guy, but with his fans are just over top. Bieber had to burn his underwear because two crazed fans dressed up as maids and snuck into his room and steal the guy's underwear. Celebs do have a life of their own too even if they are hugely dedicated to their fans.
  • Jessica Schultz 2012/01/13 06:08:12
    Jessica Schultz
    Really strange..
  • hannah 2012/01/13 05:00:56
    woooow thats not noticible at all
  • eLiSe :) 2012/01/13 02:56:17
  • Toni-Ann 2012/01/12 23:49:53
    that is just ridiculous face it like a man!!
  • M. Aronson 2012/01/12 22:50:34
    M. Aronson
    Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb!!!!!
  • eLiSe :) M. Aronson 2012/01/13 02:48:30
  • rebecca eLiSe :) 2012/01/13 13:40:23
    i know
  • eLiSe :) rebecca 2012/01/14 00:43:51
    eLiSe :)
    thank you!!!!!!
  • rebecca eLiSe :) 2012/01/14 00:46:12
  • beckylee eLiSe :) 2012/01/16 05:29:16 (edited)
    Wearing something like that is obviously going to get you noticed, no matter where you are, so it's dumb to try and hide yourself like that. He wants to hide himself in plain sight, fine, fair enough, but he needs to find a smarter way to do it and cover up that tattoo of jesus that everyone knows he has on his leg. So, yeah...very, very dumb.
  • eLiSe :) beckylee 2012/01/18 22:16:27
    eLiSe :)
    ur right, now tht i think about it, he could of just pulled a hoody over his head. but i still dont blame him for wanting just to enjoy himself. obviously the mask was dumb but u can tell wht hes trying to do.
  • beckylee eLiSe :) 2012/01/18 22:36:21
    Exactly. He just wanted to get out, but he probably should have thought it through.
  • eLiSe :) beckylee 2012/01/18 22:43:11
    eLiSe :)
    Yeah i agree.
  • Kezzi Rose Lavigne Biersack 2012/01/12 17:26:36
    Kezzi Rose Lavigne Biersack
    Very silly
  • Natasha 2012/01/12 11:23:52
  • VIctoria 2012/01/12 01:51:48
    it would look better if he was "Hollywood Undead" :)
  • sally 2012/01/11 07:28:09
    Really? Because people will sooo not stop and stare at you if you're wearing a gold mask covering your face.

    But I do admire that he says he not going to start having explicit songs. Most songs don't need swear words but that's just my opinion.
  • Jane Constant 2012/01/11 05:24:32
    Jane Constant
    He sucks.
  • he$ha 2012/01/11 04:48:23
    zG zG zG zG zG zG zG zG zG !
  • Jack the Dude 2012/01/11 03:57:34
    Jack the Dude
    Wow, he looks like 1000000 X better!! I can't see his face, perfect.
  • eLiSe :) Jack th... 2012/01/13 02:50:14
    eLiSe :)
    Ewwwwwww u like Obama!!! Obama sucks balls! Everyone hates him. He's a stupid democrat. Dumb demcrats. He's worse then jb.
  • Jack th... eLiSe :) 2012/01/13 03:16:52
  • eLiSe :) Jack th... 2012/01/13 03:28:48
  • Jack th... eLiSe :) 2012/01/13 03:42:09 (edited)
  • eLiSe :) Jack th... 2012/01/13 03:56:28
  • Jack th... eLiSe :) 2012/01/13 04:23:28 (edited)
  • eLiSe :) Jack th... 2012/01/13 04:54:41

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