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  • MlssCue... frequen... 2012/07/17 23:55:32
    MlssCue =Go Blue=
    I still have a video store open by me but it's very uncommon & they don't have nearly the selection they use to. It was a big deal, almost as big as going to the movies!
  • frequen... MlssCue... 2012/07/18 00:04:40
    All three video stores where I live shut down (including Blockbuster). Another one randomly popped up where Blockbuster used to be, and is surprisingly doing well. I can't help but find that a little baffling.

    But I agree with you there! Just wish admission and food sales weren't getting so expensive.
  • MlssCue... frequen... 2012/07/18 04:36:05
    MlssCue =Go Blue=
    Oh I know. I don't even go to the movies because of that! I could buy a blue-ray player & a couple of movies for the cost of a family going. There's just no movie I want to see that bad. Unless it's a matinee price, in which case I still don't buy snacks. Oh & the one video place by me, is Family Video, which so many of their movies are crap & need to be replaced.
  • Jaroslav Dantes 2012/07/16 16:16:26
    Highest Paid Jobs in the World
    Jaroslav Dantes
    Without work, I could not live, so I wanted to have another job that is much better.
  • RepubliTurd Hater 2012/07/16 15:38:23
    Olympics: Then Vs. Now
    RepubliTurd Hater
    Let's see something NOT politically or economically based for once
  • Kingarthurup 2012/07/16 15:22:12
    Evolution of Board Games
    that or the evolution of the Democrat party...LOL
  • Bob P. ... Kingart... 2012/07/16 21:31:27
    Bob P. Clarkson
    I'd rather see one about theEe-evolution of the Democrat party.
  • Miss Bren's Law 2012-2013 2012/07/16 14:48:40
    Olympics: Then Vs. Now
    Miss Bren's Law 2012-2013
    As someone over the age of 30, I do remember what start of the Summer/Winter Olympics meant, and the "feel" it gave to all of us.. Just not there anymore, and the Olympics do not stand alone in this change of "United" feeling that long ago, was very strong and powerful.. Just as Christmas has lost the feeling of "Untied and Together" no longer exists. Such a shame-
  • tommy 2012/07/16 14:30:11
    Highest Paid Jobs in the World
    Money is everyone's main cncern. o
  • foy49 2012/07/16 14:25:20 (edited)
    Exploration of Prescription Drug Marketing
    Because Aetna is asking me for a $4'000.oo a month in perscription Co Pays, in addition to

    $4000.oo a year in deductabuls, and $12'817.48 in anual premums.

    Grand total = $64'817.oo a year, for a basic health policy and percriptions, to cover my wife and my self.

    I need ACCOUNT ABILITY, on ACCOUNT of, I can't afford this on $30'000.oo a year ?

    "Greatest Helth Care System in the World" NOT !

    I "HOPE" we get "CHANGE" we can live with ? (not for profit)

    If not we will be drawing straws to see who is subject to the Aetna "Death Panels"

    (KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY OBAMA CARE) Health Care Costs Are Killing Us
  • Republi... foy49 2012/07/16 15:35:39
    RepubliTurd Hater
    Exactly Repugna Clowns need to quit trying to stop Obamacare!
  • Bob P. ... Republi... 2012/07/16 21:33:45
    Bob P. Clarkson
    And that would keep Democrap hands out of my pockets, How?
  • Quinni 2012/07/16 14:22:41
    Exploration of Prescription Drug Marketing
    Let's see what Big Pharma's up to. Might as well throw in an update on Codex Alimentarius while you're at it.

  • IIIPercenter 2012/07/16 13:24:42
    Highest Paid Jobs in the World
    A good thing to know who's REALLY earning the bucks, eh? Maybe people will start to see that Obama is spending YOUR money because he never had much money to begin with.
  • IIIPerc... IIIPerc... 2012/07/16 19:10:43
    And yeah. ObamaCare. Where is this money coming from? Surely not Obama. It's coming out of your paycheck. 'Hope' you have some 'change' in your pocket after you pay your bills.
  • Azazyel's Dragon 2012/07/16 12:22:16
    Exploration of Prescription Drug Marketing
    Azazyel's Dragon
    What a beautifully corrupt system that still thrives in the United States system! America is a land of free marketing and free rx drug samples from your doctor. God bless "Viva Viagra" and Lunesta of sorts.
  • Drake 2012/07/16 12:08:54
  • S&W Foty Foe Mag 2012/07/16 12:05:09
    Exploration of Prescription Drug Marketing
    S&W Foty Foe Mag
    I am actually more interested in "Brad Paisley", "SHAKIRA", and "The Band Perry" hooking up together, and doing a fund raising concert for President Obama!!!
  • Alexander T Steward 2012/07/16 11:51:32
  • Mary Ann 2012/07/16 11:47:13
    Highest Paid Jobs in the World
    Mary Ann
    Those where the days my friend.....we thought they never end.....
  • SteamTrunkDolly 2012/07/16 11:44:59
    Exploration of Prescription Drug Marketing
    ALL BUT THIS 'TOPIC' 'RX Drug...' IS JUST SO MUCH FLUFF & PASSÉ ... GIVE ME SOMETHING IN INFO. THAT HAS EDGE ON IT! If I'm going to take an interest in something 'info' in nature, there has to be some substance... I mean, a topic that really has/could have an impact on my life in some way. (Olympics... aye, watching never changed my life! Highest Paid Jobs... don't have 1 aren't gonna get one. Board games... BORED-snooze. Life & Death of Video... and the 'point' being... all good things come to an end?). THIS IS JUST ONE WOMAN'S OPINION, BUT HEY, HERE'S AN 'Info Graph' STATISTICALLY O~8>- "Every person who speaks out publicly, REPRESENTS THE VOICE OF OVER 2,000 PEOPLE"... SO KEEP SQUEAK'N THE WHEEL BABES! OPINION poll big wheel statistics 1 voice   2 000
  • Rich Matarese 2012/07/16 11:10:15
    Exploration of Prescription Drug Marketing
    Rich Matarese
    None of these ideas is particularly PERSONALLY appealing to me, but as a physician I have to say that the one most professionally interesting has to be a graphic on prescription drug marketing.

    Might put emphasis on a graphic reflecting the estimated profits made by the PhRMA member manufacturers by way of efforts found in violation of Title 21 CFR §202.1 by the FDA's Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising, and Communications (DDMAC).

    Such violations of the regs happen all the time, and are subject to all sorts of penalties.

    But do the drug companies make enough money from the sales promoted by these "off-label" tricks to justify the prices they have to pay when the regulators catch up with them?
  • SteamTr... Rich Ma... 2012/07/16 11:56:14
    Excellent answer/opinion! I chose the same 'info graph' the only 'non-fluff' choice.
  • MikeWon 2012/07/16 10:55:58 (edited)
  • SteamTr... MikeWon 2012/07/16 12:12:18
    well Mike... Marijuana is NOT a manufactured drug, BUT at least you're show'n an interest in a topic with substance. (Ebonics version> U go bo-o-o-y-y-e-e, no hed games 'bout' trash talk'n... fer U... fer re-e-el... so git UR joke smok'n on, an kee thyink'n ow loud, ite!
  • umapathy Krishnamurthy 2012/07/16 10:43:27
    Exploration of Prescription Drug Marketing
    umapathy Krishnamurthy
    Because pharma business is growth is multicolour and no transparency
  • Healingme 2012/07/16 10:42:16
    Olympics: Then Vs. Now
    The Olympics,it's around the corner
  • beach bum 2012/07/14 11:28:19
    Olympics: Then Vs. Now
    beach bum
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2012/07/14 00:55:22
    Exploration of Prescription Drug Marketing
  • Daryl 2012/07/13 22:49:59 (edited)
    Highest Paid Jobs in the World
  • Fef 2012/07/13 22:33:57
    Olympics: Then Vs. Now
    The Olympic Games start soon -- I find this a very relevant topica. The others look like good infographics, but they can wait for another time.
    An infographic about the Olympics will get more media coverage
    infographic olympics
  • Striker Fef 2012/07/16 19:31:17
    If NONE of the above had been available, I would have said I find no value in any of them.

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