John Hagee - Jesus is Coming Soon

evangelism_vision 2012/11/18 02:16:23
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  • princess 2012/11/23 11:03:58
    And he's correct.
  • evangel... princess 2012/11/23 19:48:36
    I keep looking Up
  • Ryan Gleeson 2012/11/18 06:35:30
    Ryan Gleeson
    I agree.
  • peggy 2012/11/18 04:04:07
    Love John Hagee. I followed his ministry from the beginning. I do believe Jesus is coming back very very soon. The earth is in birth pains...soon we that believe shall meet him in the air. Amen
  • RICK 2012/11/18 02:32:45
    This guy gives christians a bad name
  • evangel... RICK 2012/11/18 02:55:30
    I actually like John Hagee and I like his ministry. We all may disagree, but God is the Final Judge right?
  • RICK evangel... 2012/11/18 02:58:30
    Final judgement yes.Only god knows when that will be not man.
  • evangel... RICK 2012/11/18 03:00:43
    That is true but I believe that the Rapture of the Church is close and I believe that the biblical Signs around us point to Jesus returning very soon. I am ready!
  • beachbum evangel... 2012/11/18 03:02:48
    Agree..........we are seeing signs right before our eyes. Sadly, many will choose not to believe.
  • RICK evangel... 2012/11/18 03:05:05
    Im glad you are(not being sarcastic)but I honestlydo not when or if it will happen in my life time.All though the world is definately a mess right now.So I just try to live as well as I can and help as many people as I can.Try to follow the teachings of Christ,however some days are harder than others.

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