JESUS' FEET COLOR ........ What were the color of JESUS' FEET ?

Dennis C Latham 2009/10/28 20:56:25
feet like unto fine brass
White Feet
Black Feet
Yellow Feet
Red Feet
Brown Feet
Blue Feet
Green Feet
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Revelation 1:14-15 (King James Version)
14His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;
15And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.
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  • Snaps mom 2009/10/28 21:56:12
    feet like unto fine brass
    Snaps mom
    He was born with brown feet..on the cross His feet were red with His blood sacrifice...Now He sits at the right hand of the Father with feet unto like fine brass.

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  • Kathy 2010/03/26 03:11:41
    feet like unto fine brass
    Bible says feet like unto fine brass as if burnt....the actual color of the brass shouldn't really matter.
    Can anyone tell me where in the bible God unlocks the cages in Hell? There's 8 in all.
  • Will 2009/11/11 17:41:25
    Brown Feet
    Jesus was brown
  • Old Soldier 2009/11/05 19:46:05
    feet like unto fine brass
    Old Soldier
    is what John said in Revelation, but most of Revelation is symbolic, however, even if it was actual, the discription has a hidden meaning that has to do with God's Nature. As to color, how does it stand up to; “Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.” (Colossians 3:11)

    “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28)

    The following is the test that one must pass;
    “Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering; Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.” (Colossians 3:11-12)

    People may wish that something as trivial as “color” would be the only test that they needed to pass.
    However, if one is a true Child of God, they know that we do “not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. (1st John 3:2)
  • reignfyr 2009/10/31 19:02:30 (edited)
    feet like unto fine brass
    feet fine brass

    This is what fine brass looks like once it has been tested (burned) by the furnace. It has to be treated with a special tool to get the shimmering, smooth, brass that you are used to seeing when you buy it in a store.

    So you tell me, what colors do you see?
  • Dennis ... reignfyr 2009/10/31 22:35:29
    Dennis C Latham
    the color of JESUS
  • reignfyr Dennis ... 2009/11/01 17:07:54
    Is this your answer? I don't understand.
  • Dennis ... reignfyr 2009/11/02 14:51:23
    Dennis C Latham
    yes ...

    I see many shades of brown and even the burned brass color and the bright and shiny also .....

    This is my ANSWER.
  • reignfyr Dennis ... 2009/11/03 05:09:08
    Alrighty then...
  • mae 2009/10/31 01:40:20
    feet like unto fine brass
    Who cares?
  • reignfyr mae 2009/10/31 19:09:55
    The person who asked the question cares. DUH.
  • Dennis ... reignfyr 2009/10/31 22:35:11
    Dennis C Latham
    and plus I wanted to see what others would say too ......
  • Dennis ... reignfyr 2009/10/31 22:35:11
    Dennis C Latham
    and plus I wanted to see what others would say too ......
  • mae reignfyr 2009/11/01 08:29:00
    I know but that is my candid feeling an I am entitled to it.
  • motowndem 2009/10/30 19:39:07
    feet like unto fine brass
    And Diamonds on the Soles of His Shoes.
  • Robby 2009/10/30 13:08:58
    feet like unto fine brass
    He's Jesus... He can have any color feet that He wants... maybe even argyle.
  • jacobsmomma98 2009/10/30 03:29:07
    feet like unto fine brass
    What does it matter when they walked this earth for our sin and shame?
  • Brandy 2009/10/29 19:11:29
    Brown Feet
    idk im really not sure cuz you didnt specificly say when and where His feet were at the time
  • wombat 2009/10/29 15:20:04
    Brown Feet
    I dont know but most ppl in ME are beige to umbra.
  • rosepetal 2009/10/29 12:49:02
    feet like unto fine brass
    I will take the Bible's discription like unto fine brass which is probably brown. But I don't give a damn what color he is he's my Lord and I love him. I also think as humans we make to much out of color, God made us all and we did not have a choice in the matter.
  • fisherman 2009/10/29 05:41:45
    Brown Feet
    i would imagine he started out with brown feet ...i guess it all depends on what stage of his existence you are talking about . but i am pretty sure he started out with brown feet . and i hear he wont be back until he can tap dance and play piano again .
  • Covert Guy 2009/10/29 04:56:59 (edited)
    feet like unto fine brass
    Covert Guy
    I did some research, and this mosaic of Jesus is the oldest known portrait to exist of him ( created in 6 century AD )
    A 6th-century mosaic of Jesus at Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, and no undisputed record of what Jesus looked like is known to exist anywhere, but rumor has it Vatican city has an older (created in 1st century AD) egg tempera painting that has never been shown, or photographed, of Jesus.

    Anyway from this mosaic it would look like Jesus has a darker than normal skin, well darker than a white persons skin. I am guessing early european Galilean, Middle Eastern or Semitic.
    John the Baptist described Jesus as "his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. (whatever a paps and girdle are, ha!)
    So i'm going with John, " feet like unto fine brass ".

    paps golden girdle paps girdle ha john feet fine brass
  • GOODBYE... Covert Guy 2009/10/29 14:28:57
    There is a HUGE difference between "6 AD" and "6th Century AD". 6 AD means 6 years and 6th Century AD means 500 years later! Other than the biblical description,(translations vary) no one knows what Jesus looked like. The closest you can get is looking at modern Hebrews. And do you mean "1 AD" or "1st Century AD"?

    0-100 AD (1st century)
    100-200 AD (2nd century)
    200-300 AD (3rd century)

    Just like the 1900s was the 20th Century and this is the 21st century.
  • Covert Guy GOODBYE... 2009/10/29 14:59:38 (edited)
    Covert Guy
    Ha, yes i see what you mean, so that's why i missed that appointment, I'm 500 years off my schedule, LOL.
    I was talking of the 6th century AD, and the 1st centuryAD, not 6 or 1 AD, ha, don't know why I put it that way, go figure, thanks for the input.
    Changes have been made, you da man, ha!!!!!!!!
  • GOODBYE... Covert Guy 2009/10/29 16:43:19
    No problem. I figured that's what you meant.
  • Dennis ... GOODBYE... 2009/10/29 17:02:47
    Dennis C Latham
    but you tried to make yourself look smarter ?
  • GOODBYE... Dennis ... 2009/10/29 17:06:50

    But I am, I am! At least smarter than you anyway. *lol*

    Actually Dennis, I was pointing out an error that a lot of people make when counting centuries. I didn't do it in a rude way and Covert Guy even thanked me. That's how polite people do things. Unlike you.
  • Dennis ... GOODBYE... 2009/10/29 17:15:17
    Dennis C Latham
    you probably haven't told numerous lies on him ...

    you probably haven't been a racist towards him either
    you probably haven't tried to discredit what he does for a living

    but I know the real reason .......... because he's white ......
    and you didn't know he was one of my BEST and CLOSE FRIENDS

    another reason you aren't using your racist words now .....
    and you evil lies now .....

    So I say ...........
    A Contest where we start and finish at the same time ?

    We work on one project and let SodaHead decide .....
    and not just you being the judge ......
    ha ha ha ha
    this was almost 4 years ago .......

    you going to try and discredit what I do every day ?
    you are sad and sick - you challenged me but you refuse to start fairly.
  • GOODBYE... Dennis ... 2009/10/29 17:20:07
    You see race in everything Dennis.
    I'll bet you don't eat Oreos because they are white in the middle! *lol*

    Big whoop. That's amateur looking too. That must have taken you weeks to render. What's so special about that geometry? A hexagon with an video texture repeated on each face? Yawn!

    I don't discredit you Dennis. You do that well enough as it is.
    I didn't come here to discuss this. I was answering Covert Guy and helping him out. You have your pissing match if you want. It's your own feet that are getting wet.
  • Dennis ... GOODBYE... 2009/10/29 17:28:39
    Dennis C Latham
    your evil racist acts refuse to allow you to a real contest
    but instead you come here and flood a good poll with your hatred ......... gay racist and in denial - and not a christian
  • GOODBYE... Dennis ... 2009/10/29 18:04:34
    Look Dennis. The only thing flooded is your mind with paranoia. I wasn't even talking to you when I responded here. You started this crap. And as for your "contest", you challenged me to do the Sodahead logo and I not only did but it was better than yours. Don't be all huffy now that you have been bested. Leave that embarrassment of yours to that other blog. I did.

    I'm not gay but you sure are homophobic!
  • Dennis ... GOODBYE... 2009/10/29 18:09:26 (edited)
    Dennis C Latham
    you are a bald face lliar ....
    you continue to try and out do me on everything

    I made a SodaHead logo that took 5 minutes ....
    and show it to to you ..... and asked you to do the same

    you chose to try and not do the same and instead made a simple 3D spinning logo with my name and what ever in the animation ....

    so I then did a 30 second animation with camera movements ....

    you lied and said there was no reflection - there was reflection

    you lied and said no texture - there was texture

    you never admitted to being wrong
    all you try to do is degrade me and stereotype me into the blacks that you hate

    you have shown me your racism, your hatred and your gayish attitude ...... butch
  • GOODBYE... Dennis ... 2009/10/29 21:01:47
    "you couldn't even make a simple SodaHead logo"

    "I made a SodaHead logo that took 5 minutes ....
    and show it to to you ..... and asked you to do the same"

    Yeh....I did do the same only mine was better. Not just some stupid object laying there with crappy lighting and no textures!

    Your "animation" was 30sec? Try 11sec. And so what if the camera moved? You cut off half your text because the camera path was lousy!

    What did your animation reflect? It cast a crude shadow but reflections? Of what? On What? There are none!

    Colors are shaders, not textures. Yours had SIMPLE color shaders applied and NO TEXTURES! Unless you are calling that lame checkerboard a texture? *lol*

    *LOL* You try to make your lack of skill into a race issue? You are paranoid beyond words! You whine like a 3 year old that didn't get a toy while mommy was shopping for groceries!
  • mitch GOODBYE... 2009/10/29 23:57:07
    Actually Dennis is gay.
  • Robby Dennis ... 2009/10/30 13:14:14 (edited)
    Why even argue / some1 who can't even spell "Mustang" right? I get WHY he spelled it that way it just still looks stupid.)
  • mitch Dennis ... 2009/10/29 23:55:42
    probably because he is much smarter than you. smarter
  • Dennis ... GOODBYE... 2009/10/29 16:38:41
    Dennis C Latham
    um .... so you are too racist to follow the words of the Bible .. ?
    but you are a gay christia -- ooops a straight christian ....

    how sad ..... you just don't fit in anywhere .... do you ?

    PEOPLE ? Please pray for this lost and unfit soul .. who is in need of finding himself.
    straight christian sad fit people pray lost unfit soul finding
  • GOODBYE... Dennis ... 2009/10/29 16:50:56

    Those are translations and we all know how accurate they can be.
    Unless you are going to tell us now that God dictated the Bible in English?

    So tell me Dennis, why do you fear me so much to insult me without having anything of substance to offer to your topic? You are fixated on people being gay or racist or liars. Race has nothing to do with this topic.

    And yeh...I'm going to use the "Oh really Dennis?" gif everywhere now! *lol*
  • Dennis ... GOODBYE... 2009/10/29 17:02:01
    Dennis C Latham
    because you refused to answer the question and instead pick on individual people that you think you can beat up .........

    that's fine
    I bet you can't show me the wire frame version ..... if you really made it you could

    but if you paid someone ? you will have to wait for them to make it for you.
  • GOODBYE... Dennis ... 2009/10/29 17:12:06
    You lost that bet Dennis! *LOL* You are a born loser! *LMAO*
  • Dennis ... GOODBYE... 2009/10/29 17:15:59 (edited)
    Dennis C Latham
    what bet did I loose ?

    Since I've been asking for the wire frame since yesterday
    took you all that time to get it ?
    no you still have no proof
    and the top statement was probably added with photoshop

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