Jessica Simpson Flaunts Baby Bump: Red Hot Mama or TMI?

Living 2011/12/01 22:00:00
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The days of modest maternity wear are long over. The very pregnant Jessica Simpson flaunted her baby bump at Tuesday's Footwear News Achievement Awards, wearing a tight, curve-hugging red dress and red platform heels.

"I like wearing things more fitted," the 31-year-old told Us Weekly earlier this month. "You want to show off your bump! It's just so fun. You don't want to wear muumuus so you can moo around town." Simpson added that she already has plans for a delivery room outfit. "I'm probably going to deliver my baby in [4-inch YSL heels]...I went to the doctor yesterday and he said, 'You're gonna need to get out of those heels!' I was like, 'Excuse me! I'll be delivering in these heels!'"

If there's one thing Jessica loves, it's sharing. "People always say that pregnant women have a glow," Simpson recently told People. "And I say it’s because you’re sweating to death." On Nov. 4, she retweeted a post about how the average person "expels flatulence 15 times each day," adding, "The average pregnant woman farts 15 times that!"

Jessica looks great, but we kind of miss the days when pregnant women were allowed to look ... pregnant. Do you think Jessica looks like red hot? Or is that bulging baby bump TMI?
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  • beck 2011/12/02 01:54:50
    Red hot mama
    but imagine, if heels are painfull on a regular day, add 40+ and try keeping your balance. painfull heels

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  • Jeremiah 2011/12/14 23:00:48
    We realize you have a child. Stop bragging.
  • pink_fish_ 2011/12/10 06:12:25
    Red hot mama
    Jessica looks great! I don't think I've seen her look that good in a while... She should just shut up though...
  • Erin 2011/12/08 18:13:37
    I'm all about showing off the bump - I just don't think this dress is the best way - although the dress is cute
  • Tex 2011/12/05 23:41:48
    Red hot mama
    Pregnant women always have a glow about them.
  • YOMOMMA 2011/12/05 10:45:57
    Fugly!!! Go lay down.
  • ThinkAboutIt! 2011/12/05 09:09:39
    Red hot mama
    There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman!
  • notokand 2011/12/04 22:33:42
    Red hot mama
    I don't actually think she looks "Red hot", I just don't think it's TMI. She's preggo; I wish she'd keep some of prego-crap to herself with all that awkward tweeting.
  • DM Twin 2011/12/04 20:19:14
    Red hot mama
    DM Twin
    She looks great...very...doable say .
  • sm237 2011/12/04 19:59:17
    Red hot mama
    When you are hot you are hot no mater what condition you are in and she is in a beautiful condition right now.....
  • FencerCat 2011/12/04 18:13:58
    She's pregnant? I thought she just got really fat again... it's not just a baby bump, she's got a fat face, arms, etc... And I really don't care to see pregnant stomachs anyway. I find tight clothes on pregnant women very distasteful.
  • ❦TigerSound❦ 2011/12/04 17:05:37
    Red hot mama
    How is this TMI...?
  • Erin Innocent 2011/12/04 15:38:56
    Erin Innocent
    i get that she's pregnant, but in THAT dress-- she looks overweight and fat. i don't care if you show off a baby bump, but make sure it's in a way that makes it look like it really IS a bump. (when i first saw this picture, i actually thought she gained like 50 lbs.)
  • VIXXszpak 2011/12/04 10:56:36
    Red hot mama
    we just didnt really need to know about the pregnant women having to fart 15 times more than the average person per day. that was tmi.
  • jesusofsuburbia 2011/12/04 07:33:39
  • Beanybudd 2011/12/04 06:02:48
    Red hot mama
    How is it "Too Much Information"? Nothing is TMI about being pregnant...

    Sodahead living.....
    red foreman
  • lmw 2011/12/04 05:00:53
    Red hot mama
    Seriously though....the footwear news achievement awards?
  • jade 2011/12/04 03:50:22
    Red hot mama
    let her flaunt her pregancy how is that is TMI ? That dress is not very flattering however she should have gone for something a bit longer
  • ~IMHO~ 2011/12/04 02:52:27
    Hi, y'all.......I'm from Abiline, Texas........Bye, y'all !!!! XP
  • Muver 2011/12/04 01:39:01
    Red hot mama
    A better choice would have been a different color. Good to be proud to be pregnant, and glad that the days of hiding it like it was some sort of disease, or that (OMG...you MUST have had SEX) days are over.....but in her case, she has obviously added many pounds, and the dress is to short (her legs don't look that attractive) it is not doing anything to make her look attractive at all....the tightness does not bother me , 'cause how else could it be done.....but this outfit makes her look huge, not something a pregnant woman want to look, even tho they feel like a tank....
    Choose a dark color next time, like dark blue, brown or black....more elegant as well.
  • Doodley Goddess 2011/12/04 01:00:36
    Doodley Goddess
    in the picture to the left it doesn't look so great but the first picture looks quite nice
  • Joanna the Great 2011/12/04 00:46:42
    Red hot mama
    Joanna the Great
    why would you deliver a baby in heels? What in the hell is the point of that? You're not walking around, it's not going to match what you're wearing, and nobody gives a crap about what you're wearing at the time anyways. plus what if you kick someone, like the doctor delivering the baby?

    as far as showing off her baby bump, i think that's fine. Why should she hide it? Pregnancy isn't some dirty thing to be ashamed of,
  • Muver Joanna ... 2011/12/04 01:30:28
    I think she might be kidding about delivering in heels,,,,,'cause by the time she gets to that point, deadening shots or not, I'm not sure she will give a lot of thought to her shoes....at least I hope not..
    and then after the delivery, that cut or ripped v jay jay, is gonna hurt....no thinking about her feet then either....and if she ends up with a c-section she will rethink those shoes for a few days as well.. I feel certain she will be wheeled out of the hospital in she dazzle tho....

    Personally, her Dr. should insist she get out of those shoes....not good for her at all, and way to much danger of falling...irresponsible to me.....

    But I do love her line of shoes....So why would she choose YSL ones????
  • Joanna ... Muver 2011/12/04 15:00:08
    Joanna the Great
    yeah the danger of falling is scary, she should think more about her baby and less about the way her feet look.
  • Muver Joanna ... 2011/12/04 17:54:36
    For sure!!!
  • Jordan Moran 2011/12/04 00:26:10
    Jordan Moran
    Shes let herself go....I have no idea what TMI means, I had to put an answer and shes not a 'red hot mama', thats for sure.
  • lmw Jordan ... 2011/12/04 05:03:20
    If THAT is considered letting yourself go, sign me up!
  • Jordan ... lmw 2011/12/04 14:00:08
    Jordan Moran
    Whatever you're into :P
  • ETpro 2011/12/03 22:52:44
    Red hot mama
    Nature doesn't make mistakes. Moms to be are among the most beautiful of women. That's the ultimate of what sex is about.
  • Bay 2011/12/03 21:23:44
    Red hot mama
    certainly not 'red hot', but i dont see how being pregnant is tmi.
  • The Little One 2011/12/03 19:39:52
    Red hot mama
    The Little One
    i think she should flaunt it but definitely not wear 6 inch shoes!!
  • Anna Syn 2011/12/03 19:39:04
    Anna Syn
    I don't see how showing off her baby bump is considered TMI however I won't vote that she is a 'red hot mama' in her outfit because it honestly makes her look like one 'red hot mess'.
  • AN 2011/12/03 18:04:01
    Red hot mama
    Check out those heels!! that's gotta hurt!
  • RosaG 2011/12/03 16:52:00
    Red hot mama
    No reason why you shouldn't be proud of being pregnant. I'm also pregnant and I love to show my bump too.
    The heels are a bad idea, though. She should listen to the doctor.
  • Adrien 2011/12/03 13:21:04 (edited)
    Red hot mama
    That's one proud glowing momma. She's never looked better or happier.
  • Adrien Adrien 2011/12/03 21:49:48
    I love her shoes, though I second everyone else. She should listen to the doctor and buy herself some stylish flats. I don't want to imagine if she makes a bad fall. O_O
  • Ami Kate 2011/12/03 11:34:07
    Red hot mama
    Ami Kate
    Shes okay, I guess...
  • CourtneyyyCakes;) 2011/12/03 07:12:51
    Red hot mama
    Work it, Jess. :D
  • Caley 2011/12/03 07:02:19
    Red hot mama
    Your having a baby be proud that your bringing a life into the world!
  • birdie1224 2011/12/03 04:52:20
    Red hot mama
    She looks beautiful
  • Linda 2011/12/03 04:09:45
    I prefer more modest outfits. She also does not have the legs for a short dress. I'm just saying. She's a beautiful lady and a longer flowing dress would be much sexier in my opinion.

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