Jessica Simpson Finally Gives Birth, Names Daughter Maxwell Drew: Love It or Hate It?

Living 2012/05/01 18:00:00
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After what felt like the longest pregnancy in history, Jessica Simpson finally gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday morning. The name? Maxwell Drew Johnson. But how much does the newborn weigh? Find out at :50 in the video below. Trust us, it's a doozy.

That's one big baby! According to Us Weekly, Maxwell's middle name honors Jessica's maternal grandmother, Tina Simpson, whose maiden name is Drew. And as for the unisex first name itself, well, that's Jessica's fiance's middle name.

Simpson, 31, was VERY open (sometimes too open) throughout her pregnancy. ("I just started calling myself Swamp Ass," she told Jay Leno of sweating through her maternity Spanx.) But she decided to hold off on tying the knot until the baby was born.

"Eric and I love each other so much, and knowing that I love this baby inside of me is so amazing -- I love it so much and I haven't even met them yet," she told Us Weekly. "I can't imagine how much love we'll have for it once it finally comes!" So ... what do you think of the name?
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  • katywon 2012/05/02 00:31:53
    Love it
    I like it when they honor family members and at least its not "Maple Syrup" or Apple.

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  • Twinkle 2012/05/06 14:30:28
    Love it
    It's cute.
    I love when girls have boy names like Max and stuff like that.
  • starlight 2012/05/06 04:48:47
    Love it
    Well its something different and pretty i think
  • E Dawg 2012/05/05 19:43:01
    Hate it
    E Dawg
    Hate's a strong word. I like Max for a boy, but not so much for a girl.
  • EmoGirl 2012/05/05 19:16:23
    Hate it
    Who names their daughter Maxwell?
  • baii 2012/05/04 00:01:42
    Hate it
    Maxwell could have been more feminized like Maxanne or Maxlynne but i don't know, seems to masculine for a baby girl
  • Melinda93 2012/05/03 23:22:15
    Hate it
    i underestand the middle name, but the first name is just way to much like a boy...
  • MDMA 2012/05/03 19:46:08
  • Boo 2012/05/03 19:12:01
    Hate it
    While I like names that have meaning, I would have tried to come up with a more feminine name for a girl! Enough of this unisex crap. God made 2 sexes for a reason. We are not supposed to be unisex.
  • Azazel 2012/05/03 18:47:40
    Hate it
    What the hell kind of a name is that?
  • biggerman 2012/05/03 18:16:11
    Love it
    Better than Moon Unit or Dweezle.
  • davyd god loving patriot 2012/05/03 17:28:28
    Hate it
    davyd god loving patriot
    more money than brains
  • Howard L. Chapman 2012/05/03 17:08:14
    Hate it
    Howard L. Chapman
    Don't care and why the hell name a baby a man's name anyway!
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/05/03 17:00:26
    Hate it
    Margaret Jacobson
    When I was a tee I had a poodle named MAX
  • Calm down! 2012/05/03 16:08:42
    Hate it
    Calm down!
    Looks like someone ate Jabba the Hut!

    Jabba the hut
  • stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/05/03 14:23:24 (edited)
  • ADRIA 2012/05/03 14:12:52
    Hate it
    My MALE cat is Maxwell and my neighbors MALE dog is maxwell!! Really? The poor girl will be in hell. Some people should really think with their brains a little more!
  • HelmetGirl 2012/05/03 13:52:26
    Hate it
    Is she kidding? Sounds too much like a boy's name.
  • Mel 2012/05/03 13:08:23
    Hate it
    Sounds like a black boy name.
  • AquariusNX01 2012/05/03 12:36:49
    Hate it
    She's just doomed that kid to get called "Maxi Pad" when the kids at school tease her.

    *shrugs* Guess maybe she couldn't figure out how to spell "Lynyrd Skynyrd" for the birth certificate, so she picked Maxwell Drew instead.
  • ADRIA Aquariu... 2012/05/03 14:14:36
    Yep I call my cat maxi pad and my son calss his "male" friend maxi pad.
  • ADRIA ADRIA 2012/05/03 14:14:46
  • DeborahLakeHelen 2012/05/03 12:09:50
    Love it
    I love old family names for children, it's a wonderful way to honor and remember those who have a baby named for them. Maybe the bioch who did the story on the name of the baby is perpetually on the rag, and that's what made her make such an outrageous comparison.
  • P. Sturm 2012/05/03 09:17:42
    Hate it
    P. Sturm
    I wish when people named their kids they'd remember the kid has to wear it to school and social functions.
  • Kidasha P. Sturm 2012/05/03 11:50:12
    yeah but it goes both ways. My sister's name is Maria which is the most common girl's name in Portugal (where we're from) and she hated having such a common name. When we came to America the name wasn't as popular so she got some relief. As for me? I have a pretty common portuguese name, Jacinta. But all my friends in America call me Jacy which is not a popular name at all. So sometimes having a weird name is better
  • ADRIA Kidasha 2012/05/03 14:16:09
    I named my daughter Lamia. Weird is good but I would still prefer a girls name. lol
  • babydrizzy 2012/05/03 07:56:31
    Love it
    like it please wtf but somebody call jenny craig
  • Legendary 63 2012/05/03 07:28:22
    Love it
    Legendary 63
    ...However, when I hear "Maxwell" I can't help but think about cassette tapes!
  • emoanimegirl1000 2012/05/03 05:16:48 (edited)
    Love it
    I meant Hate it -.-
    Three words: Jesus Christ woman!

    Not right
  • Ejayt7 2012/05/03 04:16:10
    Love it
    It is better that patented name, "Blue Ivory"!
  • Catgirl 2012/05/03 03:47:19
    Love it
    Finally! A normal name! Now, if only the name fit the gender, the JS would be a great celeb. mom.
  • jade 2012/05/03 03:19:22
    Hate it
    There are worse names but Maxwell is a boys name isnt it ?
  • Xinea 2012/05/03 02:36:59
    Love it
    So she'll grow up called Maxie or Max. Not bad as celebrity baby names go. I don't understand the hate.
  • Karl 2012/05/03 02:28:36
    Love it
    Considering alternatives, yes, it is a very good name.
  • Sue MacDonald Kyak 2012/05/03 02:28:06
    Hate it
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    I would like it if she gave birth to a SON!
  • JERSEYDUDE 2012/05/03 02:12:18 (edited)
    Hate it
    what is wrong with these celebs and the ridiculous/ugly names they pick for their children?

    they still take the cake with their son "pilot inspektor"

    pilot inspektor
  • Kidasha JERSEYDUDE 2012/05/03 11:52:36
    I don't know. Don't forget Dweezle and Moon Unit
  • the_old_coach 2012/05/03 01:45:57
    Love it
    I had to choose one since there was no other choice.

    Really, what's it to YOU (out there in the netherworld, including ME) what ANYONE names their own child?
  • Happy 2012/05/03 01:38:53
    Love it
    well it is fairly normal so i don't care
  • jim facciuto 2012/05/03 00:59:14
    Hate it
    jim facciuto
    typical numbskull hollywood uneducated moron naming their kid a stupid name...stupid is as stupid does.......
  • Jessica Schultz 2012/05/03 00:30:37
    Love it
    Jessica Schultz
    Maxwell is a good name, but I don't really care what celebrities do -_-
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