January Jones Worst Dressed at Emmys?

Living 2010/08/30 14:00:00
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Holy blue monstrosity!

"Mad Men" actress January Jones was quickly making her way onto several Emmys worst-dressed lists Monday morning after shocking fashion-watchers with her peacock-blue, asymmetrical gown with futuristic, Madonna-era cones supporting her bust.

But you have to give her credit for one thing: She certainly stood out from the crowd!

On our worst-dressed list, we'd also like to give a shout out to Anna Paquin, whose gold-and-black dress was loud and strange; Tina Fey, who looked more matronly than she had to; and Emily Deschanel, who looked like a purple wedding cake with bangs.

And we almost forgot Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson, who actually wore chandelier-inspired shoes that matched her dress!

On our Emmys best-dressed list, there was one clear winner: "Glee" actress Lea Michele. In a perfectly tailored navy blue gown that hugged and swelled in all the right places, she looked like a rising star in the making -- which she is.

Was January Jones Worst Dressed at Emmys?

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  • sabbatha 2010/08/30 13:02:05
    No, Rita Wilson looked worse.
    Blue is my favorite color so it's hard or me to not like it a little.
    Rita Wilson looked crazy.
    But I think sometimes celebs dress crazy on purpose. Better to be on the worst list than on no list I guess.

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  • Barok Abraham 2010/08/31 12:40:11
    No, Rita Wilson looked worse.
    Barok Abraham
    Not bad.
  • theiceman 2010/08/31 12:32:22
    None of the above
    who cares what she wore!! nit picking has become the number one sport in the States!! Get a life people.
  • No, Rita Wilson looked worse.
    cнιвι cυρcαқєs ~*Λℓιcє*~ ♥♥
    I think that dress was alright.
  • ptete in left I trust ~ POT... 2010/08/31 09:46:35
    Yes, January Jones was worst dressed.
    ptete in left I trust ~ POTC**FUKU2**
    Not sure if it was the worst but it was definitely one of the worst dresses there.
  • Katie~awkward child♥ 2010/08/31 08:15:05
    None of the above
    Katie~awkward child♥
    Didn't catch the emmys, unfortunately =/
  • Bond James Bond 2010/08/31 07:59:56
    None of the above
    Bond James Bond
    I thought she looked great! Were you asking about her dress?
  • Big Mike 2010/08/31 04:24:10
    None of the above
    Big Mike
    Not sure who designed it, but it looked to me like an upside down waffle cone.

    And I laughed at her hair, she should remember to roll up the car window on the way to the Emmys.
  • Relay 2010/08/31 03:31:47
    No, Rita Wilson looked worse.
    still equally as bad though
  • Arabian.Queen. 2010/08/31 02:53:51
    Yes, January Jones was worst dressed.
    she did not ROCK the dress.
  • La 2010/08/31 02:53:36
    No, Rita Wilson looked worse.
    Rita /definitely/ looked worse. While I don't like Jan's cone-boob thing, I don't like anything about Rita's outfit. At least the blue was a pretty snazzy colour and looks nice with Jan's hair.
  • Saяahღ 2010/08/31 02:48:45
    No, Rita Wilson looked worse.
    Her HAIR was awful, but the dress wasn't so bad
  • streisandgirl;);) 2010/08/31 02:11:46
    No, Rita Wilson looked worse.
    Call me a freak, but I actually like January's dress.
  • Trish 2010/08/31 02:02:55
    Yes, January Jones was worst dressed.
    she most definatly was. but i think she did it on purpose. i mean c'mon she knows she's gorgeous, y would she put on a monstrosity like tht if it wasnt a joke
  • han 2010/08/31 02:02:44
    None of the above
    um i don't watch the emmies i slep
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2010/08/31 01:51:24 (edited)
    None of the above
  • La MOMMA T... 2010/08/31 02:54:56
  • MOMMA T... La 2010/08/31 03:19:27
  • martha 2010/08/31 01:43:12
    None of the above
    the dress is not that bad she just needs to wear some jewerly
  • cat 2010/08/31 00:20:16
    None of the above
    A lot of them looked strange............
  • Edward 2010/08/31 00:05:55
    None of the above
    she'd look even hotter without the blue dress hotter blue dress
  • Nims 2010/08/30 23:20:37
    None of the above
  • han Nims 2010/08/31 02:04:32
  • Axl Snaks 2010/08/30 23:06:23
  • kitkat42 2010/08/30 22:58:01
    Yes, January Jones was worst dressed.
    If there was anyone worse, I didn't see it. That dress was ok from the waist up, but after that....... ugh! Can't wait to see what the "fashion police" show has to say tonight.
  • ~ Caroline ~ 2010/08/30 22:00:18
    None of the above
    ~ Caroline ~
    i actually didnt see everyone walk on the red carpet, but in the pic she certainly stands out!
  • kevracer 2010/08/30 21:56:14
    None of the above
  • Lily Blooms Eternal 2010/08/30 21:36:59
    None of the above
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    I did not see the whole show so I don't feel qualified to judge. Those cones were certainly ill-advised, though. I can't tell much by that small picture but perhaps it would have looked all right with a normal bodice?
  • michelle 2010/08/30 21:30:44
    None of the above
    i actually like her dress
  • Icedragon1969 2010/08/30 19:22:06
    None of the above
    I'm still trying to figure out what's so odd, strange, or out of whack about her dress. Is it the color? If so...uh...it's blue? It's not as if I haven't seen blue dresses around before an no one making a fuss. I just don't get it.
  • Lily Bl... Icedrag... 2010/08/30 21:37:45
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    I think it's the cone boobs. It looked okay to me until I looked at a larger version of the picture. The blue is rather lovely, I think.
  • La Lily Bl... 2010/08/31 02:57:39
    See I thought it looked weird with cone boobs, but when I saw the full length version, I thought they fit in pretty well

    looked weird cone boobs length version fit pretty
  • Lily Bl... La 2010/09/01 22:38:52
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    Yeah, it helps that the cone boobs are not very large. If Dolly Parton wore that number it would be a public safety hazard! :D
  • La Lily Bl... 2010/09/02 04:24:41
    Ahaha so true
  • magic_is_might BN-0 2010/08/30 19:07:13
    None of the above
    magic_is_might BN-0
    It doesn't look that bad - it could've been worse. She could've took a leaf out of Lady Gaga's book...
  • Lily Bl... magic_i... 2010/08/30 21:38:48
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    Oh dear...please do not give Gaga any ideas! I don't need to see her come out wearing fig leaves like Adam and Eve! LOL!
  • cutter's falls 2010/08/30 19:03:30
  • ««Gingey, the Master Debate... 2010/08/30 18:22:23
    No, Rita Wilson looked worse.
    ««Gingey, the Master Debater of Þ|-|Дэ†»»
    I kinda liked January's dress.
  • cutter'... ««Ginge... 2010/08/30 19:07:52
  • Randylin 2010/08/30 18:01:54
    None of the above
    if she's wearing it, it must be expensive. Since it's expensive, it's better than any of the dresses all of us have..
  • DANNY_B0i♛ 2010/08/30 16:12:28
    None of the above
    i didnt watch the emmys but im sure there were worse there.

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