Jail time for child support?

Tree 2014/01/26 18:54:46
Someone doesnt pay child support. Either because they dont want to, or they lost their job and cant, what sense does it really make to put them in jail?

They cant work to pay the child support. The government pays to have them in the institution and pays for their food, etc. When there's a parent and child who could really need that money.

Maybe its just me but I really dont understand how threatening someone with jail time aids with an individual paying their child support. Now me personally Id rather not go to jail so it would be sorta an incentive but others dont have an overall fear of jail.

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  • bricklyn 2014/01/27 06:19:52
  • froggie.picc 2014/01/26 22:06:46
    It really doesn't make a lot of sense but it is the law! You were ordered by the courts to pay child support and for some reason have failed! IF you have lost your job you can go back to court and make some other kind of arrangement but. not paying just because you don't feel like it is contempt of court.
  • 2spooku - Guru of many things 2014/01/26 21:33:34
    2spooku - Guru of many things
    Makes sense to me, provide for your children or loose your freedom. Maybe there should be a program for dead beat parents where they go to jail on a work release and their income is equally split, half to their children, the other half for their room and board while in jail so they wont be a burden to the tax payer.
  • Horace 2014/01/26 21:27:06
    Actions have consequences, if you can't look after your own child than the why should you be free?
  • happyman 2014/01/26 21:22:04
    There is always two sides of a story or dilemma.
  • Luca 2014/01/26 20:02:25
    Well, not to worry...I envision in the near future that the Feds/States will use your Health Insurance as a means to control your life: "pay you bill or we cut you off"..."pay your taxes or we cut you off"..."lay off the pizza or we cut you off"...etc etc

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