It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Will You Do Something to Celebrate Civil Rights Today?

The Big Question 2013/01/21 09:00:00
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  • Olde' Smoke 2013/01/24 04:42:15
    Olde' Smoke
    But a black co worker of mine asked me if the bank is open today. I said no its a holiday. All he said was that thats rediculous. I got a kick out of hearing him say that
  • MkB 2013/01/23 08:51:21
    I didn't do a damn thing. I was in bed most of the day.
  • Prophet 2013/01/23 00:29:06
    What Civil Rights? They are all going down the toilet and fast these days.
  • teigan 2013/01/22 23:18:46
    I played in a charitable golf tournament to raise money to feed the homeless that are stilling suffering from unemployment. Let's see, when was the last meeting of Obama's job panel? Oh yeah, over a year ago. Even Martin Luther King would have kicked Obama's ass to the curb.
  • Michael Mcconnell 2013/01/22 13:25:00
    Michael Mcconnell
    Why should I? The only people benefiting from MLK day are government employees. The rest of us have to toil in the fields while government employees bask in the sun.
  • Roy Mun... Michael... 2013/01/22 14:15:52
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
  • Nat Turner 2013/01/22 13:00:40
    Nat Turner
    Yes! me and my children went to two shelters to help with breakfast and dinner. We were also able to make it to church!
  • James 2013/01/22 04:27:29
    It's just another day Government workers get off....EXACTLY what MLK wanted.....
  • Faith Smith 2013/01/22 03:49:47
    Faith Smith
    My children and I listened to the "I have a dream" speech, and then we talked about the civil rights era.
  • Nat Turner Faith S... 2013/01/22 13:04:32
    Nat Turner
    That's a good idea! And thank you for your service!
  • Gregaj7 2013/01/22 01:40:00
    I'm not a 14th amendment "United States citizen".
  • ken 2013/01/21 23:55:53
  • Roy Mun... ken 2013/01/22 14:16:19
  • ken Roy Mun... 2013/01/23 03:37:50
    today, too
  • kat 2013/01/21 22:45:38
    Wish I could, but I'm too busy working.
  • KeithL 2013/01/21 22:08:30
  • Tattoo Nana 2013/01/21 21:59:09
    Tattoo Nana
    I have no plans to do anything at all today - not to disrespect anything or activity for today, I just have no desire to do anything at all.
  • happyhappyhappy 2013/01/21 21:42:53
    Not really. I'm just eating chips and guacamole and doing an essay for English class.
  • ellomotto 2013/01/21 21:27:39
    My school doesn't even have today off
  • happyha... ellomotto 2013/01/21 21:44:24
    Wow. That's craziness.
  • ellomotto happyha... 2013/01/22 02:05:54
    I know! I don't even know why we don't have it off...
  • Elephan... ellomotto 2013/01/22 00:23:42
  • flrdsgns 2013/01/21 21:12:45
    If you call going to work celebrating, then I guess I'm celebrating lol
  • LunarRain 2013/01/21 20:58:56
    I'm having a con recovery day.
  • Prairie Wind 2013/01/21 20:55:32
    Prairie Wind
    Yes, I will judge Obama on the content of character.
  • ALofRI 2013/01/21 20:02:44 (edited)
    Why just today?? I push civil rights and anti-racism every day.

    (Edit): I just came from a post on racism. Reading down the answers nearly made me puke! Nearly every one was a denial that it exists in anything but a "race-card-playing imagination". Something to bring up when you have no other answer. When it happens, it doesn't, according to most. Someone deals a "card" from a racist deck.....you're not supposed to "play it" I guess. Dr. King, we've made strides, but there's still a long walk ahead in America!
  • insanecrazyladyb 2013/01/21 19:45:42
    im going to do the same this that ive done in thepass years n the years to come...And thats NOTHING at all....
  • Serenit... insanec... 2013/01/22 10:26:39 (edited)
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    Will you reflect to honor one of the greatest men. Of. History . A leader in civil rights, who stood up and said one day things will be different. Segregation is no more, only in the minds of some who do not accept another human being for there race, color, creed. I do not think for one minute you are one of these people. I would be ignorant to assume anything from such a basic comment.
    But I Serenity will reflect on how my friends would once of been made to travel on a bus with their own kind ( these are not my words ) these are statements that have been made by MY PEOPLE (. That makes me feel shame ) I like to believe ,had I been alive at that time I would of stood up with my felloW man as I do in this age. Racism is still very much alive but
    They are under the radar and if it raises it ugly head , I and others like me will not sit back (our numbers are great)
    And allow another human being to be subjected to. Such. Hatred .

    To all my friends and those I do not yet know , I hope you celebrated in style ...
  • lm1b2 2013/01/21 19:40:24
    Write the President and ask why we don't have a George Washington day,or a Abraham Lincoln day,people who actually did great things for this country,unlike King who did nothing in comparison!
  • JuliaLoren lm1b2 2013/01/21 20:19:17
    Your kidding right? First off Presidents day is ON George Washington's Birthday, it IS his day, we just recognize him as the father of our country... so all presidents are recognized. George and Lincoln are both on money, we see them everyday... if thats not a tribute I don't know what is! MLK jr. led the year long bus boycott in Montgomery that ended transportation segregation... He spoke at the biggest civil rights march in history and delivered one of the most unifying, civilizing, inspirational speeches ever heard... he has won the Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality through nonviolence. He was an amazing man who paved the way for a more equal, united, America.
  • lm1b2 JuliaLoren 2013/01/22 18:09:01
    The Father of our Country should be a National Holiday DAU! The only thing King did was get assassinated,at the time of his murder he was getting more militant because he was losing his following.to the black panthers,and other militant groups. Plus his speeches were so inspiring they all rioted after he died!.
  • Olde' S... lm1b2 2013/01/24 04:48:22
    Olde' Smoke
    Not that I give a rats ass but king was actually pulling away more and more from the group of radicals he hung with because they were going in a different direction from what he believed in
  • lm1b2 JuliaLoren 2013/01/25 16:11:58
    Listen DAU,the Father of our Country should be a National Holiday,not a Man who did nothing in Comparison,or should i say there is no comparison! To say any different is showing your ignorance!
  • JuliaLoren lm1b2 2014/01/29 16:41:26
    What part of HE HAS A HOLIDAY AND HE IS EVEN ON MONEY don't you understand? They BOTH have a day, but Washington has even more, he is recognized every day through his face on our money. Lmao, don't be so upset that another man has a remembrance day, he was a very influential person too :)
  • lm1b2 JuliaLoren 2014/02/03 13:48:31
    "All presidents Day" thats BS,Washington should have his own Day,Kings day was nothing but political,and everyone knows it,it was made to pacify the Black Community,no other reason!
  • happyha... lm1b2 2013/01/21 21:46:26
    I hope you know that you sound like a low-life, racist, buffoon when you say King did nothing.
  • lm1b2 happyha... 2014/02/03 13:45:20
    The truth hurts doesn't it DAU!
  • ken2ak 2013/01/21 19:39:20
    Work day for most folks. Yes, It's a government holiday, but most things are open.
  • Omni 2013/01/21 19:34:37 (edited)
    I love how he even though he was a communist who was shunned throughout his later days, everyone still loves him today. Yeah, I'll be picking up a copy of the communist manifesto.

    Truly, no one knows who the real King was.
  • Elephan... Omni 2013/01/22 00:26:05
    Elephant Lord
    He was also a Republican. How does that work?
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