It's Cold Out There: Do Dogs Need to Wear Coats?

Living 2011/01/30 12:00:00
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Here in New York City, when we see a dog all dressed up in a winter coat, we usually write off the owner as a kooky old lady or someone with too much money to spend.

However, some breeds do need outerwear in the winter, veterinarians tell The Wall Street Journal -- especially when it's really cold out.

Small, short-haired, inactive dogs without a thick fur undercoat are more vulnerable to cold weather, the paper reports.

So if you have a Chihuahua, dachshund, Boston terrier, shih tzu, bichon frise, miniature pinscher or xolo, you probably want to bundle it up.

"There's no question in winter with rain, snow and ice that these dogs are more at risk because of their size and inability to keep body heat," Rene Carlson, president-elect of the American Veterinary Medical Association, tells WSJ.

And if your pup is old or sick, it may need a little help staying warm, regardless of its breed, Stephen Zawistowski, science adviser to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, tells the paper.

Now we have a good excuse to go shopping.

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  • msteresa87 2011/01/31 04:08:51 (edited)
    well, why not? I think it would look incredibly cute, keep them possibly more warm, but more importantly pets need to be kept indoors when its below freezing out

    incredibly cute warm importantly pets indoors freezing dogs and coats

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  • themadh... Alyssa 2011/01/30 20:05:34
    themadhare ~IJM
    want to join me in a survival hike in the wilderness?
  • Alyssa themadh... 2011/01/30 20:08:37 (edited)
    I don't know what it is about little dogs...I just want to kick them and see how far they fly (though I'd never do that). And sure, I accept your challenge.
    ...but then again, you might rape me :D
  • themadh... Alyssa 2011/01/30 20:16:31 (edited)
  • Alyssa themadh... 2011/01/30 20:23:43 (edited)
  • themadh... Alyssa 2011/01/30 20:28:10
    themadhare ~IJM
  • JBhater Alyssa 2011/01/30 21:43:49
  • hazel 2011/01/30 19:50:41
    My daughter puts puffer jackets on her dogs ..in the house.. thats just silly....I think its OK ..if its snowing and they have very little hair
  • Sin 2011/01/30 19:21:29
    ONLY if they're small/sick/old/hairless and can't keep their own heat.
  • Dickens 2011/01/30 19:19:11 (edited)
    If the dog pictured was the only example I would say an emphatic no, but there are a lot of short-haired dogs out there for whom they are necessary (from greyhounds to chihuahuas.) I don't have a dog, but I would put coat on a dog for practical (warmth) purposes, but never for the purpose of fashion.
  • FD-Firefighter 2011/01/30 19:05:21
    Do we?
    No, but we do for comfort.
  • jjo 2011/01/30 19:04:22
    Used to be that dogs survived in their natural God given bodies, but what with all the cross breeding some have done, it is sure they cannot survive on their own.
    Now some dogs are killers and some are so ugly it is hard to look at them, some are dumb, some are frail and need pills and clothes and couches.
    Leave it to man to destroy everything God made.
    Dogs survived for millennium until man decided to cross breed them in unnatural ways.
  • woodnymph jjo 2011/01/30 20:41:09
    Actually it's all the inbreeding that people have made them do, all for the sake of wanting so called pedigree dogs. Cross breeding is better for them.
  • jjo woodnymph 2011/01/30 20:42:20
    Thanks for that correction. That is what i meant the interbreeding.
    I'm against all breeding that is not natural.
  • GG 2011/01/30 19:03:52
    Well it depends on the dog. If the dog has little fur or is not meant to be in cold weather conditions, then it needs a coat.
    I am in no way advocating to play 'dress up' with your pets (I think it is unnecessary and stupid), but if your dog needs (key word: NEEDS) a coat then buy the dog a coat.
  • Sasssy 2011/01/30 19:02:59
  • JBhater Sasssy 2011/01/30 21:45:21
    thats stupid it doesnt even look good
  • thegalnextdoor 2011/01/30 18:49:01
    I used to think not but I've learned with my dumped off dachshund that they get cold too and want a jacket especially up here. He loves his Packer jacket, size 3T, and even likes the hood over his head. My next stop to the resale shop is to get him some toddler socks for his feet so he can better help me shovel the snow.
  • HaileyHow? 2011/01/30 18:36:13
    No its stupid
  • princessnutsack 2011/01/30 18:27:17
    My little doxy (pic on profile) was a stray and somehow survived winter (jan and feb) in kentucky. when they found her she weighed less than 6 pounds, had doggy pneumonia, was loaded with worms. they didn't really think she'd make it. i got her healthy but she wont even consider going outside in winter without her doggy sweater, and even
    then, if its too too cold she just wont go out.
  • Shonny princes... 2011/01/30 21:33:23
    how sad. poor thing, I hope she gets over the trauma she went through and is doing better now.
  • spiderpanda 2011/01/30 18:27:10
    some people treat dogs better than their own children so no
  • spiderp... spiderp... 2011/01/30 18:32:45
    and im sirious they give them daily baths, paint their nails, put bootees on their paws, and give them dresses just like you would treat a 5-year-old girl. its rediculous how some people literally ADORE their dogs. just imagine the trauma when the dog dies.
  • XxXxX spiderp... 2011/01/30 20:36:22
    I see nothing wrong with loving a dog.
    I would much prefer that after seeing people leave their pets in cars in 100 degree, humid weather, or tied to a chain all day in the middle of winter. Wouldn't you?
  • spiderp... XxXxX 2011/01/30 20:43:50
    i dont see a problem with loving your dog, but there is a huge problem if you love a dog more than your own child.
  • bleueyed spiderp... 2011/01/30 20:34:57
    But was if the dog is their child? Some people can't have children or adopt them so they get a dog or two and those become their children. So they spoil them just like they would a 5-year old.
  • LORROL 2011/01/30 18:10:23
    Our little rat terrier would freeze her butt off if we did not wrap her up a bit on cold days.
  • Stella Bella 2011/01/30 18:03:58
    Stella Bella
    Some breeds of dogs cannot maintain their body heat and they need a coat to ensure they stay healthy.
    breeds dogs maintain body heat coat ensure stay healthy whippet in sweater
  • LORROL Stella ... 2011/01/30 18:11:06
    Looks like the sweater our ratty wears on cold days.
  • ReasonOverFaith BN - 0 2011/01/30 17:59:31
    ReasonOverFaith BN - 0
    No! Don't be ridiculous! You know what happens when I let my short-hair dog out into the snow? He runs around and rolls around in it! He loves the snow! He can't get enough of it! He never goes to the door and wants to go inside. Ever. Dogs don't need a coat, they have natures coat, fur.
  • Boon Doggie 2011/01/30 17:54:09
    Boon Doggie
    It's amazing how thick a winter coat some of the short haired breeds grow in the winter, if they are not coated & allowed to be dogs. Now then, that being said, hairless breeds really need to wear a coat because they have no fur.
  • xaylan 2011/01/30 17:49:42
    I shaved my dog recently and now the cold weather gets to her ._.
  • DELETED 2011/01/30 17:47:14
    Listen carefully to that question... Do dogs need to wear coats?

    They should also be required ID cards too! And what about cats?

  • nan 2011/01/30 17:44:37
    I found out we can stay out walking longer if he wears a coat he loves it cause he knows this they get cold too and it keeps their vitals warm important for older dogs, It also keeps his fur from getting wet when its snowing out.
  • Grrr 2011/01/30 17:40:50
    they are dogs! they have fur they dont need coats
  • hepette Grrr 2011/01/30 17:46:50
  • Grrr hepette 2011/01/30 17:47:55
    then why live in a place where the dog wasnt bred for?
  • krayzrick Grrr 2011/01/30 17:52:14
    That's like asking "Why live in a state that keeps electing Nancy Pelosi".....
  • spiderp... krayzrick 2011/01/30 18:33:30
  • hepette Grrr 2011/02/21 15:42:04
  • ChrisK1969 2011/01/30 17:40:47

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