It has been said that man has enough intelligence to mess things up but not enough injtelligence to correct anything-do you agree?.

den 2012/07/22 01:40:40
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it seems that way=-you tell me
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  • METALheadMom 2012/07/22 14:53:44
    IF they HAD intelligence in the first place, they would NOT "mess things up" - they would THINK IT THROUGH and consider all alternatives and consequences before taking action. "Man" is so impatient and selfish it's disgusting.
  • den METALhe... 2012/07/22 21:05:57
    our intelligence is imperfect and runs through greedy selfish minds
  • Waldorf 2012/07/22 14:07:32
    Yes, because there doesn't seem to be enough collective integrity to be entrusted with infinite power, and all that's left is to rule by committee (or voting for representatives) , and we know how well that works (not).
  • Ross in Oz 2012/07/22 09:02:12
    Ross in Oz
    Sort of like, "Stupidity got me into trouble, why can't it get me out of it?"
  • dr9nfly 2012/07/22 04:59:02
    It's like they have ideas on how to fix things and many ideas are good but for whatever reason everyone is scared to stand up and say "this would fix it, lets DO it". A lot of times (for me anyhow) I see the problem and have all sorts of ideas but can't do much alone about it. I can get on here and everyone can agree but who's going to actually get off SH to help?
  • den dr9nfly 2012/07/22 06:51:51
    whatever you wish to do you will be energeticaly oposed and the people running the govt are mostly of an elite set, 33rd degree masons-catholic leaders etc which have no intrest in the will of the people
  • Raphy 2012/07/22 04:11:51 (edited)
    According to the bible, man can't even direct his own steps. We haven't done a good of lately. Really never....lol
  • Muver 2012/07/22 04:01:21
    Currently, with the government and the country in the condition it is, it sure seems like it...
  • zbacku 2012/07/22 03:12:48
    other ideas
    It would seem to me that it would take more intelligence than what I have to understand this question.
  • amysmeade 2012/07/22 01:55:04
    other ideas
    Some times this is true but not always
  • Tee Quake 2012/07/22 01:54:18
    other ideas
    Tee Quake
    Learn how to spell.
  • den Tee Quake 2012/07/22 06:53:02
    answer the question-we don't need spelling teachers here
  • HarleyCharley 2012/07/22 01:41:18
    enough for both....

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