Is Women's Pornography a Romance Novel?

Wonder Woman 2011/06/20 03:33:29
Yes, women want a fantasy "story." (romance tale)
No, women want a fantasy "visual." (photo or film)
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There is such a thing as a pornography consumed exclusively by women .. it is the romance novel. Romance novels account for 40% of mass market paperback sales in the United States …. The realm of the romance novel, which might be called "romantopia," is a utopian erotic female counterfantasy to pornotopia. Just as porn actresses exhibit a suspiciously male-like sexuality, romances are exercises in the imaginative transformation of masculinity to conform with female standards. The public debate over pornography has been going on for years …. [and] has covered everything from the treatment of women within the industry, to the image of women it presents and the impact of that image on men in the general population as well as the effects on women in the general population. … [Studies show] men who viewed sexually explicit films did not have negative attitudes toward women’s rights, nor were they more accepting of marital or date rape. … [Regarding] the incidence of rape in several societies … increased availability was not associated with increased reports of rape. …

On a personal level, women often express concern over a partner’s regular purchasing of Playboy or watching pornographic videos. In particular there is a verbalized concern that these things will effect their relationships. … [And in fact] males that viewed images of attractive models reported being less committed to their partner after the viewing. … Playboy centerfolds … got the same results. … Modern media .. perhaps giving men an "unrealistic" view of how many attractive available women are out there.

Read More: http://www.overcomingbias.com/2008/10/porn-vs-roma...

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  • someopinion 2011/12/28 17:42:41
    No, women want a fantasy "visual." (photo or film)
    hell no...............women luv the dirty as much as men................probably more
  • Wonder ... someopi... 2011/12/28 17:58:22
  • someopi... Wonder ... 2011/12/28 17:59:39
    u use the same response for all questions..........oxytocin.....
  • Wonder ... someopi... 2011/12/28 19:08:44
  • Shawna 2011/06/20 03:58:19
    Yes, women want a fantasy "story." (romance tale)
    Definitely. Some of us outgrow it. I burned through the rather tame 1950s versions of Harlequin romance when I was 12. I didn't read any romance novels again until I began to fall out of love with my husband. I read Diana Gabaldon Outlanders but got tired of the series. Romance novels are usually as poorly scripted as porn.

    This is absolutely what the Twilight series is and grown women as well as teens love it.
  • Wonder ... Shawna 2011/06/20 04:09:07
  • Jo 2011/06/20 03:46:33
    No, women want a fantasy "visual." (photo or film)
    I'm not entirely sure what the question is here, but I can say that although I've had a book in my hand since I was 7 years old, romance is my least favorite genre. Its too predictable and unrealistic.
  • Wonder ... Jo 2011/06/20 03:52:58
  • ©TransAmTam~Metal Queen \m/ 2011/06/20 03:43:14
  • Wonder ... ©TransA... 2011/06/20 03:53:11
  • ©TransA... Wonder ... 2011/06/20 03:56:31
  • NPC 2011/06/20 03:37:41
    Yes, women want a fantasy "story." (romance tale)
    You just figured that out ?!
  • Wonder ... NPC 2011/06/20 03:54:05
  • Lily Blooms Eternal 2011/06/20 03:35:35
    Yes, women want a fantasy "story." (romance tale)
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    Oh, ABSOLUTELY! I've been saying this for YEARS!
  • Wonder ... Lily Bl... 2011/06/20 03:37:59

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