Is this wierd?

meganator 2010/11/29 08:57:03
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okay so most people say that they listen to relaxing music when they go to sleep but formei cant fall asleep to calm music i can only fall asleep to screamo/hard core i dont really know a spefic genre but stuff like chiodos pierce the veil a day to remember haste the day alesana asking alexandria ect ect stuff like that
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  • egglands worst! 2010/12/14 09:25:12
    egglands worst!
    haha of course u fall asleep 2 those bands, theyre boring and all th songs r pretty much th same thing. tho i gotta say th last pierce th veil was a decent poprox album.
  • meganator eggland... 2010/12/15 02:29:07
    whatever! what do you listen to?
  • eggland... meganator 2010/12/15 02:35:27
    egglands worst!
    metal & radio disney... but to sleep its gotta b super boring stuff. lik, sailors with wax wings or nile, lol u will fall asleep jus waiting for th songs to start! :P
  • meganator eggland... 2010/12/15 02:37:06
    those are some different combos
  • eggland... meganator 2010/12/15 02:43:19
    egglands worst!
    nah its actually jus 2 different extremes, its th stuff in th middle i dont lik. do u evr listen to th complete opposite of 1 thing right after th other? make a playlist of one then th other and your brain will b lik, woaaahhh
  • meganator eggland... 2010/12/15 05:15:36
    yes my ipod is bipolar it rarely plays two of the same genre in a row
  • HunBun 2010/12/10 07:22:38
    YOU'RE AWESOME! Those are great bands! And, I'm the same way! At concerts they're anything but relaxing 'cause your pumped, but something about when you're just gonna go to sleep is what makes it relaxing... XD
  • meganator HunBun 2010/12/11 06:16:05
    haha thx and ikr thats exactally what i think
  • cassidysf 2010/11/29 23:32:29
    you are sooooo weird.
    i listen to rhcp and dance techno to get to sleep.
    sometimes metallica or pantera.
    they calm me for some reason.
  • meganator cassidysf 2010/12/04 02:07:58
    you also have a pimp fish named bruce on your wall
  • cassidysf meganator 2010/12/05 21:08:49
    omg, did i tell you that he died?
  • meganator cassidysf 2010/12/07 07:41:53
    gasp :'( im sorry
  • cassidysf meganator 2010/12/09 02:26:03
    its alright.
    it took me a couple of weeks to clean out his bowl.
    it was really gross.
  • meganator cassidysf 2010/12/10 01:32:22
    is that why he died?
  • cassidysf meganator 2010/12/10 23:03:32
    i think he was old.
    no that happened after he died.
    he was getting pale.
  • meganator cassidysf 2010/12/11 06:16:36
    gasp maybe edward bit him
  • cassidysf meganator 2010/12/13 23:45:29
    haha, jeez.
    i hope not.
  • meganator cassidysf 2010/12/15 02:29:52
    ahhhh run cassidy run or they might make you est more lawho
  • cassidysf meganator 2010/12/15 02:57:28
    me so confused.....
  • meganator cassidysf 2010/12/15 05:16:33
    sorry they might make you eat more lawho oh how ever you spell the super nasty candy you dreamed of
  • cassidysf meganator 2010/12/15 15:28:28
    LOL i forgot about that.
  • meganator meganator 2010/12/16 06:13:48
    haha i didnt
  • Nic 2010/11/29 09:43:04
    No it's not really that weird everyones different so why's it matter if you don't fall asleep to calm music?

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