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Is This the Best Job of All Time?

ProudProgressive 2013/08/21 20:42:31
The only question I have is whether I'll be allowed to blog on SodaHead LOL.

Article excerpt follows:

Is This the Best Job of All Time? Probably.
By Barbara Peterson
August 20 2013

Help wanted: An "enthusiastic" traveler to fly around the globe for a year, all expenses paid, earning $100,000 in salary for blogging about it – and for volunteering to leave each destination "a little better than when you found it." That's how Tom Wilson, chief commercial officer of Jauntaroo, a two-year-old ‘vacation matchmaker' website, sums up the company's search for a Chief World Explorer whose mission will be to circle the world and share images, videos, and other content via the site and through social media channels. Aspirants need only to log on to Jauntaroo.com and post a 60-second video of themselves stating why they think they'll succeed; the deadline is September 15.

From the initial pool of applicants, 50 semi-finalists will be selected and asked to submit a second video; the winning candidate will be plucked from a list of five finalists. Wilson, whose travel background includes a stint at JetBlue Airways, says the project was initially inspired by the example of Queensland, which in 2009 launched a Best Job in the World contest—as an island caretaker in the Great Barrier Reef—that drew so many applicants its website crashed. Wilson says the difference here is that the successful applicant will be constantly on the move—expected to visit between 30 and 50 destinations during the 52 weeks—and that each visit will include a voluntourism activity, developed either by the destination or Jauntaroo with partner charities. (Jauntaroo already donates $1 for each booking made through its site to nonprofit organizations.) Wilson says the itinerary will be a mix of domestic and international places, such as Berlin, the Maldives, and, closer to home, Calistoga and Fort-Worth, but that the focus will be " on finding those places that are off the beaten path; those hidden gems that not everyone knows about."

To apply, follow this link:


Read More: http://www.cntraveler.com/daily-traveler/2013/08/j...

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  • C. C. Rider 2013/08/22 12:48:16
    C. C. Rider
    I lucked into a great job years ago but this one sounds great.

    I could have written for them years ago about "Hidden Gems" off the beaten path. I use to own an OLD CAR that broke down all the time in ALL those hidden gems. LOL old grande prix car  1970
  • ProudPr... C. C. R... 2013/08/22 13:27:08 (edited)
    LOL ah, I remember when they used to know how to make cool cars!

    This was my first car (although mine was in a reddish brown color with a black "landau" roof)

    1974 Gold Duster
  • C. C. R... ProudPr... 2013/08/22 14:32:42
    C. C. Rider
    LOL One of my best gal pals had a car just like that. WE had a blast in it all over town. WE could up to seven people in there. LOL LOL LOL

    I still love those old cars. Jay Leno owned a home near me and during Turkey Rod Run (Big car show here duriung Thanksgiving) his drive way would be bumper to bumper with his cars...IT was like a private showing of all of the great old cars. If we were luckey we would get a glimpse of him too. Very friendly guy. jay leno old cars
  • ProudPr... C. C. R... 2013/08/22 14:35:08
    If I'm not mistaken Leno owns over a hundred classic cars and motorcycles.

  • C. C. R... ProudPr... 2013/08/22 14:58:58
    C. C. Rider
    LOL Yep, you are right. I say money can buy you some happiness!!
  • CAROLYN NTARWNJBS 2013/08/22 00:24:35
    If you can spare the time...yes, it's a fantastic job!
  • American Nate 2013/08/21 21:38:58
    American Nate
    This is....

    airline pilots
    airline pilots
    airline pilots
    delta airlines
  • ProudPr... America... 2013/08/22 13:29:35
    Agreed, but don't forget these guys too:

    air force pilots
    air force pilots
    air force pilots
  • America... ProudPr... 2013/08/22 20:06:26
    American Nate
    Airline pilots don't have other planes shooting at them neither are forced not to leave
  • ProudPr... America... 2013/08/22 20:35:42
    True, but civilian pilots rarely have the opportunity to help keep the United States of America safe. To me personally, that's a pretty impressive "perk".
  • America... ProudPr... 2013/08/23 05:36:04
    American Nate
    that's being a Hero. but we are going by best career not really best for everyone else
  • Ozymandias 2013/08/21 21:30:04

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