Is This Baby Ridiculously Good Looking?

AdriHead 2012/11/07 21:00:00
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Baby Joey just had open-heart surgery at just three months old due to a hole in his heart -- a condition called tetralogy of Fallot -- and it's this adorable photo snapped right after his surgery that is warming the hearts of so many. Though little Joey's parents are happy that their child is getting all sorts of love online, they hope that his sudden popularity also translates into awareness of TOF.

The "Ridiculously good-looking baby" known for, well, his good looks, has over 1 million fans.
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  • macy 2012/12/17 03:02:20
    Not any more than any other baby...
    It just looks like a baby.
  • Ramón 2012/11/17 18:57:04
    My grandson Tommy had the same surgery and then developed thrush from the meds he was having to take, so they gave him some other purple meds to combat the thrush and it made him drunk and happy. Cured the thrush, and he is doing so much better now, but it was the cutest little days old baby, purple tongue and gums, and smiling that million volt smile of a tiny baby. And inebriated cuz the meds were so strong.
  • Quazimoto 2012/11/13 19:45:09
    Not any more than any other baby...
    All babies are beautiful and worth their weight in gold and diamonds.
  • Kaye 2012/11/13 06:26:11
    I can't understand how anyone could have an abortion.Look at that beautiful child
  • kelly 2012/11/13 01:25:26
    his nickname should be scar
  • Mya Faire 2012/11/12 19:15:45
    Not any more than any other baby...
    Mya Faire
    Bless his repaired heart, I've seen much cuter babies. Wish him well, though.
  • Bite my shiny metal ass 2012/11/12 00:33:12
    Bite my shiny metal ass
    leave a not decided option
  • hasher 2012/11/12 00:14:00
    Not any more than any other baby...
    hes cute but ive actually seen cuter babies. god blesshim and his parents though for what they are going through.
  • Nomie 2012/11/11 22:36:19
    Charming little guy. He is not ridiculously good-looking. He does seem to be looking straight into your heart and soul. Like he is wise beyond his few months... Looks like he did will through his surgery.
  • juneathomas 2012/11/11 20:29:21
  • S123 2012/11/11 19:52:28
    Not any more than any other baby...
    But he is cute!
  • Rachel Thomas 2012/11/11 18:45:56
    Rachel Thomas
    He's a sweetie!
  • ScarletBlood 2012/11/11 18:32:48
    He's so adorable! ^-^....not ridiculously good looking, but so cute that it makes the heart melt from happiness =3... so cuutteeeee Adorable
  • Purple Pinto ~PWCM~JLA 2012/11/11 16:11:30
    Purple Pinto ~PWCM~JLA
    It's his expression more than anything. Like a miniature version of Frank Sinatra almost. It's cute, but ridiculously good looking? Not.

    God, please bless this little guy in his recovery.
  • addie 2012/11/11 06:01:56
    I do not like babies much, but he is very good looking.
  • Darcy Polle 2012/11/11 05:33:01
    Not any more than any other baby...
    Darcy Polle
    Sure, he's super cute. But most babies are pretty darn cute...
  • sue 2012/11/11 04:01:32
    Not any more than any other baby...
    Glad baby Joey is doing well.
  • Trinity 2012/11/11 03:22:16 (edited)
    Bless his poor little heart
    Oh gosh. No pun intended. Nothing funny about open heart surgery
  • Mom3critters 2012/11/11 02:52:05 (edited)
    Not any more than any other baby...
    Glad his surgery went well & he is doing ok. I am prejudiced as I have 3 sons of my own. But he is very cute.
  • Kaye Mom3cri... 2012/11/13 06:29:57
    I have 5,all grown with kids of their own
  • sandra 2012/11/11 02:30:42
    Yes he is! , just like all babies are, he is simply such an adorable little Angel.
    Poor little guy having to go through that horrible operation.
    He`s a beautiful baby boy. get well soon baby get well soon baby
  • Lucy 2012/11/11 02:20:47
    Not any more than any other baby...
    Good looking? No way. He is kind of funny looking, but I wish him well. He is sweet, but not good looking.
  • Depp78 2012/11/11 00:00:35
    He is adorable, he has a doll-like quality with bright eyes.
  • AndrewTally 2012/11/10 20:12:06
    I think most baby's look the same..nevertheless that is a cute one.
  • tredzwater 2012/11/10 19:38:35 (edited)
    Not any more than any other baby...
    He's cute but he's not special in the looks department. All babies are cute...even the ugly ones, but he's adorable. Just not "ridiculously" cute.

    The fact that he had heart surgery and is doing well is wonderful but has no effects on his looks.

    There are lots of beautiful babies...
    beautiful baby
  • Billy the kid 2012/11/10 19:36:37
    Not any more than any other baby...
    Billy the kid
    I wish this little kid all the very best after his operation and he IS a cute looking thing but
    "ridiculously good looking"?-and with absolutely no malice or nastiness - no, i don't think so...
  • James 2012/11/10 18:55:07
    Poor kid. I hope he recovers fully and lives a long happy life. Blessed be.
  • 001 2012/11/10 17:58:29 (edited)
    Not any more than any other baby...
    He doesn't look special to me at all. Seems like he's a little miracle, but really the doctors should be praised for saving this baby, not the kid for looking cute.
  • Nat™ 2012/11/10 17:52:22
    Not any more than any other baby...
    I had open-heart surgery when I was three months old too!!! How come I never got famous? :(.
  • Dave 007 2012/11/10 16:38:02
    Not any more than any other baby...
    Dave 007
    They all look the same. Yet some old lady will say "He looks like his mother". REALLY!!
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/11/10 13:23:45
    Not any more than any other baby...
    Margaret Jacobson
    I have only seen one ugly baby in my life !! The young mother acknowledged that her Son was ugly.......he really was . I said that he probably would be smart, nice, and good natured. He might be really good looking later in life ?? Looks don't mean a lot in life all the time
  • Constitution Believer 2012/11/10 03:38:46
  • Kaye Constit... 2012/11/13 06:32:31
    I agree
  • Constit... Kaye 2012/11/15 04:37:40
  • EDWARD G 2012/11/10 03:00:38
  • ZenerSix EDWARD G 2012/11/10 15:16:56 (edited)
    What do you mean "God bless and protect him", he had a hole in his heart? "God damned him" if anything. Talking about God while people are suffering from tragedy adds nothing but insult to injury.
  • EDWARD G ZenerSix 2012/11/10 16:26:03
  • Mom3cri... ZenerSix 2012/11/11 03:10:20
    Because of the original sin of disobeying God & eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge, Adam & Eve were kicked out of Eden. That is when the "ills" of the world started & babies could be born with birth defects. Also God gives us free will to decide to believe in Him or not, or to do right or wrong. God also gave us brains so we could learn, learn to be a dr & to know how to correct Baby Joey's heart condition. so, yes, GOD BLESS & PROTECT HIM. AMEN!
  • Kaye Mom3cri... 2012/11/13 06:39:08
  • Mom3cri... ZenerSix 2012/11/11 03:18:10
    Because of the original sin, babies could be born with birth defects. Adam & Eve disobeyed God & ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. And they were banished from Eden. Since then, God gives us free will to believe in Him or not or to be good or bad. But He also gave us brains so we could learn. Learn to be a dr or surgeon & to know how to correct Baby Joey's heart defect. So, yes, GOD BLESS & PROTECT HIM. AMEN!!!

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