Is there a Satan?

Raven2615 2011/07/24 05:29:51
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People always wonder if there is a God.
- "Satan's Biggest lies:

During our lives as Christians, we will probably
hear a sermon on the passage we just read, no less than five times! Preachers
will always insist that you "..put on the whole Armour of God, that ye
may be able to withstand in the evil day." They will tell you that you

1. Girt your loins with truth,

2. Put on the breastplate of righteousness

3. Shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace,

4. Above all, take the shield of faith to quench the fiery darts of the

5. Wear the helmet of salvation,

6. Carry the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God,

7. Pray always, and,

8. Watch with all perseverance.

Some Preachers will take each one of those directives,
and make a sermon of each one. They will then preach to you a series of
sermons on how to arm yourself against the evil day. But, just like the
Army, whose motto is "hurry up and wait," these directives sometimes fall
on deaf ears because we have not been told anything about our enemy! It
would be nice to know if our/your enemy likes to dig underground tunnels,
wear civilian clothing, set booby traps, and isn't afraid to die! Hey!
The art of war has changed. ALL is fair in war.

Well, Saints, I tell you now that our topic for discussion is not about
the armour; it's about our enemy. And, the enemy is the devil! And, according
to John 8:44, the devil is a liar, and the father of lies. And, since
all is fair in war, the devil will lie to get what he wants: Your SOUL.
So, what we have to do before we can fight against this liar, is to know
and understand his lies! Our topic for today, then, is "Satan's Biggest
Lies." And, although he can disguise each lie in a million different ways
to suit the situation, he generally will attempt to penetrate your armour
with these five. If we hope to withstand this liar, we, first of all,
must realize that our enemy does not fight fair. REMEMBER: ALL is fair
-- even if WE think it's unfair! Huh? I said that Satan doesn't play by
the rules. He has no rules!

Get out your paper and pencils; write down these lies; know them when
you hear them; and, then, use the power of the Word of God to defend yourself
against them. Know also that our sins are a direct result of one of these
three avenues: Lust of the eyes; lust of the flesh; and pride of life
[ambition]. Okay?

Satan's 1st Lie: God is Holding Out on You!

That's right, Saints. The devil, and/or his little demons, will tell
you that God is holding out on you. This lie started over six thousand
years ago, in the Garden of Eden. Look at Genesis 3:4-5. "And the serpent
said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in
the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be
as gods, knowing good and evil." Those three avenues of sin just reared
their ugly heads. And she, and Adam, took the bait. They couldn't wait!
They wanted immediate satisfaction!

And, we, as Christians today, often think that God is denying those things
we so desperately need, when it usually isn't anything we "need," but
something we "want." God already woke you up this morning, fed you, and
put clothes on your back; but you want a million dollars in the bank,
a car like your next door neighbor's, and a body like the muscle builder
on TV! And, since you don't have those things, you think God is holding
out on you!

How do you defeat this lie? You'd best remember, Saints, that God is not
looking at your short-term gratification. He is looking at your long-term
salvation. Know that God will protect you to the end. Then, you can tell
Satan, as Jesus told him in Luke 4:4, Even though I'm hungry, don't tempt
my flesh; or, in Luke 4:8, My Daddy already owns everything, so don't
tempt my eyes. I'll eventually get it anyway; or, in Luke 4:12, Yes, God
will protect me, but don't tempt my pride of life. What all this amounts
to is, God already gave you the money for the gas and electric bill, but
you listen to your girlfriend and buy some nail extensions and a pedicure.
"Aw, come on girl. You can pay that bill next month." Don't be tempted
so easily!

Satan's 2nd Lie: Trust YOURSELF!

This, Children, is the lie of self-reliance. Satan will tell you that
you can do it on your own. "You don't need no help from no body. You been
doin' for yourself all your life. Why change now?" How could any Christian
believe that he/she did anything on his/her own? First, look at
Psalm 20:7, where David writes, "Some trust in chariots, and some in horses,
but we will remember the name of the Lord our God." David sternly says
that he will trust only in the Lord! We do the same thing, don't we? Now,
look what could happen. David is tempted, in 1 Chronicles 21:1, to take
a census of Israel, thinking that his strength, and victories, were a
direct result of the number of soldiers he had. He had forgotten that
God was the General of that army. He had forgotten that prior to each
battle, he would pray to God and then follow God's directions in order
to win that battle! And, we, too, begin to think that all of our success
is directly related to our own inner strength. We forget that our success
in life is a direct result of God's grace, and God's grace only. The Lord
in response to Paul's plea for removal of a thorn in his flesh, said,
in 2 Corinthians 12:9, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for My strength
is made perfect in weakness."

How do we guard against this self-reliance, then? We remember that God's
grace is sufficient. We remember that only through God, can we succeed
at anything. God, then, should be relied upon for ALL things.

Satan's 3rd Lie: You Will Never Suffer As A Christian!

What? Satan now tells us that Christians never suffer! What
that snake
is doing is setting us up, so that when bad times do arise --
and, believe
me, they will -- we begin to have a pity party, and can't handle
hard times. Then, we start not to trust God! In James 1:2, James
says, "My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into divers
James does not say "if," he says "when." God has never
instructed any
of His 40 biblical authors to say that believers would not
suffer. Jesus,
Himself, began to show His disciples in Matthew 16:21 that He
must suffer
many things and be killed, and be risen on the third day. Peter,
the 'switch
blade' disciple, dared to tell Christ that this thing would NOT
to Him. But, Jesus, in verse 23, saw through Peter's words.
Those words
were an attempt by Satan to appeal to Christ's pride of life.
But Christ
knew that God had already planned for Jesus to suffer.

I tell you now, Saints, that every Christian will suffer! Let no man or
woman tell you otherwise. You fight that lie by referring to James 1:2.
It is not a question of "if " you suffer. It is a question of "when."
And, be of joy, as James suggested! A Christian should feel honored to
suffer. How many times have you asked God to make you more like Jesus?
Well, Christ suffered -- so will you! Oh, you were asking God to let you
be like Christ when He did all that cool stuff, like heal, and walk on
water, and disappear?! No, no, no! If you want to be like Christ, you
got to take the whole nine yards! You've got to SUFFER! Just be glad that
God won't let you suffer the way His Son did. But that's another sermon.

Satan's 4th Lie: Money Is The Key To Happiness!

BIG one! "Just let me have a million dollars, Pastor. Just once! And,
I'll let you know if money is the key to happiness! I could get out of
debt. I could buy me a house, a car, and a whole new wardrobe. I could
take a trip every year! Don't tell me money doesn't buy happiness." Uh,
Brother, you didn't mention anything about increasing your tithe to the
One who made it possible for you to get that money.

Remember, now, I told you that God was interested in your long-term salvation,
not your short-term gratification. The first thing a millionaire does
is to hire himself or herself a body guard. Or, they start to watch over
their shoulder to see if anybody is about to hit them in the head. They
worry about them, or a member of their family being kidnapped. They try
to find a way to hide their money so the government doesn't get it. If
they invest in stocks and bonds, they worry that the stock market doesn't
take a dive. They worry about their health, so that they can spend all
the money before they die. They even worry about all of their so-called
friends and relatives coming out of the woodwork to help them spend that
money. You call that "happy?" "Well, yeah, Pastor. I can live with that.
Just give me the money!"

Paul, in 1 Timothy 6:10, said, "For the love of money is the root of all
evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from faith, and
pierced themselves through with sorrows." Two men are stranded on an island.
The first man says, "We are going to die." The second man calmly replies,
"I make a hundred thousand dollars a week. We'll be rescued." Says, the
first man, "Money won't get us off this island. I tell you, we are going
to die!" The second man responded, "You don't understand. I make a hundred
thousand dollars a week, and I tithe 10% -- every week! My Pastor will
find me."

Satan is well aware of how greed takes our focus off God. He tempts us
through the lottery. He tempts us through the TV game shows [I mean, who
ever heard of a TV show where a person of one sex is chained to four persons
of another sex, and they have to sleep, and shower, and eat, and do everything
else together? That's on TV!]. Satan tempts you through the 50-50 raffles
and Bingo contests that CHURCHES put on -- all in the name of Jesus! He
tempts you through the card readers and fortune tellers. He tempts you
through the office pools and the horse track. And, he tempts you through
three-card Monty, pyramid scams, and corner hustles. If there is any "possible"
way to get more money, or something for free, Satan will use it to appeal
to your lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and your pride of life.

1 Timothy 3:3 says that we should not be greedy of filthy lucre [money].
Jesus, Himself, said in Matthew 19:23-24, that it would be easier for
a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter
into the kingdom of heaven. Jesus also tells of Dives [Latin for "rich
man] and Lazarus, the beggar, in Luke 16:19-31. Dives failed to take notice
of the plight of Lazarus at his gate. After death, Lazarus went to Abraham's
bosom and Dives went to hell. It was impossible for any contact to be
made between them, but rest assured: Dives could look up into heaven from
hell! And, as Abraham explained, there wasn't any point in sending Lazarus
to tell Dives' brothers of the peril that awaited them, as they [the brothers]
had sufficient in Moses and the prophets to bring them to repentance.
The story teaches the dangers of wealth in blinding men to the need of
their fellows and the irrevocable decision of our eternal destiny in our
life on earth. In other words, Children, it does not suggest that poverty
is a virtue and wealth a vice, for even Abraham was a rich man. Dives
just hadn't learned the lesson suggested in Luke 16:9, that we should
use money wisely, never dishonestly, to help win people so that they will
welcome us in heaven.

Satan's 5th Lie: You Can Never Forgive Them!

Finally, Satan attempts to derail us with the lie that we can't forgive
those who have severely transgressed against us. In 2 Corinthians 2:7,
and 11, Paul suggests that we believers should forgive and comfort those
who have sinned against us, so that, look at 2 Corinthians 2:11: "Lest
Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices."

Let's think about this one. Refusing to forgive allows hatred to enter
our hearts. This produces a poison in our lives that causes everything
within our reach to rot! Refusing to forgive divides people. And, remember
that Jesus said, in Matthew 12:25, that a house, city, or kingdom divided
against itself, cannot stand. Satan, then, can use festering grievances
to kill fellowship among church members. Failure to forgive will cause
us to hate a fellow Christian enough to kill him or her; enough to destroy
their reputation; enough to falsely accuse their family. Failure to forgive
is telling God that we no longer desire to go to heaven, for ALL is forgiven
in heaven; there is no hate in heaven. Truly, Christians, our battle is
not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers of the darkness of
this world, and against the spiritual wickedness in high places.

The road to forgiveness begins with remembering how many, many times,
we ourselves, have been forgiven. When we recognize our own unworthiness
before the Lord, the sweet love of God can flow again from our hearts
toward others. Matthew 6:14-15 tells you all you need to know about forgiveness,
It says that if you forgive men, God forgives you. If you don't forgive
men, God does not forgive you. Seems to me like you ought to start making
phone calls to those relatives, and ex-friends, you haven't spoken to
in 20 years, and forgive, or ask for forgiveness. Seems to me you ought
to reach out to your Christian brother and sister after services today,
and forgive, or ask for forgiveness. Because God don't like ugly, y'all.
Don't die with unforgiveness or hate in your heart.

Saints, Satan...is smarter than you think he is. He is smarter than you,
or me. He will lie to you. He will use your wife to lie to you. He will
use your husband to lie to you. He will use your children to lie to you.
He will use your friends to lie to you. He will use the TV commentator,
TV card reader, TV fortune teller, and the TV person who claims he can
speak to the dead. He will use anyone that you listen to, or, are willing
to believe, to lie to you. He will tell you that God is holding out on
you. He will tell you that you should only trust yourself. He will tell
you that Christians never suffer. He will tell you that money is the key
to happiness. And, he will tell you that you can never, and should never,
forgive those who have sinned against you.

Satan is a liar! Say it, Saints! Satan is a liar! Amen"
Rev. Dr. S. Stewart Poullard

Angel of the Lord Baptist Church
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  • santanasmooth 2011/07/24 09:31:02
    if you look up the history of Hell, the devil, Satan, they were borrowed from other cultures as a way to control the masses. Sorta a check and balance, or reward and punishment system. They are not real or at least in the way they are portrayed.

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  • Mike 2011/07/24 15:30:22 (edited)
    I suppose, If God is recognised, as the good. We have to something to base that good on, Thus Satan, to represent the bad or opposite. Man makes the decision, to what will be considered good or bad, evaluating on personal goals, as being the prime consideration of the moment and the reason to the decision. God and Satan, only a guide and man making the decision...... So, God and Satan, do exist, as man represents both in action....... A proven fact.
  • swistzwatch 2011/07/24 15:24:35
    Look at all the evil in the world and youll know there a devil !
  • tesmith47 swistzw... 2011/07/24 17:45:12
    yes like the hundreds o years that european devils made life a living hell for the rest of the world and for the evil of done to my indian and african brothers by christian european devils
    truly there is evil in the world and it is YOU!!!!
  • k.a.walker 2011/07/24 15:24:18
    Yes I do. Those of us who believe in God also believe in Satan, good and evil, two sides of the religious coin.
  • Deb J. 2011/07/24 15:19:01
    Deb J.
    I think that anything attributed to Satan can also be explained by the fact that people have always done horrible things, and that the rest of us desperately want to believe there's a reason for it.
  • lyle 2011/07/24 15:17:02
    but its very easy for us to think 'devilish'
  • ParadiseLost ☆ 2011/07/24 15:07:26
    ParadiseLost ☆
    If there is God there is Satan.

    If there isnt God there isnt Satan.

    Simpe as that.
  • Leeaqua 2011/07/24 15:07:18
    Since Satan is supposed to be a god ( and there are really no gods ) then he doesn't exist except as a figment of the imagination in peoples minds that believe in the supernatural !
  • Natalie 2011/07/24 15:06:29
    i believe there is a satan
  • Ron 2011/07/24 14:45:47
    Yes I am God so the other side of the coin must be a Satan or Evil! I have power over evil though. It is called choice. And I gave it to man as his final test. Ha-haaaaaaa!!!
  • Ron Ron 2011/07/24 14:50:25
    God I thought I was never going to get through that mess of verbiage to get to the end where I could read something interesting. You know what the common man writes!
  • leslie 2011/07/24 14:43:30
    Satan, Like God, are creations of man and a male driven monotheistic belief system that is antiquated at best and is designed to strike fear and obedience in to the hearts of Humans. There is no PHYSICAL EVIDENCE THAT EITHER EVER EXISTED!!
  • Ron leslie 2011/07/24 14:51:32
    So true!
  • DebraDeJonge 2011/07/24 14:37:45
    I don't know if there's an actual 'Satan', but there is so much evil in the world, there must be some sort of evil force behind it. I think a "Satan" is the symbol for this evill.
  • Ron DebraDe... 2011/07/24 14:52:30
    The symbol of evil and satan is man and his religions!
  • Cochise 2011/07/24 14:32:11
    Only those who believe there is a God in the Heavens, will believe there is a Satan in Hell. I say, YES, there is Satan.
  • Hotcho 2011/07/24 14:11:58
    Just a Minute, I'll Check...........................

    Yep, I have 666 on the back of my head
  • baadbug 2011/07/24 14:11:10
    Sure is, he sure wants your soul! Any souls Satan can destroy and mislead to hell is a direct insult to God who created us. Thank God for Jesus Christ who came and saved our sorry asses..
  • Ron baadbug 2011/07/24 14:55:17
    Yes we must thank god who gave us sin, then though sin produced a son, who became god who gave us sin. Sort of a round about way of doing things isn't it?
  • BurntOf... baadbug 2011/07/24 15:16:28
    You are so right, because As Satan in the flesh of a regular Christian woman, I know Jesus Christ saved a wretch like me from a Terrible Fate, Washed Me Clean with His Blood; and than put me upon His shoulders; and Married Me. Whooopie
  • bigdick888 2011/07/24 13:55:53
    If there is a GOD then there will be a Satan! Just like Black and White, Day and night, Male and Female, Hot and Cold, Positive and Negative.....etc. So if you believe in the existent of an entity you have to also believe that there is an opposite one.
  • Moonage 2011/07/24 13:54:14
    Yes he was in Oslo this weekend.
  • Ron Moonage 2011/07/24 14:56:59
    That was a human terrorist! Who is inherently evil!
  • Peter Moonage 2011/07/24 23:29:06
    that was a terribible event and i will agree that satan did get his heart
  • Jareth Majere 2011/07/24 13:53:34
    Jareth Majere
    I am not religious, Satan is just the flip side of their God. If there is a Satan/enemy then it is human
  • WGN 2011/07/24 13:42:56
    If you create a god (which man did) as a source of good, you must also have a source of evil. If there was only a good god, then there could be no source of bad. So, Satan was created to balance man's nature.
    Heaven and Hell were created by the religious leaders to keep the people in line with a promised reward or punishment. Neither exist except in the minds of the unenlightened.
    Satan is a mythical creation of man, as is the idea of an all powerful man serving God.
  • Peter 2011/07/24 13:36:08
    Satan appears within multiple belief systems. Unfortunately, there is a common presumption that all of these Satanic figures must indeed be the same being, despite the fact that each religion has its own very unique perspective and description of him.

    In addition, some people equate Satan with different figures in still more religions. To learn more about some of these figures, check out "Beings Associated with Satan."

    In Hebrew, satan means adversary. The satan of the Old Testament is a description, not a proper name (and thus why I do not capitalize it here). This is a figure that works with God's full permission, tempting believers to doubt their faith, separating the true believers from those who just pay lip service.

    The Christian view of Satan is a very tangled web. The name only appears in the New Testament a handful of times. The most well known is the scene in Matthew where he tempts Jesus to turn away from God and worship him instead. While one could certainly read this as Satan setting himself up as a rival to God (as Christians commonly understand him to be doing), it is just as easy to read this as Satan carrying out his Old Testament role of tempter and tester of faith.

    Despite his brief Biblical appearances, Satan evolved into a tr...

    Satan appears within multiple belief systems. Unfortunately, there is a common presumption that all of these Satanic figures must indeed be the same being, despite the fact that each religion has its own very unique perspective and description of him.

    In addition, some people equate Satan with different figures in still more religions. To learn more about some of these figures, check out "Beings Associated with Satan."

    In Hebrew, satan means adversary. The satan of the Old Testament is a description, not a proper name (and thus why I do not capitalize it here). This is a figure that works with God's full permission, tempting believers to doubt their faith, separating the true believers from those who just pay lip service.

    The Christian view of Satan is a very tangled web. The name only appears in the New Testament a handful of times. The most well known is the scene in Matthew where he tempts Jesus to turn away from God and worship him instead. While one could certainly read this as Satan setting himself up as a rival to God (as Christians commonly understand him to be doing), it is just as easy to read this as Satan carrying out his Old Testament role of tempter and tester of faith.

    Despite his brief Biblical appearances, Satan evolved into a truly malevolent and evil creature in the minds of Christians, a former angel rebelling against God who tortures the souls of everyone not saved through Jesus. He is twisted, corrupted, sadistic, sinful and corporeal, the complete opposite of spirituality and goodness.

    Part of the Christian perception of Satan comes from equating a number of other Biblical figures with Satan, including Lucifer, the dragon, the serpent, Beelzebub, and Leviathan, as well as the prince of the air and the prince of this world.

    Devil Worshippers
    This is the common name given by Satanists to those who worship the Christian version of Satan, viewing him as a lord of evil and wanton destruction. Devil worshippers generally fall into two categories: teens who embrace Satan as a form of rebellion and sociopaths who end up in prison after committing crimes in the name of Satan.

    Very few such people actually exist, although Christian-influenced communities periodically suffer hysterias in which members become convinced that large numbers of Devil Worshippers are organizing against them.

    Muslims have two terms for their Satanic figure. The first is Iblis, which is his proper name (just as Christians use Satan or Lucifer). The second is shaitan, which is a noun or an adjective, describing any being that rebels against God. Ergo, there is one Iblis, and he is a shaitan, but there are other shaitans as well.

    In Islam, God created three intelligent races: the angels, jinn, and humans. The angels had no free will, always following God, but the other two did. When God commanded the angels and jinn to bow down before Adam, the jinn Iblis alone refused.

    The Baha'i Faith
    For Baha'is, Satan represents humanity's own lower nature and demanding ego, which distracts us from knowing God. He is not an independent being at all.

    LaVeyan Satanism (The Church of Satan)
    LaVeyan Satanists do not believe in a literal Satanic being but instead use the name as a metaphor for humanity's true nature, which should be embraced, and what they call the Dark Force. Satan is not evil, but he does represent a variety of things branded as evil by the traditional religions and societies (particularly those influenced by traditional Christianity), including sexuality, pleasure, lust, cultural taboos, fertility, ego, pride, accomplishment, success, materialism, and hedonism.

    Joy of Satan Ministries
    Joy of Satan Ministries is one of many theistic Satanic groups. Like many theistic Satanists, JoS followers are generally polytheists, viewing Satan as one of many deities. Satan is the bringer of knowledge, and his desire is for his creations, humanity, to elevate itself through knowledge and understanding. He also represents such notions as strength, power, justice and freedom.

    While Satan is considered a deity within the JoS, the deities themselves are understood to be highly evolved, unaging, humanoid extra-terrestrials who created humanity as slave labor. Some of these aliens, called Nephilim, sired children with humans and struggled against the tyrannical regime.

    Raelian Movement
    According to the Raelians, Satan is one of the Elohim, the race of aliens that created humanity. While most of the Elohim want humanity to develop and grow, Satan considers them a threat, is against the genetic experiments that created them, and believes they should be destroyed. He is blamed for some of the catastrophes that the Bible blames on God such as the Great Flood that destroys everyone save Noah and his family.

    The Raelian Satan is not necessarily evil. While he works toward the destruction of humanity, he does so with the belief that only evil can ultimately come from humanity.
  • Ron Peter 2011/07/24 15:33:20
    Very interesting read. I completely enjoyed it. My belief is a little different, but not much:
    Man created god to explain the beauty and good on earth and then he created satan to explain the ugly and evil on earth. Then opposite attract and we have religions resulting from the mixture of good and evil.
  • Jay D Gardner 2011/07/24 13:30:35
    Jay D Gardner
    Satan is a concept that has no more empirical foundation than religion itself.
  • danielria 2011/07/24 13:25:56
    Because mankind has always needed someone to blame fot thier misfourtunes! lol
  • Brightsprite62 2011/07/24 13:14:21 (edited)
    Excellent Post Raven. So True. We do have to know the Enemy. Study him and get to know what tricks he's likely to pull so you can counter them. Kinda like the Military did with hunting Bin Laden. Yeah it took them time. They studied their target hard and long to know how to defeat him. That's what we need to do. Life isn't a bed of Roses. Being a Child of God doesn't mean we don't have to suffer, It means we have someone there through it all helping us make it to the end.
  • DuncanONeil 2011/07/24 13:07:51
    I can think of no one that denies pure evil exists.
    So there MUST be a Satan.
    But isn't it strange the number of people that insist there is no God, you know, pure good!
  • Cheetah 2011/07/24 13:05:34
    Satan is mans excuse for doing bad things. And a tool used to control the stupid
  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/07/24 12:53:27
    Lady Whitewolf
    He is nothing but a stolen knockoff of the Horned God.
  • Bill 2011/07/24 12:26:39
    I married one of his daughters.
  • iriemon203 2011/07/24 12:23:12
    YOU BETCHA!!! betcha obama satan
  • Ron iriemon203 2011/07/24 15:35:50
    Notice the similarities to obama?
  • iriemon203 Ron 2011/07/25 01:50:35
    Ya think?
  • JasonVo... iriemon203 2011/08/02 11:32:46
    i dont know whats uglier...that face or obamas real face
  • iriemon203 JasonVo... 2011/08/02 22:13:40
    That IS his real face. The one we usually see is an illusion...just like everything else about him. real illusion obama magician

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