Is There A Difference Between Fat And Chubby?

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  • AndyBoy 2012/07/11 16:45:16
    Both are very relative terms. One person's "fat" may be another's "skinny." So no.
  • Ms.Morgue 2011/12/11 22:49:43
    Chubby is a little bit overweight
    Fat is even more overweight
    Obese is badly overweight
    Curvy has nothing to do with fat, it's just curves in the body and not a straight body frame (like lingerie models are curvy, young kids are straight bodied)
    Average is normal weight, not fat, not skinny
    Toned is healthy athletic body
    Muscular (obviously) is a person with more visible muscles
    Skinny is slightly underweight
    Anorexic (as most people call it) is very underweight, just skin and bones

    and I think I fall in the average curvy category (nothing to worry about, nothing special)
  • Punk Rocker 2010/07/14 00:39:09
    Punk Rocker
    I don't think there is.
  • A7X Fan 2010/07/13 01:42:14
    A7X Fan
    well that fat is like a bit fatter than chubby i guess? idk i am average and dont have many fat friends
  • captkirk999 2010/07/08 00:07:33
    Maybe between fat and Pudgy but not fat and Chubby
  • Lucki 2010/07/07 20:54:36
    You can be chubby and healthy. Eat well, exercise moderately, but still carry some around the middle. Fat is eating junk all the time, no exercise, and can't see your toes for your stomach (yes, specifically stomach, because some of us can't see our toes because of a higher piece of anatomy). Like me, I'm heavy set, but I eat healthy, walk plenty and am an appropriate size for the fact that I'm 6'1", just a little cushy around the middle.
  • Eyebrowz² 2010/07/07 20:37:02
    anorexic skinnyaverage
    anorexic skinnyaverage chubby
    anorexic skinnyaverage chubby fat
    anorexic skinnyaverage chubby fat obese
    Morbidly Obese
    anorexic skinnyaverage chubby fat obese morbidly obese
  • MyChem.... Eyebrowz² 2010/07/07 21:59:58
    MyChem.Till.the.end† In.MCR.I.Tust†
    The first one has no boobs. boobs
  • Eyebrowz² MyChem.... 2010/07/07 23:59:23
    Women's boobs are made up of primarily fatty tissue, that is why when a woman gains weight her boobs get bigger, if a woman loses weight her boobs get smaller, and if a woman loses too much weight as is the case with the anorexic photo, the woman will appear to have no boobs at all as she has no fat.
  • MyChem.... Eyebrowz² 2010/07/08 15:05:06
    MyChem.Till.the.end† In.MCR.I.Tust†
    oh. Thnx for telling me.
  • lintlicker Eyebrowz² 2010/07/11 21:36:55
    actually the one you put for fat is considered morbidly obese. people are morbidly obese when they weigh 100lbs more than average.
  • Eyebrowz² lintlicker 2010/07/11 21:46:24 (edited)
    I am aware, I was just trying to find images that illustrated my personal opinion on the matter. If we want to be technical about things, chubby and fat aren't even standard categories by which weight is labeled, however I appreciate your concern and attempt to educate others.
  • (¯`·._.·[Dear Maria]·._.·´¯)
    Fat is ginormous and chubby is kindy fluffy
    lol, I have no idea what I'm talking about
  • MCRfreakakaKayleigh 2010/07/07 20:17:13
    okay so theres what i consider normal normal
    chubby normal chubby
    then fat ass normal chubby fat ass
  • Samanthug118 2010/07/07 20:12:19 (edited)
    Skinny/Normal skinnynormal
    skinnynormal chubby
    skinnynormal chubby fat
  • kevracerisback 2010/07/07 19:51:43 (edited)
  • brittne... kevrace... 2010/07/08 18:29:46
    wow that first girl's butt don't even look real
  • Diaphram.is.dead♠BTEF♠ 2010/07/07 19:51:17
    nice picture,,,
    who took it for you?
    lol, jk,,,
    i dont think there is,
    i guess fat is when you cant make one lap around a track without losing your breath and chubby is just when you have a difficult time doing a sit up,,,
    im sort of in between fat and chuby,,,
  • Eyebrowz² Diaphra... 2010/07/07 21:13:28
    I don't know...I know plenty of skinny/average size people that can't jog down the block without losing their breath, let alone a lap around a track lol.
  • Diaphra... Eyebrowz² 2010/07/08 16:21:53
    but atleast they can touch their toes...
  • _Shotgu... Diaphra... 2011/09/05 13:50:44
    So If I can touch my toes I'm just chubby?
  • Dime Bag Bruce (JSC) 2010/07/07 19:49:16
    Dime Bag Bruce (JSC)
    IDK never thought about it

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