Is the Obesity problem destroying public health, and is fast food killing America?

borderqueen 2012/06/03 22:32:17
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Currently, there are millions of Americans, adults and children, who are overweight and its becoming an obesity problem that we can no longer turn our backs on. The manufacturers of "corn syrup" have submitted a request to the FDA to change the name of "corn syrup" to "corn sugar" to mislead the consumer and which is possible the FDA denied this request, which if it did, good because its a beginning to acknowledge the culprit behind the not only, explosive Diabetes problem in the United States but, the Obesity craze, addicted to almost every soda pop loaded with corn syrup and food product, loaded with "high fructose" "corn syrup" same thing.

Corn syrup, was determined by the Country of Spain a few years ago, to be the main culprit behind Diabetes II, yet the U.S. has failed to look into all the food products loaded with "high fructose" & "Corn syrup" deadly products that deteriorate good health to the degree of disease and something needs to be done to alert the people even if the soda pop companies don't like it, because information= education=knowledge, and once you know what kills the human body, we learn to stay away from it but as it stands now, Obese America is wasting time and the corn syrup kings, are getting richer as Americans get fatter, which, enough is enough of all this dangerous obesity. I used to be people ate home cooked safer and healthier meals and vegetables, but now all that has been replaced with burgers and fries and pizza and soda pop, the perfect recipe for the obese disaster in our country

We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to society, let us start a conversation on how to cut down on fat foods and fast foods and foods that destroy your health, you owe it to yourself and some of us care, so can you start reading all the labels of every product you eat, because its come down to that, and then wipe out all the products that have corn syrup in the name of health. Food Chains need to be held responsible for putting on their shelves, foods that are destroying pubic health and the government has fallen short on the distribution of information to the general public of the reality of a slice of pork vs. a salad, or a turkey sandwich vs. a thick steak, or an egg white vs. all those yolks we have all eaten in our lives.. Its time to address the obesity problem and together we can do it, we owe it to the future generations and to ourselves.
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  • BoardinOK 2012/06/18 18:52:37 (edited)
    Yes, the obesity problem is getting out of hand and its time to think of ways...
    I believe someone else all ready said it, but as a whole America has gotten lazy. Video games and air conditioners have a big role, as kids my mom would give us two options: "go outside or clean house". It wasn't a hard choice. We played outside every possible day. lol Now I have three boys who are active, but I have to kick them out of the house when they aren't playing sports.

    Food is another reason. Food is so readily available, where as before hell you'd burn calories just making dinner. Now, all you have to do is swipe your card...

    Yard work...I know a guy that pulls out of his garage makes two swipes with his big arse riding lawn mower then pulls back into the garage. That's literally his entire yard. lol It takes my kids 2 hours of pushing with our 20" mower to cut our yard. lol They hate me....lol
  • frank 2012/06/10 21:14:32
    Yes, the obesity problem is getting out of hand and its time to think of ways...
    The real problem with Obesity is that we have gotten lazy, playing on the computer, playing X-box or some other game, or sitting there in front of the TV for hours on end. If people get outside and walk or get exercise the extra weight will come off.
  • sondra frank 2012/06/25 00:38:02
    so true frank....
  • HelmetGirl 2012/06/10 17:48:04
    Yes, the obesity problem is getting out of hand and its time to think of ways...
    Obesity is about more than corn syrup. I say let's all get more active in everyday life. I've seen more and more people getting out and walking at the local park when I take my walk. All ages and sizes, out there walking, running and jogging. So, I think more people are aware that they have to take things into their own hands and get moving.
  • irish 2012/06/10 17:02:25
    Yes, corn syrup is in everything now that I read labels, and from now on, cor...
    but thats not the whole problem. the antibiotics in our food and the chemicals used to grow and process food ,its a huge problem and can't be blamed on any one thing.
  • kennypart1 2012/06/10 16:19:50
    Yes, the obesity problem is getting out of hand and its time to think of ways...
    There are many ways we are destroying ourselves

  • L1 2012/06/03 23:21:15
    Yes, the obesity problem is getting out of hand and its time to think of ways...
    Anything that can digested will converted to fat if you don't burn enough calories. Enough exercise, good eating habits are a start to healthier lifestyle. Also, home cooking is healthier than processed food which has lot of hidden sugars as well as salts.
  • borderq... L1 2012/06/04 01:36:09
    very true.
  • Tamara McMillan 2012/06/03 23:03:15
    Yes, the obesity problem is getting out of hand and its time to think of ways...
    Tamara McMillan
    Fat and lazy Americans. . . are we all depressed or what?? When I get in a down slump being lazy and eatting all day is my answer even knowing it is wrong. The obesity is just awful! Take a look at your family OLD photo albams of grandparents and those before them and you will see that the weight issue is way out of control. People cared more then and did more outdoors, even if it was the mundane. . . it kept everyone in shape more. This weight problem is making health insurance rocket sky high. . . hospitals charge more because they have to accomadate the larger person with larger scales, beds chairs and the list goes on and on. It is a sad situation. I have two neices who would have been MODEL material if they wished. They are tall and have lovely facial features. They also weigh over 200 each. . one over 300. I doubt she will live to see 50.
  • borderq... Tamara ... 2012/06/04 01:36:57
    yes, we definitely have an obesity problem in America
  • The Elitist Libtard SodaJerk 2012/06/03 22:59:04
    Yes, corn syrup is in everything now that I read labels, and from now on, cor...
    The Elitist Libtard SodaJerk
    It's certainly not helping.

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