Is the idea of a woman taking the last name of her husband outdated?

KaelynnRose 2012/08/11 17:01:55
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  • LEFT IS NOT RIGHT 2012/10/13 13:12:54
    If you think about it, no woman EVER has her own name. is is always the name of the father.
  • DoxieDad 2012/10/13 12:57:23 (edited)
    No it is not. But I do get somewhat confused and annoyed by women who insist on having two last names. Either pick one or the other. confused annoyed women insist names
  • FrancheskahMae:) 2012/10/13 05:01:18
    Heeyy, I was just talking about this with my boyfriend:)<3 he said women calling themselves by their husband's name was pronounced as degrading to femininests, they want a name to for themselves. But there are a lot of women out there, including myself, who would love to use the man's last name.:) I'd even go as far as saying Mrs. '...' '....' :)
  • stevmackey 2012/10/13 04:00:05
    Hell, no.
  • Iamfree 2012/10/12 19:06:27
    Not to me, though others may disagree.
  • Mamaknows 2012/10/12 18:39:21
    LOL I ws glad to shed my last name and take my husbands.
    But in this crazy world? I know men who have taken their wives names and women who hyfinate(sp?) all their names together and women who keep their name. It's up to the couple but most choose to take their hubby's name.
    meh gif
  • GoDucks5 2012/10/12 17:30:55
    It's up to the people though.
  • Azazyel's Dragon 2012/10/12 17:26:26
    Azazyel's Dragon
    It's startin' to look that way...
  • Mrs. Kathy Arch 2012/10/12 17:24:05
    Mrs. Kathy Arch
    I took my husband's name because I WANTED to. As the bride, it was MY CHOICE, and it clears any confusion that we are married. Everyone can do what they want, but I actually LIKE the idea of taking my husband's name.
  • ladyvoldemort 2012/08/13 02:31:56
    I'm not going to take my husband's last name when I get married. I don't want to be waiting in line at the social security office to get a new card or at the DMV for a new ID just because I changed my surname when I got married. I would rather be spending that time with my husband. I also want to be a professor, so all of my stuff would be published under my birth name.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/08/12 12:02:16
    Lady Whitewolf
    A bit, yes....
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/08/12 02:19:53
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    I would do it.
  • La 2012/08/12 01:06:27
    It's up the people but I will :)
  • Raphy 2012/08/12 00:27:26
    But she does have to go thru the process of getting her license changed and everything. Now that can be a pain
  • BBLEE 2012/08/11 23:57:30
    I personally Love the Marriage Ceremony When its between a Man and Woman, Who want to spend the rest of their lives together. and lately I think it's like a sunny day
  • sjalan 2012/08/11 23:24:40
    Simply because it is a form of enforced "bride price" slavery to the man who "purchases" the woman from the woman's family. It is a stamp of "ownership"

    Just as black slaves of the 1600-1800's in the US were given a last name of their owners when a slave was sold to new owner the slave no long kept the old name but now had the name of the new owner.
  • Iamfree sjalan 2012/10/12 19:07:31
    Oh brother.
  • manendu 2012/08/11 23:08:20
    You don't "have to".......
  • santa6642 2012/08/11 21:32:31
  • ben 2012/08/11 21:07:10
    traditional..not out dated..there are some that hypenate so they can carry both names...but all in all..the one and only..your true love..at least for the time being..why would you not want to take his name?
  • TopShelf® (oyo) 2012/08/11 21:02:27
    TopShelf® (oyo)
    chosing one over the other
    would be better than hyphenation.
    sexy gif
  • Azazyel... TopShel... 2012/10/12 17:28:06
    Azazyel's Dragon
    man looking up
    "C'mon, c'mon...."
  • TopShel... Azazyel... 2012/10/13 16:43:50
    TopShelf® (oyo)
  • evangelism_vision 2012/08/11 20:55:01
    It shows that the two united in Marriage are joined together as One and you cheapen Marriage if you don't take the same name...otherwise people get the impression you simply sleep together

    The Ring is the token of that Marriage and represents not only a union of the two but also a Vow made before God that you will love and cherish, for better for worst, in sickness and in health, until death do you part.

    The Ring and the last name also show Commitment
  • MyDaydream90 2012/08/11 20:29:17
    I think the idea that a woman absolutely must take her husband's last name is outdated, but I don't think the practice itself is outdated. If that's what they want to do, I don't see anything wrong with it.
  • rand 2012/08/11 20:03:54
    ...if the woman wants to pass on her mother's maiden name, it's fine with me. My wife didn't do so in naming our children. "Outdated" is in the mind of the thinker.
  • Terry McGinnis 2012/08/11 18:55:17
    Terry McGinnis
    Long since...
  • moomoof 2012/08/11 18:45:24
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2012/08/11 18:44:33
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    I took my husbands name because I wanted to start our life together with a shared name. But, almost immediately after we got married, we declared bankruptcy. Because my debt was attached to my maiden name, I kept it during the proceedings. Once it was cleared, I had to renew my licence, so I went through the name change then. I felt it was a symbol of starting over, blank slate and all that. But, it also helped that my married name is easier to say and spell than my maiden name.
  • closinyou 2012/08/11 18:25:35
    To say it is outdated is to say marriage is outdated. Marriage is the joining of a man and wife as ONE. To share, respect, love and give yourself completely to the other. Becoming one, equally important and equally responsible. If you're unwilling to join as one, last name and all, youre unwilling to be married! Plain and simple!
  • Sodahead Founders are Fascists 2012/08/11 18:18:40
    Sodahead Founders are Fascists
    It denotes a superior-inferior and owner property relationship.
    By taking the husband's last name, the woman basically says "Yes, I am now my husband's (a term from animal farming, btw) property and will obey his every whim."
    It is a remnant from the old misogynistic patriarchy where women were, literally, property of the husband.
  • charles... Sodahea... 2012/08/11 21:52:56
    charles nelson
    Where can I buy one?
  • Iamfree Sodahea... 2012/10/12 19:08:29
    Oh please.
  • Rocky 2012/08/11 18:13:05
    I don't think that is necessary anymore. I was a screenwriter for many years and had a bunch of names - male and female. So - maybe it isn't that important to me. When I married my second (and last) husband it meant a lot to him so I took his name. I am still the same person I always was - all names included. I would think the younger generation - not me - would want things differently.
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2012/08/11 18:04:17
  • closinyou thє вlu... 2012/08/12 07:58:43
    This has nothing to do with "separation of church and state".

    What is senseless about marriage?
  • thє вlu... closinyou 2012/08/12 09:13:56 (edited)
  • closinyou thє вlu... 2012/08/12 09:44:02
    Is that right? Ever wonder to yourself how YOU "GET IT" and EVERYONE ELSE doesn't?
    Forming opinions based in hyperbole seems to be a concept only you can grasp! Unfortunately, that puts your grasp on reality into question!
    Making assertions rooted in exaggeration, do nothing to further your position. In fact, they tend to shine a spotlight on the tidal wave of ignorance waiting to destroy truth and reality at all cost!
    "if you cant grasp that simple concept then thats unfortunate."
  • thє вlu... closinyou 2012/08/12 11:20:04 (edited)
  • closinyou thє вlu... 2012/08/13 06:31:43
    "irs your grasp on reality thats in question." - Just because you say so, right? With every reply, your foot gets deeper and deeper in your mouth! Theres no need for me to defend myself! Unknowingly, you're doing a fine job defending me!
    " the government shouldnt be involved in it period. legal marriages need to be rulled null and void." - By who's ruling? Yours or THE GOVERNMENTS? You can't have it both ways!

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